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  1. Excellent choices Stonewall. Arians is still going to have Winston slinging it so both of those guys are definitely options. I like Ross as a possiblility also Ward is not a bad pickup either. The Eagles are really hurting at WR and need this game badly. As along as Santa doesn't bring it to my opponent.
  2. 12 team full point PPR QB: Lamar Jackson RB: Chris Carson RB: Mark Ingram WR: Tyreek Hill WR: Davante Adams TE: Darren Waller possibly Tyler Higbee Flex: Ekler or Allen Robinson DST: Denver Broncos K: Justin Tucker Bench: Fitzmagic/ John Brown/ Devin Singletary/ DeAndre Washington dropping: Tampa Bay DST and some combo of the above bench guys My opponent has D Cook and is thin at RB and possibly WR. I will attempt to block him at RB (Boone) and maybe at WR (McLaurin, Perriman) I like McLaurin al lot against my Giants, who really could use the loss to firm up that #2 draft slot. I never root against my team but won't be disappointed if they lose. Our league has consolation games and the waivers are open to the other teams, so some of them may be picking up those 2 WR's and mybe Boone. And that would be quite helpful considering the following.... As erikthebassist pointed out earlier in the thread, if the Bills win that could complicate the situation with the Ravens' starters. I don't know if they would give them that much rest before the playoffs tho. It would be 3 weeks of not playing but who knows. Lamar plays only the 1st half? Ingram gives way to Edwards and Hill? I'm rooting for the Bills to win and I do think they have a pretty good shot at doing so. But from a selfish fantasy perspective, I will be quite relieved if the Pats win.
  3. wahl35

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    Hers's an interesting bit of info on this ... Antonio Brown's camp knew lawsuit was coming, but here's the reported reason why they didn't tell the Patriots When the sexual assault lawsuit against Antonio Brown was filed in federal court in Florida this week, the Patriots apparently had no idea it was coming. According to NFL.com, the team was blindsided by the news, which came out just hours after the Patriots announced that Brown had joined the roster. In the lawsuit, Brown is accused of sexually assaulting a female acquaintance, Britney Taylor, on three separate occasions between June 2017 and May 2018. Although Brown's legal team has admitted that the two had a sexual relationship, his camp maintains that everything was consensual between Brown and Taylor. The Patriots are rarely blindsided by anything, which led some to wonder how they ended up signing Brown without knowing that he had such a lawsuit hanging over his head. As it turns out, Brown's camp knew for months that the lawsuit was coming, but they didn't tell the Patriots (or the Raiders, Brown's previous team) because they apparently made an agreement with Taylor's camp not to talk about the case. According to ESPN.com, the two sides had been engaged in discussions about the case over the past few months with the understanding that all conversations would remain confidential. If Brown's camp had revealed to the Patriots that a lawsuit was coming, that would have been a breach of the agreement. According to ESPN, it's not clear what the two sides were discussing in these confidential meetings, but it's possible they had initial talks about making some sort of settlement, talks that presumably went nowhere since Taylor ended up filing the lawsuit. The fact the Patriots didn't know about the lawsuit answers a question that both Bill Belichick and Brown's agent Drew Rosenhaus were unwilling to answer this week. The day after the lawsuit was filed, both men were asked if the Patriots had known the lawsuit was coming and both gave vague answers. "I'm not going to be expanding on the statements that have already been given," Belichick said Wednesday when asked if the team was aware of the lawsuit before signing Brown. Rosenhaus had even less to say about the subject when asked about it during a Wednesday interview on ESPN. "I'm not going to get into that element," Rosenhaus said. "I'm not going to get into my discussions with the Patriots or what may or may not have been discussed." https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/antonio-browns-camp-knew-lawsuit-was-coming-but-heres-the-reported-reason-why-they-didnt-tell-the-patriots/
  4. wahl35

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    Sorry no sympathy for the mods, that's where they are out of control when no discussion at all is allowed. Draconic decision. Basically, they are sayingwe can't figure out what to allow and what to disallow. Pats' blogs aren't even shutting discussion of this
  5. wahl35

    Weepaws you there?

