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  1. StockOptions

    Chiefs extend Damien Williams

    Right now (assuming #1 RB in KC going into the 2019 Regular Season) I have him mid-to-late 1st round -- somewhere around a player like Melvin Gordon. Regardless of whether I got Damien Williams, I would still look to draft Darrel Williams late in the draft... Of course everything could change between now and the start of the 2019 Regular Season (KC's Draft picks, pre-season performance, O-Line changes, etc...)
  2. We also use CBS for our Dynasty League. Regarding the comment about everything gets rolled into a feed -- they do provide a filter between ALL Posts, Messages, and Recaps (on the Desktop site). On the mobile App it is League Home, then TALK, TRANS, LEAGUE NEWS. This might be useful if you are just trying to see different types of posts in the Rolled up Feed....
  3. StockOptions

    Will you take mahomes #1 overall next year

    For me it would depend on a few things such as the League size, Re-Draft or Dynasty league, Roster makeup (start 1 or 2 QB's), draft type (Snake vs. Linear), and knowing the other league owners and how they tend to draft... In a re-draft Snake order 12-Team PPR League (one QB), I would not take him 1st overall. However, I would consider him if my pick was late in the first round (because I'd be getting a top WR1 or RB1 on my Round #2 pick).
  4. StockOptions

    Ezekiel Elliott stat correction...did it affect you?

    Our league uses the CBS Sportsline site. In our league the site DID NOT apply the stat correction for Zeke. For future scoring next year, I'm trying to figure out whether the CBS Site just ignores stat corrections or applies them if the right settings are made in the league setup options. For those who use CBS Sportsline for their league, can you let me know how your league handled the stat correction. Thanks! OP
  5. StockOptions

    Which RB combo would you rather have?

    My knee-jerk reaction would easily say Michel / White. However, with only 1/3 PPR it's a little closer. Probably still side with Michel / White...
  6. StockOptions

    Maurice Harris

    I just clicked the link to his espn profile from the post above. I noticed that coincidentally today is his Birthday. Not sure if that plays into the type of game he will have today. But he is on my bench today because of my other starters so that means he will probably outscore all of my starting WR's...
  7. StockOptions

    LeSean McCoy droppable?

    I think if you held him this long then maybe wait until the Trade Deadline in a couple of days. A long shot but if he was traded into a better situation then you would regret dropping him a few days before the trade...
  8. StockOptions

    How do u decide when it’s between a couple players?

    When it's a coin toss, I will pick the player that is also playing AGAINST me in one or more of my other leagues...
  9. StockOptions

    Hunch Play of the Week

    Allen Hurns, WR Jax 1) playing from behind 2) no Cecil Shorts 3) more offensive opportunities (because Philly scores so fast...)
  10. StockOptions

    Getting an early jump on WW candidates

    I had one bench slot to fill in a 12-team Dynasty League, and was all set to pick up Shonn Greene this week based on Munchak's comments about Greene having an increased role. But when the Blackmon news hit, I decided to fill the spot with Mike Brown instead.