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  1. southpaw35

    1/2 PPR - Pick 2

    Thx. Out of the Rbs who you like best?
  2. southpaw35

    1/2 PPR - Pick 2

    Rojo, Damien Harris, Antonio Brown, Juju, or Z. Moss. Have Harris and Brown right now.
  3. southpaw35

    1/2 PPR - Need 2

    D. Harris vs HOU R. Jones vs LAR R. Anderson vs DET
  4. southpaw35

    Pick RB 1/2 PPR

    Chosing from Moss, Mckinnon or Rojo. Leaning Mckinnon now.
  5. southpaw35

    1/2 PPR - Pick 2 Rbs

    I have Dallas, Moss, Singletary, Harris, and Rojo. Need 2 to start. Right now I have Harris and Moss, but thinking I should get Dallas in there.
  6. Have McKinnon in now.
  7. southpaw35

    1/2 PPR RB Help

    Have Singletary, Hunt, Jones III, Mckinnon. Need 3, Thinking of sitting Hunt. Also I have Gallup in over Robby Anderson, could go either way on this one.
  8. southpaw35

    0.5 PPR RB Decisions

    Lost Barkley. Now have Hunt, Singletary, McKinnon, and Kelley. I need 3. Was thinking Hunt and Singletary, but can't decide between McKinnon and Kelley. I also have Gallup on the bench, could flex. Starting JuJu and Kupp.
  9. southpaw35

    RB2 1/2 Pt PPR

    I have Hunt, Boston, Mack, Kerryon, and Singletary that I'm considering. Had Mack in there and was somewhat confident, but with Miles Sanders out makes me think Boston could blow up. Rest of lineup: Lamar Juju Kupp Barkley ???? Kelse Gallup
  10. southpaw35


    I'm pondering an offer I got. 0.5 pt PPR. I give Lamar Jackson, Mike Gallup, and Devin Singletary for Jared Goff, Zeke, and Odell. Goff would be my starter. I already have Saquon also.
  11. southpaw35

    RB2 - Conner or Laird 1/2 PPR

    Not sure who to go with here. Conner is splitting carries.
  12. southpaw35

    Start 2 KC WRs

    I'm going up against Mahomes this week and I'm the underdog. I got a boost from NE defense and we're currently projected equally for remaining players. My question is do I play both Tyreek (if active) and Mecole Hardmon to counteract his Mahomes? I think KC/HOU will be a high scoring game. My other options are DJ Moore, Stefon Diggs, Emmanuel Sanders, and Lesean McCoy. I'm currently starting DJ, Diggs, Tyreek, Fournette, and Conner.
  13. southpaw35

    0.5 PPR - Pick 4

    Diggs DJ Moore Emmanuel Conners McCoy I'm leaning towards sitting McCoy. Had Fournette go Thursday.
  14. southpaw35

    Diggs or Sanders WR3 (0.5 PPR)

    I have Tyreek and DJ Moore starting. Trying to decide between a questionable Diggs and Emmanuel on Monday night. Any thoughts?
  15. Depending on Dalvin being active tonight, but assume he is. Which 2 would you start?