    They recently threatened posters if they brought up Antonio Brown in the Raiders 2019 outlook thread. Even for them, that seemed a bit much.
  6. Here's his latest tweet ... “The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth”
  7. from NFL's Judy Battista "Deciphering what Brown is looking for is now the problem of his next team. There is always greater tolerance for greater talent in the NFL, but Brown has now proven too toxic for two of the league's most player-friendly coaches and franchises -- not everyone would have tried everything to make this work, especially after Brown threatened Mayock -- in the space of just nine months, and that says a lot more about him than it does about them. The rapid acceleration of Brown's behavioral decline finally outpaced his physical gifts on Saturday, and that raises a question that teams have to be considering now as they weigh whether to toss this grenade into their locker room in the first week of the season. It's entirely fair to question if Brown even wants to play football anymore and what personal factors precipitated this extraordinary meltdown. Those are delicate, difficult questions at a moment when Brown's public emotional state has swung like a pendulum. We have all gawked at the Raiders' follies with Brown, but Brown is clearly in some degree of private turmoil and that has to be addressed and not simply enabled -- by the people closest to him and, alas, by the people who hope to next benefit from his skills. All signings are just a cost-benefit analysis. Brown surely likes the trappings of the NFL, but he just threw to the wind what should have been $30 million guaranteed over what? An outdated helmet? A five-figure fine? Will any team interested in him now dare to guarantee anywhere close to that kind of money, given the on-full-display risks associated with him? Can any team expect to win when the head coach has to spend this much time managing one player? The benefits of Brown's presence are clear in any stat line. The costs are not simply reflected in the payroll. They are borne by those who have to make an entire team function. And for now, Brown simply costs too much."
  8. wahl35

    Tyrell Williams - who is adding?

    NFL network just reported that Doss got offered NFL minimum salary to stay with Jags because the Raiders were trying to sign him back off the practice squad
  9. He just screwed up 29 mill in guaranteed money with his antics. He wants money that no one will give him now. I'm extremely skeptical of him acting like a professional all of a sudden.
  10. wahl35

    AB Saga

    Gruden is the true clown/buffoon in this, regardless of his salary. He's the one pulling the strings on this. Let's see how that works out with him allowing this sort of lunacy and complete lack of respect for the organization.
  11. Some more info per PFT interesting ..... PFT has obtained an analyzed a full copy of the contract. The $1 million signing bonus contained in the deal actually took the form of a pair of guaranteed $500,000 workout bonuses for 2019 and 2020. The 2019 payment nevertheless hinged upon Brown participating in at least 85 percent of the 2019 offseaon program. Per a league source, NFLPA records reveal that he did not earn the $500,000, which means that he failed to participate in at least 85 percent of the offseason program. Thus, to date, Brown has gotten no payment from the Raiders under the contract. And he may ultimately get none. Brown’s remaining guarantees of $29.625 million (2019 salary, 2020 workout bonus, 2020 salary) can be wiped out if he’s suspended. Actually, the language of the contract allows the guarantees to be voided even without a suspension; the behavior for which he was fined $53,950 already puts him in default. Here’s the language from the contract, as to each guaranteed payment: “Notwithstanding this Skill, Injury, and Cap Guarantee, Player shall report to Club, practice with Club, play with Club, and honor all terms of the Contract, including all addenda thereto. If at any time player does not report to Club; does not practice or play with Club; leaves Club without prior written approval (including, but not limited to, retirement); does not honor any terms of the Contract (including any addenda thereto); is suspended by the NFL or Club for conduct detrimental, violation of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy, violation of agreements between Club and Player . . . then player shall be in default . . . and the Skill, Injury, and Cap guarantee shall be null and void and Player shall only be eligible to earn his remaining stated Paragraph 5 salary on a weekly, non-guaranteed basis.” Because he left training camp for a day and otherwise missed a walkthrough practice, Brown already is in default. The Raiders could void the guarantees and cut him.
  12. Here's a blurb from one of the plethora of articles on AB from PFT Assuming that a suspension would void the guarantees, the Raiders would be able to cut Brown at any point and owe him nothing further. They could even do it now, turning the Brown experiment into a $1 million mistake — along with the third-round and fifth-round pick they surrendered to the Steelers acquire him. If they suspend him without pay for Week One, they also could do it at any time during the 2019 season and avoid owing him anything further under the Termination Pay provision of the labor deal, since a player with four or more years of service can collect the remainder of his salary upon being released only if he’s on the Week One active roster.
  13. Exactly. If they do try to suspend him for detrimental conduct, it's not likely he will take that kindly. Soooo ....... i guess there's some serious gameplanning to do for this situation.
  14. wahl35

