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  1. Brutal Brutus

    Thoughts on David Johnson as a top 5 pick

    His yards per carry will be different because he won't be running straight up the gut every carry. Last year, his touches were nearly all carries and the majority handoffs straight up the middle. The last coaching staff had no idea how to run an offense. Even if this coaching staff is bad, DJs touches are going to be different. He's going to be used in the passing game and his runs aren't going to be straight up the middle. Both of those will lead to an improved ppg. The o-line has also been revamped. It may not be an incredible line, but it won't be worse.
  2. Brutal Brutus

    Thoughts on David Johnson as a top 5 pick

    That's what he had last year and he was still a top 12 back. I can't imagine a scenario where the offense is worse than last year and if low end RB#1 is the floor for my first round pick, sign me up. DJ is about as safe as it gets at RB, and still offers top 3, championship centerpiece upside.
  3. Brutal Brutus

    Best Draft Slot this Year?

    I'll take picks 1-3 or whatever the latest pick that I can grab DJ with.
  4. Brutal Brutus

    Kareem Hunt as a keeper

    Depending on your leagues rules, couldn't this be an opportunity to get him back at less than 10% and keep him at an even greater value next year? If you let him go and can get him back for less than 5%, will you be able to keep him for that lower % next year?
  5. Brutal Brutus

    Thoughts on David Johnson as a top 5 pick

    I would consider it. That bad year you referenced he still was a top 12 RB. That was in a bad offense, that couldn't stay on the field, score and one where he rarely caught the ball. The new offense should feature him in both the run and the pass. If the offense can rebound to even be middling in scoring and yards, and DJ stays healthy, he's going to be a top 5 back.
  6. Brutal Brutus

    I’m waiting on WR this year

    Been going RB heavy for the most part for a long time. I take WR, QBs, & TE when I don't see a RB that I value in that given round. I landed D. Adams in the second round of a keeper league last year, but he was the only non RB I took in the first five rounds. RBs tend to carry a lot more weight in mid season trades, so if you are a team that has the stable of backs, you can upgrade your other positions for post season run. You also don't have to over pay for one if your top ones bust or go down with an injury.
  7. Brutal Brutus

    Average Auction Value Question

    You print out two lists. One is a good list with the players you like and the amount you want to spend. The second list you print off is the crap ESPN rankings and values. You hand that one out to everyone else in the league.
  8. Brutal Brutus

    Sleepers, Breakouts, Busts

    Late round sleeper WR Andy Isabella AZ.
  9. Brutal Brutus

    2019 Off-season trade thread

    You traded Julio and peanuts for Johnson in a league where you only have to start two WRs. I'd do that all day.
  10. Brutal Brutus

    2019 Projections & Rankings

    I like the idea of nailing down your RB 1 and WR 1 going into the draft. Hopkins and DJ would be my pick. I like Mixon, but the ceiling for DJ seems higher to me and for all the bust talk about DJ last year, he was still an RB1 when it was all said and done. If that's his floor, that's as safe as a RB gets. So give me the top 3 WR and the RB who's floor has been low RB1 and ceiling is walking your way to a championship.
  11. Brutal Brutus

    Derrick Henry train 2019

    I'm probably going to be left at the station. I'm higher on him than I've been in previous years, but the price for this train ticket is still likely to be higher than what I'm willing to pay.
  12. Brutal Brutus

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Dwayne Haskins, Redskins

    Seems to me that the stigma is more around Snyder and his meddling than it is about the history of the Redskins organization. Some owners just have a hard time letting the people they hire do their jobs. Some owners don't like to admit that they aren't an expert at something, and at times the organization and fan base pay the price for an over stepping owner.
  13. Brutal Brutus

    2019 Projections & Rankings

    I have Connor in a keeper league, but I'm worried that his production may not be there this year. Right now, I'm staying away in redrafts. I think David Johnson has a legit shot at being the top of fantasy RB again. He's my late rate round 1 target right now. Pairing him with Mixon is my dream combo.
  14. Brutal Brutus

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Dwayne Haskins, Redskins

    I think he's fine with his landing spot, but I don't think he was a fan sliding down in the draft, and maybe that's what you saw. He grew up in the area and I believe went to school with Snyder's kids, so I'd be surprised if he really hated playing in D.C. As far as him as a player, I think he showed a lot promise and out side of his mobility, I'm sure not there is an aspect that is truly awful or doesn't at least show glimpses of being capable. In the end QB is such a crap shoot. It has as much to do with the coaching staff and system as it does the QB. Hopefully after Jones came off the board, and their pick came up, the coaching staff was fine with taking Haskins. If they weren't, it's a situation that will be doomed from the start. Coaches have to completely believe that a QB can run their system.
  15. Brutal Brutus

    Patrick Peterson suspended 6 games

    Gambo is probably the most well tied in reporter to Arizona sports teams and players. He isn't always right, but when it comes to local sports news, his sources are usually reliable. What makes this ridiculous is that Peterson got six games instead of four, because there was likely a masking agent detected. So the standard I didn't know, or I had it approved by team officials excuses are out the window.