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    So I have the 2 pick...

    This. I'm picking 7th (10 team, 2QB) but it's the same idea. I'd rather go RB 1 (or QB if Luck or Rodgers drops) then get my WR1 coming back around in the 2nd. It takes a looooong time to get back in the 3rd/4th so at that point it's just best available. I've done mocks and been surprised with both the RB's and the WR's that fall to me there.
  2. nothingman.pa

    Stacking WRs

    Depends on where you get the second guy in that list. I wouldn't aim for CJ and Tate, but if CJ was a high pick and Tate was a good value pick I wouldn't not take Tate, either. If I stumble into the #2 guy as a great value then I'd do it, but I wouldn't target it as a designed plan. Like the above said Nelson is elite and Cobb is just one tick down, so those two I'd feel OK with.
  3. Yeah you should definitely vote on any changes now and then implement them NEXT year.
  4. nothingman.pa

    Guys you are targeting and sleepers.

    Wouldn't mind using my last pick on a guy like Cody Latimer or Josh Huff. Both could see expanded roles in their offense.
  5. I'm looking to join a dynasty or "Tenure" keeper league or that's $0 or low cost. I have enough money leagues - looking for something full of football junkies where I can keep and maintain a similar roster every year for fun, trade picks and players based on future-year projections, etc. 2QB, weird starting formats, ultra-deep leagues - all of that is fine. Auction or draft, doesn't matter. Prefer a new league forming but happy to join an existing.
  6. nothingman.pa

    Anyone rolling with Cutler as their starter?

    In a 2QB league, and I realize this is unusual, but... I'm toying with him as a top-of-the-second round pick in a 10 team league. I LOOOOVE his upside this year.
  7. nothingman.pa

    Randall Cobb Struggling?

    It's all about where you get them. I don't love Cobb as a top-end WR2/low-end WR1. In a 2QB league Cobb's ADP is around 40-ish overall...behind Nelson, Brown and Jeffrey but in front of Allen, Vincent Jackson, Fitz, Cruz, White, Johnson and Welker. Cobb has had a miserable camp/preseason based on every account. I like most of those in front of him. I like Floyd in front of everyone except Allen and Jackson and I like Floyd in that range. In a PPR I'd go Johnson, Bryant, Thomas, Green Marshall, Jones, Nelson, Brown, Jeffrey, Allen, Jackson, Floyd, Cruz, White, Welker, Johnson in front of Cobb. I looooooooove Boykin as a WR4 with upside to be a low2/high 3. Again...2QB, PPR. But ADP on Boykin puts him behind Shorts, Stills, Hunter, and Jordan Matthews. I like him a lot more than that. That's around WR55-60. That's WR5 territory and he could project to WR3/flex easily. Maybe higher. If everything is perfect with Cobb getting hurt/being inefficient, the Packers offense going up-tempo and running 65-70 plays a game, Rodgers staying healthy, I can see Boykin being top 25-30 WR. That's great value and worth a late-round flier. Not guaranteed, but possible in the grand scheme of fantasy projections.
  8. Trent Richardsons ADP is between 21 and 28 in most places. I'd love him as my RB3 with some upside. Colts seem to have a genuine interest in making him successful based on the high pick they gave up for him.
  9. nothingman.pa

    If you only own 1 Saints RB this year...

    Khory Robinson, but only as a last round or two keeper. Otherwise I'm staying clear. If you made me choose a second I'd take Pierre Thomas if he feel 3/4 rounds below his current ADP. And not as an RB2.
  10. nothingman.pa

    Montee Ball at 7

    It depends on scoring system, but in my 2QB my top 8 are Brees/Rodgers/Manning, Charles/McCoy/Peterson, Johnson and Jimmy Graham (we give extra points for TE receiving yards). So no, not Ball. I like Forte 9, Lacy 10 with those guys grabbing a stud QB on the way back but 2QB leagues are unique/weird. But still not 7. Forte is clearly the guy there on a high powered offense. Lacy is clearly the guy there on a high powered offense. Ball is still not playing, Hillman has been getting rave reviews in camp for his improvement. I like Ball, but not at 7. Mid to late 2nd round more than deep into the 1st. I'd rather grab Forte and see if I can get Ball on the swing back around in the 2nd if you're a big believer. If he goes earlier I'll console myself with Dez Bryant, Julio Jones or some other stud WR.
  11. nothingman.pa

    So my draft was today and I drafted this team

    I'm sorry I don't know your team. Seriously I've been lurking here for years but only really started posting a couple days ago. I don't know regulars. How do you pick 10th int he second round? Keeper took your first round pick? Who was that keeper? Which pick would you have had if you didn't have a keeper? Everyone is assuming your draft order was in the order you posted. I'll stand by my reasoning on Patterson...a great WR with a bad QB is very,very, very unlikely. It happens, but I can't think of too many situations where that happened. Gordon, to me, was an exception, not a rule. I won't gamble on it for a WR1, 2 or 3 or 4 (we start 3 WR and a flex in my league). I like Lamar Miller this year, but if you didn't post in order then I don't really know where you took him. I didn't say you had an awful team, just that you detail/reasoning was incomplete. Some of your analysis is sound, some of it I don't get. I'm not trying to be an ass, just trying to be honest and not understanding how your league works. I've been doing fantasy football since I had to pick a club in middle school in 4th grade in 1989 when I brought in a newspaper every Monday and Tuesday to do box scores by hand. The first and most important rule is that you understand your league rosters and scoring system. I'm not saying you don't, but I sure can't tell just from your post so I'm confused about the outcome and looking for more data. So I can't really make heads of tails of your team.
  12. nothingman.pa

    2014 Consensus Rankings Voting Thread: TIGHT ENDS

    Graham is the only one worth an end of round 1, early round 2. Thomas 2. Davis 3. I'd gamble on Gronk in rounds 5 or 6 which is way later than he''ll go to some sucker who is whining he's hurt by week 5, so I won't get him. Jordan Cameron not until round 8 or 9 for me. Reed/Whitten/Pitta/Olsen as the next off the board. Wouldn't bother with them earlier than 9th-10th round as there's not much difference. Cameron only a slight half-round or so upgrade over any of these. Rudolph/Ertz are my sleepers. I'll draft either one after 8 or 9 other TE's are off the board and be fine with my team. That's 11 TE's. I'll grab one of them before the goofballs in my 10-team-2QB-PPR league grab their TE2. As if you can't get a bye-week TE based on matchups off of waivers.
  13. nothingman.pa

    If you could only pick 1

    Long-term? I really like Sammy Watkins. He strikes me as the kind of WR that is going to get catches no matter who the QB is but it might take some time for him to be on a high-powered offense. His value is directly tied to Manuel - if you think he becomes "the man" there then you take him sooner. He's the craziest physical tools (size and speed with hands) that I've seen since...CJ? But WR's are so dependent on a good QB. Everyone wants a RB keeper because they're gold for years. So Snakey and Freeman are at the top of my list there. I will take Hyde if I can late late late, but he'll go over a 15-16-17th round pick in my league based on Gore's potential for injury and keeper value and that will be too rich for my blood.
  14. nothingman.pa

    Late round TE - who you targeting?

    Is that Jason Kelce's brother? If so I must ask the most important question ever: How luxurious is his beard? On a scale of goatee to full-on savage Viking, how does he compare? This is critical to my entire draft strategy.
  15. nothingman.pa

    Who should I keep - help me and i'll help you.

    Bernard for sure at that dollar figure. Thomas and McCoy are both slight values so I'd probably keep Shady.