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  1. Cosgrojo

    Brees or Cutler?

    Easy. Brees in a bounce back. Not likely heel have two clunkers in a row.
  2. Cosgrojo

    WR help

    Boldin. Suspect Bree's is gonna force the ball to Graham all day.
  3. Cosgrojo

    Flex help?

    Rainey or Crabtree?
  4. Cosgrojo

    H. Douglas, T. Williams or A. Boldin...

    Boldin Williams Douglas In that order. Last week was a Vernon Davis week for the 9ers. It's Boldin's turn.
  5. No flex spot in this league... It's one or the other. Non ppr standard scoring.
  6. Cosgrojo

    Would you: Get a handcuff for JCharles or hold an RB4?

    Why not. Franklin serves no purpose on your team, nor does Richardson for that matter. Stash Davis away for a very rainy day. No harm in it.
  7. Cutler is going to be in a shoot out with stafford... Cutler.
  8. Is this a real trade? Who would do this? You stole from someone. You should feel bad for stealing from this poor chap.
  9. Cosgrojo

    How To Take Advantage Of 0-3 Team?

    Or maybe throw Stevie J into the mix and try and snag Cam and Smith.
  10. Cosgrojo

    How To Take Advantage Of 0-3 Team?

    I don't think you need Sproles... When would you play him? I'm with Andy. Make a deal for Cam. I think he's an upgrade over romo the rest of the season. If he will flip you Sproles in the deal Andy suggests, try and turn him around for a Wr2-3. To some other team.
  11. Cosgrojo

    Trade Help

    I say yes. It's risky because of Gronks penchant for injury. But if he comes back healthy, Brady loves him and will put up huge numbers. Dwayne Bowe is as good a fantasy producer with A. Smith as his QB as any scrap heap undrafted guy (in other words... Not good). If you have some decently productive other receivers... Do it. If you are relying on Calvin for all your wr production because your next best choice is Bowe... Keep Calvin. And pray.
  12. Probably not... Niners have to run to give Kaepernick enough time to throw. Raiders are going to have to throw to keep up with Washington. Redskins are going to try and open it up against the raiders D. They need a feel good throttling to get some momentum. Plug Gore in confidently the rest of the season... Unless they play the Packers again... Lol Kaepernick loves to scorch the Pack.
  13. Cosgrojo

    Trade Help - Leave a Link, Will answer yours

    Go for Powell. Don't take Matthews.keep Bryce for the same reason that guy wants him. If McCoy goes down you walk into major production. Matthews ain't going to get scoring opportunities. The only way he gets good fantasy numbers if he breaks one... And he doesn't do that with any regularity.
  14. Leaning toward Gio and Powell. I don't trust Rice. The way he went down two weeks ago... Scary. Also Buffalo has a decent d-line and TERRIBLE defensive backs. Ravens are going to throw. So if you have Torrey Smith... Play him. I also like Bell, and there seems to be enough production in Detroit for everyone... But Bush takes a lot of snaps when healthy. I give the nod to Powell based on the Jets O line and the fact that they need to run to take pressure off Geno.
  15. Cosgrojo

    Give up Moreno/Mathews for Ridley?

    Yup. I would do this deal in a hot second. Ridley has far more upside. And your top 2 spots are solidified. You don't need that many rb's. If anything happens to Ridley, you will have Bolden as a handcuff. Moreno is in a triumvirate, and Matthews gets vultured at the goal line/not involved in the no huddle O.
  16. Cosgrojo

    Rb help

    Just one
  17. Cosgrojo

    Rb help

    Ridley Spiller J. Bell If Bush wasn't ready to go, it would be a lot easier... Spiller has been killing me, and Eidley has been very disappointing.
  18. Cosgrojo


    Starks Matthews Royal
  19. Cosgrojo

    Flex help

    Quick! Bowe or royal
  20. Cosgrojo

    Holy decisions Batman!

    Wr- need 2 Shorts Decker Bowe V. Jax is my only lock wr starter Flex- Matthews MJD J. Bell I'm starting Lacy and Spiller.
  21. I like Newton here as well. RGIII just too rusty.
  22. Cosgrojo

    Holy decisions Batman!

    Henne is getting the start for jax. He and shorts had some good chemistry last year.
  23. Cosgrojo

    Holy decisions Batman!

    I'm leaning shorts and decker. I don't trust Alex Smith to throw the ball to Bowe. Ugh. Still unsure.
  24. Cosgrojo

    Need some Geek help!

    Don't worry about it montana. Brady always finds away to make his options useful. Welker didn't suffer when Moss was on the team, and neither did Moss (before his skill decline). Gronk will take more targets away from him than amendola, when he's healthy... But I don't think that will be a problem either. Everyone will get theirs. The AFC East is terrible. Pats are going to feast on an easy schedule.
  25. Cosgrojo

    Kenbrell Thompkins

    Didn't even draft him! My draft was held in the first preseason game week. Picked him off the waiver wire. He went undrafted in both my leagues because they were both held that first preseason week. I don't care about draft position. I put in the people I think are going to do the best. Not the ones I drafted first. Things change... Gotta change with it!