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  1. Brutal Brutus

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Dwayne Haskins, Redskins

    I think he's fine with his landing spot, but I don't think he was a fan sliding down in the draft, and maybe that's what you saw. He grew up in the area and I believe went to school with Snyder's kids, so I'd be surprised if he really hated playing in D.C. As far as him as a player, I think he showed a lot promise and out side of his mobility, I'm sure not there is an aspect that is truly awful or doesn't at least show glimpses of being capable. In the end QB is such a crap shoot. It has as much to do with the coaching staff and system as it does the QB. Hopefully after Jones came off the board, and their pick came up, the coaching staff was fine with taking Haskins. If they weren't, it's a situation that will be doomed from the start. Coaches have to completely believe that a QB can run their system.
  2. Brutal Brutus

    Patrick Peterson suspended 6 games

    Gambo is probably the most well tied in reporter to Arizona sports teams and players. He isn't always right, but when it comes to local sports news, his sources are usually reliable. What makes this ridiculous is that Peterson got six games instead of four, because there was likely a masking agent detected. So the standard I didn't know, or I had it approved by team officials excuses are out the window.
  3. Brutal Brutus

    Ju Ju after AB trade?

    The Steelers are an offensive machine. They just replace the parts and keep on going. Ju Ju is probably the best bet on that offense to duplicate or improve on last seasons numbers. I think the real question(s) are, who emerges as the #2 WR? And does Conner continue to be a three down back, or has Samuels carved out a role going forward?
  4. Brutal Brutus

    Doug's Top 50 Rookie Rankings

    Slim pickings in redraft leagues.
  5. Brutal Brutus

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Parris Campbell, Colts

    They had similar roles in the passing game, since the idea was just to get the ball in their hands and see if they could take it to the house. I watch Ohio State and Samuel never seemed like a good fit at WR, Campbell seems like he has the ability to excel at the position. He could flame out, but I think he has a lot better shot than Samuel ever did.
  6. Brutal Brutus

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Parris Campbell, Colts

    It's possible, but that is an inaccurate comparison. Campbell had 90 receptions and 9 rushes. Samuel had more rushing attempts, 97, than catches, 74. Samuel had no true position. Campbell is a WR.
  7. Brutal Brutus

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Parris Campbell, Colts

    You compared him to Samuel because of their speed. I was just saying they aren't even close to being the same player coming out of college. Samuel was a RB/WR. Campbell is a WR.
  8. Brutal Brutus

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Parris Campbell, Colts

    Samuel was somewhere between running back and wide receiver in college, Campbell is much more of a true receiver. Campbell is more than just a deep threat, but the idea with Campbell was always to get the ball into his hands and see if he could take it to the house. Samuel never impressed me as a receiving prospect , Campbell has a true wr skillset to work the entire field, including deep routes.
  9. Brutal Brutus

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Parris Campbell, Colts

    Campbell is a legit deep threat. As far as fantasy relevance, he might be my favorite rookie WR. Hes the type you want as a WR4/5. A home run play to start the year who could develop into something better and more consistent as the year goes on.
  10. Brutal Brutus

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Josh Jacobs, Raiders

    Never trust an Alabama RB.
  11. Brutal Brutus

    NFL Draft Contest

    My picks were so bad that I should be employed by ESPN.
  12. Brutal Brutus

    Frank Clark

    I'm not a Chiefs fan, but I don't see how this deal or off season has made them better as a team. They gave up a lot in this trade. Young, controllable, cheap, potentially impact players in those picks, for a DE that eats a lot of cap and isn't a massive upgrade from what they had a year ago. Even if the defense takes a step forward, if Hill is suspended, I suspect the offense will take two or three steps back. Hill does so much for that offense and it's ability to take advantage of the arm strength of Mahomes. Hill's ability to stretch the field, vertically and horizontally, was a key to making them that juggernaut that they were. With out him, you're left with a backfield duo of Damien Williams and Carlos Hyde, a receiving core headlined by Watkins and whoever else, and an elite TE in Travis Kelce who defenses can now afford to pay a lot of attention to. Not a real threatening group of skill players, and now they don't have any top end draft talent coming to help. The Raider's will be terrible, Elway will continue to hold Denver back, so the Chargers are the only thing in their way of the division and playoffs, but I don't think this off season has helped them short or long term.
  13. Brutal Brutus

    NFL Schedule 2019

    It's something to consider, but I really don't put much weight into it this early in the year as there are too many variables. Great defenses become bad ones, bad ones become good ones, players get hurt etc. I think looking at a players week 14-16 schedule before week 5 or 6 is too early to put a ton of stock into it. On draft day it may be a minor consideration of mine, but in the end I'm drafting the person who I think has the better year. Although like most things in fantasy football, it's highly league and roster size dependent.
  14. Brutal Brutus

    Grade Your Teams Draft - 2016

  15. Brutal Brutus

    Need help: Most competitive league settings?

    I agree it's just a matter of opinion, no right or wrong way to do it. Figure out the style you like, and play that way. Luck will always be a factor, h2h certainly can be more so, but I enjoy the weekly trash talk with that friend. The one win for top half of scoring makes up somewhat for the crap shoot that is your opponents score.