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    Who do I start?

    I've been able to build a pretty good group of running backs but now I'm not sure who to play, especially with two of them playing tomorrow and the news on Rawls' knee although it's most likely nothing. Anyway, which three should I play this week: A. Peterson, D. Murray, J. Stewart, T. Rawls.
  2. I was offered Calvin and Crowell for Hyde. A week ago I would have taken this in a heartbeat, but I actually think Hyde will continue to be successful. I also don't really like my team as much with the shift towards WR from RB strength. Plus, I'd have to drop someone and I don't really have anyone I would want to drop just for this trade. My current starters (non PPR): QB Rodgers RB A. Peterson RB Hyde WR R. Cobb WR Emanuel Sanders TE D. Walker Flex J. Stewart.

    Pick 3 RB

    I have Murray, Bush, J. Bell, Bradshaw, and Mckinnon. I'm thinking I'm going Murray, Bradshaw and Mckinnon, but Joique has a nice matchup as well this week. What do you think?

    Did I mess up?

    I drafted RGIII and have been QB hopping each week from RGIII to Locker to Cousins. I just traded Asiata for Cutler and felt pretty good about it considering my QB situation and the fact that my other RBs are Murray, Bradshaw, Bush, J. Bell, and Vereen. However the guy I traded Asiata to said he was surprised I accepted. What do you guys think?
  5. I have Murray, Bush, J. Bell, Vereen, Asiata, and Bradshaw. I was already feeling pretty deep at RB, then I picked up Asiata and Bradshaw right before they jumped in value. I'm planning on going Murray, Bush, and J. Bell, but I'd like to see other opinions.
  6. Guys I'm looking at are: Ahmad Bradshaw Travis Kelce Justin Hunter Shonn Greene Jordan Mathews Knile Davis or should I just hang on to West? My starters are set, I'm just hoping to catch the next waiver wire stud preemptively.
  7. Graham Murray Jeffery Bush J. Bell Crabtree Vareen RG3 L. Miller Terrance Williams Terrance West Brandin Cooks Deangelo Williams Andre Williams Andre Brown (dropping tomorrow and taking Bengals def with 1st waiver pick) Our league is pretty competitive and I'm pretty happy with my draft. What do you think? Also, who should I drop for a kicker? Btw the positions are: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR, TE, DEF, K, 6 Bench.

    Who do you need Sunday and Monday night?

    I need T. Smith, Calvin, and D. Pitta to get more than 26.58 pts standard scoring.

    Jimmy Graham


    I need 2.3 points from a WR tonight.

    Ya those were the facts that made me lean towards Dobson. I can just see Amendola getting a hit to the head or pull his groin or something and be done for the game.
  11. I've had Amendola in my lineup all week, but I just picked up Dobson and I'm pretty sure I'll play him, because I think he has a lesser chance of getting less than 23 yards tonight. Any thoughts?

    Proposed trade to me

    I have Calvin and I would probably trade him for Charles given the chance. There are just so many more WR's to replace Calvin than there are to replace Charles.

    I'm dropping Doug Martin. Try and stop me.

    Most likely has most of his studs on the bench for byes and has to play bench players this week, that's the situation I'm in. So I have no one to drop.

    Anyone Else Have An 0-5 Team They Think Can Still Win?

    You have a really good team with plenty of depth on your bench, I would consider trading for a better QB than Romo. I know his most recent game was huge but I still think you could upgrade there. Nicks, Blackmon and Cameron would be good trade material, and if the other owner likes Romo and is needing some players like those three you could really upgrade your QB.

    Calvin Johnson---League MVP

    I have Calvin and was worried when he was listed IA, BUT my opponent had Bush who didn't get much done without Calvin and I replaced Calvin on my lineup with Blackmon... So I'm glad he sat.