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  1. phillygrrl08

    Super Bowl Prediction: post yours

    While not the direct route you picked, we may see a Rams vs Pats SB. I still have my fingers crossed for Rams KC
  2. phillygrrl08

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    Yup. Terrible play calling there. Entirely different game if the Saints keep the clock running. Then NO called a time out on second down. Not Divisional Championship caliber decision-making.
  3. phillygrrl08

    Super Bowl Prediction: post yours

    KC vs NO, a shootout with KC pulling out a last second win.
  4. phillygrrl08

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Methinks you have highly overvalued Ben and Brown, no way they fetch those kind of draft picks in return. Maybe a single first rounder, but as a GM I'd probably stick it out and see what I could get in the draft instead of trading the franchise for a near-retirement QB or a diva WR.
  5. phillygrrl08

    Super Bowl MVP Could Be a Back-up QB, AGAIN!

    If Foles takes the Eagles deep into the playoffs, the Eagles should consider trying to somehow parlay Wentz into a Bell or Antonio Brown acquisition, perhaps through JAX. Of course that means signing Foles for a multi year deal.
  6. phillygrrl08

    what players will be sitting week 17?

    DJax , Funchess and Cam Cordarelle Patterson All INACTIVE
  7. phillygrrl08

    Chiefs extend Damien Williams

    Hi weepaws, yes I would take Kelce late round one, early round two. I wouldn't take him in the top six or seven probably, but I'd feel comfortable taking him anytime after the 10th pick. Let's face it, a TE like Kelce or Ertz made the difference for your team this year, especially with the emergence of Mahomes. Williams is an interesting call. He was ballyhooed as the next best thing in Miami but could never get a foothold in the rotation. He has a lot of wear left on him, is explosive, can catch out of the backfield--he saved my fantasy playoffs in more than one league this year. Will Reid promote him to the role Hunt had? If he looks good in training camp and looks to assume the lead RB duties I may move him up as draft day approaches. One thing most league champs have in common are KC players on their rosters. Think about some of the early draft picks--Bell, Johnson, Gronk, Fournette--and you may have wished you'd jumped on Hill or Kelce instead. It would have looked like a ridiculous pick in August, but in December very prescient. And one thing I can always say about you, weepaws, you are genuinely polite and sincere and I don't think I've ever heard snark from you, so I always assume your posts are coming from a good place. Have a great New Year, my friend!
  8. phillygrrl08

    Chiefs extend Damien Williams

    Not top seven for me, I'd get Kelce or Hill first. End of round two, early 3rd maybe
  9. phillygrrl08

    Chiefs extend Damien Williams

    If he stays healthy and is number one on the depth chart after training camp, I'd consider taking him before McCoy and Miller. Fournette, too. Leave Fournette as the fool's gold that destroys rosters early.
  10. phillygrrl08

    Conner week 17

    Conner if he's playing--Steelers need to win
  11. phillygrrl08

    "Funny business" on WW Finals Week ..

    Now you know what league to not be a part of next year. I've had friendships impacted by BS fantasy moves. Play in impersonal nobody knows anyone leagues that are tightly regulated by people who have more to lose than you--their reputation. Also, in any decent league rosters are locked for non-playoff teams and any player dropped after a certain week becomes ineligible to be picked up for the rest of the season. Yeah, that was pure bull. And I'm sure Pam has pretty t!tties, but that doesn't mean that flies.
  12. phillygrrl08

    what players will be sitting week 17?

    We had our ship week 17 once. That was all it took to change that arrangement.
  13. phillygrrl08

    Chiefs at Seahawks: In-Game Discussion

    I would add that this may be the ideal situation for Damien Williams. Had some hype while in MIA but never could get a foothold. Seems like he may have found his home and KC may have found a solution to their revolving door of RBs. Really liked what I saw from him.
  14. phillygrrl08

    Monday night what do you need?

    Need Hamilton to score less than 38. Very grateful that Ertz bailed me out of my 0-from-Gurley situation. $1250 on the line.
  15. phillygrrl08

    Chiefs at Seahawks: In-Game Discussion

    Holy Sh!t! KC just made a play on defense!