    Where does AB end up?????

    He's probably going to end up in a courtroom in an attempt to prevent the Raiders/NFL from voiding his contract. Unless the Raiders are wimps or his eventual appeal gets upheld
  15. In his presser just now, Gruden didn't want to address any questions just now but did say they were gathering all their information to make sure they get it right. Here's the quote ...... “We’re still getting to the bottom of everything,” Gruden said. “We’ll get you the information on Antonio when we have it official and correct and right. I don’t want to speculate about anything. Can’t do it.” Sounds like they're getting their ducks in row for a suspension in order to void his contractual guarantees Then they can cut him at any time they wish with no financial hit. Doesn't necessarily mean they cut him right away. Brown will also get the opportunity to appeal the suspension/voiding.
  16. wahl35

    Undervalued WR's

    At the moment, I'm starting him over Josh Gordon as my WR3
  17. wahl35

    DEF for week 15 & 16

    HOU vs Jax is not a bad matchup. I'm a little nervous about SD on the road in CLE. Not super confident in them but I've picked up BUF at home vs CLE for week 15. Depending on how you feel about CHI's offense GB goes to CHI in week 15 and WASH travels to Chicago in week 16
  18. wahl35

    Question: How many WRs do you need?

    I play 12 team league with the same starting lineup but with one less bench spot. I usually carry 2RB's, 2WR's, and a QB. I draft QB's later in the draft and rotate them as needed. With only 10 teams, I could see that there would probably be more available on the wire. I would definitely have at least 2RB's and 2WR's. The other 2 spots would be fungible depending on what's available on the wire.
  19. wahl35

    Atlanta Offense

    Yeah, I've already sent Roddy packing and traded for Cam Newton as backup to Ryan. I also have Julio ... hah. And he is limping around now. The O-line is a disaster at this point and it wasn't all that great to begin with. An undrafted rookie will be starting at center against the Lions. And the game is outdoors in London. What good can come from that? Bye week then 2 games outdoors on the road against divisional opponents. I'm not feeling too positive about this situation.
  20. wahl35

    So Foster is owned in 95% in CBS Sportline

    It depends on how you mean that. Our league is free in the sense that we do not pay CBS for hosting our league. But it is a private money league.
  21. wahl35

    Illness keeps Murray out of practice

    Ebola's no joke, but our gov't is. CDC Demands 132 Passengers That Flew With 2nd Ebola Patient Report For Testing10/15/2014 13:25 -0400 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-15/cdc-demands-132-passengers-flew-2nd-ebola-patient-report-testing
  22. That would be a very nice upgrade at WR but leaves you a little thin at RB. C johnson stinks right now and Sankey has potential but it's wait and see with him. Without Woodhead, Oliver stays in the mix ROS. If it were me I would do that trade and then look for someone else to fill out the roster.
  23. Sure but was his father a mudder?
  24. wahl35


    Another true long shot would be the the kid from Det - Ebron. Pettigrew is terrible and Calvin is dinged up. The Jets secondary isn't all that special.
  25. @LunaTick ... excellent post. Good food for thought. I'll have to forward this to my brother, who is a long time Vikings fan.