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  1. southpaw35

    RB2 - Conner or Laird 1/2 PPR

    Not sure who to go with here. Conner is splitting carries.
  2. southpaw35

    Start 2 KC WRs

    I'm going up against Mahomes this week and I'm the underdog. I got a boost from NE defense and we're currently projected equally for remaining players. My question is do I play both Tyreek (if active) and Mecole Hardmon to counteract his Mahomes? I think KC/HOU will be a high scoring game. My other options are DJ Moore, Stefon Diggs, Emmanuel Sanders, and Lesean McCoy. I'm currently starting DJ, Diggs, Tyreek, Fournette, and Conner.
  3. southpaw35

    0.5 PPR - Pick 4

    Diggs DJ Moore Emmanuel Conners McCoy I'm leaning towards sitting McCoy. Had Fournette go Thursday.
  4. southpaw35

    Diggs or Sanders WR3 (0.5 PPR)

    I have Tyreek and DJ Moore starting. Trying to decide between a questionable Diggs and Emmanuel on Monday night. Any thoughts?
  5. Depending on Dalvin being active tonight, but assume he is. Which 2 would you start?
  6. southpaw35

    Cam or Goff

    6 pt passing TD.
  7. southpaw35


    Dwyer is better option than J. Stewart, at least Dwyer will get GL carries, CAR uses up to 3 RBs every game and Newton gets RZ runs. I would drop West for Dwyer if anyone.
  8. southpaw35

    Dwyer or Jones-Drew

    With Ellington out I need to make alternate plans. Which one seems better in 0.5-point PPR? I don't like either option but my RB stable is Gerhart, Ellington, Dwyer, Jones-Drew and Ingram.
  9. With Talib inactive this decision got a little tougher. I was all set to start Moore but Wallace may be the play here. I little help...WHIR. thanks,
  10. southpaw35

    Murray out! Lamar miller or chris ivory in?

    Can't trust Miller's usage, but this may be the week he hits paydirt. I would still go with Ivory though against CIN, he will be used to pound the rock and control time of possession.
  11. southpaw35

    Denarius Moore or Roy Helu

    PPR I would go with Helu (prolly about 5 catches and some rushing yards). If standard I would go with D. Moore, dude has been on fire lately and has good chemistry with Pryor.
  12. Going back and forth on this...any suggestions? Leave a link.
  13. southpaw35

    Austin or Bradshaw, 0.2 ppr

    bradshaw is the better play
  14. southpaw35

    James Jones on WW...should I get him?

    I would keep Gordon for sure. Brown possibly would dump for Jones, the PITT offense doesn't look like they will be putting up a lot of points.