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  1. Brutal Brutus

    Bye Week Blues!

    In standard, you're really looking for that TD. I think with his match up, Julio has the best shot at that. That's of course, if he plays and only if you have a guy worth dumping to pick him up.
  2. Brutal Brutus

    College Football 2021

    I think the Heisman will go to Young, Stroud or Williams. One of them is going to be given a lot of credit for turning around a potentially lost season, and making them look like the team that can put up points against Georgia's defense.
  3. Brutal Brutus

    Rondale Moore

    Murray has done a great job spreading the ball around, which is great for his team, but not so much for a pending fantast breakout player.
  4. Brutal Brutus

    What do you need tonight?

    Need Pittman to get less than 14 in standard scoring. I like my chances, but I think he's about to break out. Hopefully it won't happen until next week.
  5. Brutal Brutus

    Darrell Henderson for CeeDee?

    I'd take that deal. Henderson would slot in as your RB #2, Robinson and Jacobs rotate as your flex. Higgins will be fine as a #2 since you'll have three solid RB's and Hill to carry your team. You could also trade Robinson or Jacobs for a better WR2 if you dont like Higgins as your #2.
  6. Brutal Brutus

    Darrell Henderson for CeeDee?

    What's the scoring system and how many WR do you start? Lamb may be a buy low target, but this isn't a buy low offer. I think it's a solid return for a WR who has under performed.
  7. Brutal Brutus

    Rostering 2 WR from the same team?

    Upside will be limited. I wouldn't drop Andrews, Fields can probably be dropped safely in all 10 team, 1Qb leagues.
  8. Brutal Brutus

    Shittyest teams

  9. Brutal Brutus

    Josh Gordon

    Time to cut Hill and Kelce.
  10. Brutal Brutus

    Cowboys backfield

    Yeah, if I shop one it would be Pollard since he's surpassed the investment I made on draft day. I just need to figure out if this is a situation where both can be started in my lineup making Hunt tradeable, or if I need to trade Pollard and a starter for an upgrade to make up for Zeke being limited.
  11. Brutal Brutus

    Cowboys backfield

    The snap percentage is still heavily in Zeke's favor. The difference/problem for him, has been Pollards effectiveness and the Cowboys seem to make a concerted effort to get him the ball. It's a high scoring offense, so Zeke could make up the lost touches with TD's, but Pollard has been out producing him in that category so far. Zeke's top 5 ceiling is gone. One podcast I listened to compared this situation to Ekeler/Gordon back in the day, where both held value. It's still the wait and see as far as that goes, but I have both and I'm not sure what to do if it turns into that. Starting both could be an okay option (currently have Hunt at Flex), but certainly not ideal for a few reasons. Would you shop one or both of these guys to diversify or would you just roll with having a high end back field tide up?
  12. Brutal Brutus

    Cowboys backfield

    How do you see this playing out, and how are you handling this situation if you have one or both of these guys? Zeke still appears to be the main guy, but Pollard has looked better and has received a larger workload than a typically handcuff. Starting both would obviously cap upside, but if this trend continues are both usable most weeks?
  13. Brutal Brutus

    Falcons Offense, thoughts

    Ridley will get his, but I can't see him being the anchor of a fantasy team he was drafted to be.
  14. Brutal Brutus

    IR spot question…wwyd?

    Sounds like a weak commish. He should have established the rules regarding the IR spot when your league went to it. It also seems like you should have known it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission in this league. At this point your commish/league has to decide if the IR spots are only for Covid list, and does that player need to be on your team prior to being injured or the covid list.
  15. Brutal Brutus

    IR spot question…wwyd?

    The commish just added IR spots without getting input or establishing rules? That's shady. If he added the spots without laying down any rules for the spots, you should be allowed to use them however you would like. In my league we added IR spots for covid, but we established the player had to have Covid or be on the covid list to be placed on it. A standard injured player was not allowed on it.