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  1. Brutal Brutus

    Week 3 -FU Thread

    Same. I just can't pick em this year
  2. Brutal Brutus

    Jaguars defense tonight

    Am I the only one who thinks Miami is ruining fantasy football this year? There are always teams you target to start your players against, but it's ridiculous how much of an advantage it is this year.
  3. Brutal Brutus

    Jaguars defense tonight

    I think both defenses are in the upper tier of teams not playing Mia.
  4. Brutal Brutus

    Week 2 Waiver Wire!!

    I'm rolling out Devin Smith this week and I'm fine with it. A deep threat receiver going against the Dolphins that is likely to see an increase in targets is worth a shot. It's not like Smith is without talent. He's a former second round pick, who's career has been derailed by ACL tears.
  5. Brutal Brutus

    Week 2 Waiver Wire!!

    Pretty darn good RB to still be out there. I think in all 12 team leagues he needs to be owned.
  6. Brutal Brutus

    Njoku may be out a while

    Yeah, Baker really set him up on that one.
  7. Brutal Brutus

    Lindsay vs Freeman

    I have him and I think he could gain more touches as the year goes on. He been the more effective back this far and he's built to hold up better. Unless one goes down, it'll probably always be a time share, but Freeman is currently the RB #28 in standard scoring. I think that makes him more than just a stash, but a potentially useful flex at times
  8. Brutal Brutus

    Week 2 Waiver Wire!!

    Devin Smith is a guy that I think is flying under the radar right now. Gallup could be out a month, and Smith is said to be the one taking his spot and lining up in three wide receiver sets. He's the type that only needs one catch to make it a worth while start in fantasy, and he should be getting more targets over the next few weeks. He's a decent dart throw if you are hurting at WR or looking for a big play flex. I will also be dropping Prater and picking up a new kicker, cause no kicker posts a -1 and remains on my team. Carolinas kicker has been benefiting from their inability to put up 6, so I may grab him.
  9. Brutal Brutus

    week 3 streaming D

    Some things I look for in a streaming defense. Being in the top 5 of fantasy DST scoring so far Playing in the historically offensive crap fest that is Thursday night football Going up against rookie back up QB's on a below average offenses So I think I'll be rolling with the Titans this week.
  10. Brutal Brutus

    Who do you regret drafting so far?

    I could list a few, but I'll just leave it at Mixon and Mayfield.
  11. Brutal Brutus

    Browns at Jets: In-Game Discussion

    Sounds like a couple of Thursday nighters to me
  12. Brutal Brutus

    Browns at Jets: In-Game Discussion

    While the one touchdown through six quarters is impressive, I was hoping for more out of Baker this year.
  13. Brutal Brutus

    Hey KC Homers - Better WW P/U fill in - Hardman or Robinson

    Everyone here is wrong, the answer is both. Maybe one gets a couple more targets here or there, but it really doesn't matter because the targets in that offense are so much more valuable than a target for any other team. Both fit the profile of high upside flex options or WR3's.
  14. Brutal Brutus

    What Do You Need Tonight? - Week 2

    Mayfield and Cle Dst to combine for about 40 for a double win, 25 or so to be in the top half of scoring and get a single win. Don't like my chances for the double, but I think I'll get the single win.
  15. Brutal Brutus

    What is your favorite play in football?

    Spellcheck prefers ladder