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  1. Sabotaged Jets

    Super Bowl squares $5/square

    All square are gone, and numbers have now been posted. Good luck everyone!
  2. Sabotaged Jets

    Super Bowl squares $5/square

    We still have some squares left! 18 left! If you have picked squares, please sent payment as soon as you can.
  3. Sabotaged Jets

    Super Bowl squares $5/square

    If anyone tried to pick squares and it told you they were locked, please attempt again. The issue has been resolved.
  4. I couldn't find a pool to join, so I just created my own! If there is anyone out there looking to get into some squares late, or you just want to get in on another one, feel free to join! I recently set up an online NFL Squares pool at RunYourPool named 'Super Bowl Last Minute picks'. If you are interested in joining the pool, please follow the link and fill out the form: http://www.runyourpool.com/join/pool_info.cfm?id=84320&p=SuperBowl Rules are standard. $5 per square. (for a total of $500, minus $9.95 for website, for a prize fund of 490.05). Due to limited time to fill it, there is no limit on amount of squares. Numbers will be randomly selected once all squares are full. Prizes are $122.50 (1st Qtr) $122.50 (Halftime) $122.50 (3rd Qtr) $122.55 (Final) Send payment via PayPal to andrew@pugetsoundprocess.com, and any questions, etc. can be sent to that same email. All money will be paid out by end of the day tomorrow once the Super Bowl is over.
  5. Sabotaged Jets

    $50 10-team keeper league, draft tonight 7pm Pacific

    League is now filled.
  6. Sabotaged Jets

    $50 10-team keeper league, draft tonight 7pm Pacific

    1 team left. Need new owner for Greedy Bastards team.
  7. Sabotaged Jets

    $50 10-team keeper league, draft tonight 7pm Pacific

    bump...contact me via email at andrew@pugetsoundprocess.com if interested!
  8. Sabotaged Jets

    $50 10-team keeper league, draft tonight 7pm Pacific

    All money is kept on Leaguesafe as well.
  9. I am looking for 2 replacement owners in our keeper league on myfantasyleague.com. You keep 2 players from last year's roster. League can be seen here: http://www64.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/12356#0 The 2 open teams are Team Tippy and Greedy Bastards (names can be changed to whatever you like, of course) Championship Game & Prizes - The final game of the league will be conducted during week 16 of the NFL regular season schedule. The entry fee payout will be awarded as such: Champion $200.05; Runner-up $100.00; 3rd place $40; 4th place $20.00; $25 to each Division winner Draft is on Tonight! 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern.
  10. Sabotaged Jets

    Survivor/Eliminator Year 4 $25 ESPN

    What is your email address? or are referring to the in-site messenger?
  11. We lost a potential owner, so back to 1 open slot. Draft is tonight at 7pm Pacific, so only 4 hours away. Please let me know if interested right away!
  12. Live draft is set for tomorrow night at 7pm Pacific time. League has been going for 6 years. The league is a keeper league, but we have decided to do a complete redraft this year. Next year the league will revert back to a keeper league, with 2 keepers per team. Money is kept at leaguesafe.com, so you can be sure you are going to get any winnings you are entitled to. 1st place 200.05, 2nd $100.00, 3rd $40, 4th $20. 2 Division winners get $25 each. Extra $10 from paying for the league early will be split evenly between 1st-4th place. League page: http://www78.myfanta...16/home/12356#0 League rules are here: http://www78.myfanta...TS_RULESREPORTS Email me at andrew@pugetsoundprocess.com if interested! Andrew/Commissioner