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    RB/WR Flex Help

    Thanks! I've replied to your post as well
  2. Figment

    RB/WR Flex Help

    My starting RBs: Marshawn Lynch (SEA) Frank Gore (SF) My Flex went to Deangelo Williams - RB (CAR) last week Should I keep him in as my Flex or go with one of the three options below: DeSean Jackson - WR (PHI) Joique Bell - RB (DET) Lance Moore - WR (NO) I'll answer you questions as well
  3. Panthers. If the Panthers can find the same style of D they had agaisnt the Ravens in the pre-season then your golden. I do understand it was only pre-season BUT if you can stop Stevie Johnson deep the Bills offense looks stale.
  4. Figment

    Week 2 starters?

    I would go with Hilton! The Dolphins gave TY a carreer day last year (102 yrds 1 TD). Davis is one of the most DROPPED players this week so his stock is slipping. Although something needs to start clicking for Carolina I dont think its going to be Olsen
  5. I've been going back and forth on this decision and wanted to open this choice to a new set of eyes. Here is my dilemma: Current TE – Martellus Bennett / Chicago Bears / 2012 – 626 yards & 5 TD I have my eye on Jordan Cameron / Cleveland Browns / 2012 – 226 yards & 1 TD The QB situation in Cleveland is my turn off to picking up Cameron. Thoughts?