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  1. shalna

    Help selecting keepers!?

    What you get when you don’t think before you speak
  2. shalna

    Help selecting keepers!?

    Hahahahaha so anybody that makes a post for others insight, means they’ve never played in a fantasy league before? You’re a bit on the stupid side I see lmfao. Don’t reply to a quoted reply that wasn’t directed at you next time you idiot
  3. shalna

    Help selecting keepers!?

    And you know I haven’t how? Also I’m a die hard Steelers fan and it’s not going to be a RBBC buddy. Did you not see what Conner did last year? Going to use more two rb sets and Samuels more in the passing game. That doesn’t equate to a rbbc but I forgot you follow the team . Also you think Hyde mr.3 yards a carry is a serious threat? . Here’s the thing pal by keeping Conner and Williams. I then pick 5th overall meaning more than likely I get back either juju or Kelce at 5. Considering the other teams are likely to take DJ,Julio,Beckham then either juju or Kelce. Leaving me with one or the other. And I also keep all my picks
  4. shalna

    Help selecting keepers!?

    Not when you take into account the cost of the two compared to Conner and Williams costing me my last two round picks GENIUS. Clearly you’ve never played in a league like this
  5. shalna

    Help selecting keepers!?

    Elaborate pls
  6. shalna

    Help selecting keepers!?

    12 team 2 keeper league .5ppr. I need to select two keepers. The cost of each keeper is a round ahead of where they were selected the previous year. If continuously kept then the cost goes up by one round every year. This is new in our league so id like some input. Here is my options and the rounds that it would cost me this year if i kept whatever 2. Now if i two players with the same round are kept, then one of them would advance an extra round. so if two 2nd rounders were kept, one would cost a 1st and the other would cost a 2nd James Conner-undrafted would cost me a 17th JUJU-2nd round Dalvin Cook-1st round Damien Williams-went undrafted would cost me a 17th Travis Kelce 3rd round Beckahm JR-1st After my projection of who each team keeps. I should be picking 5th overall.Top available DJ,Julio,Beckham,Keenan Allen,Cook,Fournette,Mike Evans, plus whoever I don’t keep after that I’m picking 11th out of 12