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  1. escapistnever

    Attempt to trade for Megatron?

    Hi, With Megatron hurting, should I try to buy low? PPR League: Start 2 WR plus one flex position His WR J Nelson Megatron R Wayne W Welker My WR D Thomas A Brown J Maclin M Wallace I was thinking of offering Maclin straight up, but I could also do both Wallace and Maclin.
  2. escapistnever

    Trade Vincent Jackson for Matt Ryan?

    Being a 14 team league, there is slim pickings for QB's on the wire. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the "best" available. I suppose I could wait to see if someone drops a decent quarterback. I am first on the Waiver wire because I drafted last in the league. Some dude dropped Steve Smith to hold a spot for Josh Gordon. I am picking him up because Flacco practically force fed him the ball. I am also picking him up to block other teams from improving thier teams.
  3. escapistnever

    Trade Vincent Jackson for Matt Ryan?

    14 team league with no PPR. My QB is currently Rivers and I do not have too much confidence in him for the long haul. I have a good recieving core including Dez Bryant, Vincent Jakson, Cordarrelle Patterson, Brandin Cooks. I am also picking up Steve Smith Sr off of waivers. (I have 1st waiver priority) The dude who has Matt Ryan, also has Payton Manning. His recievers are Pierre Garcon, Mike Evans, and Justin Hunter. Should I offer him Patterson or cooks instead? Thanks
  4. escapistnever

    Flex (WR or TE) PPR

    Should I start Jeremy Maclin or Bradin Cooks as my flex position week one?
  5. escapistnever

    Witten and Tate (or Moreno?) for Forte *DENIED*

    Do the trade if you can. That would be a steal. In a PPR league, who does the other team have at running Back that would make Forte available?
  6. escapistnever

    Snelling or Bolden?

    My Choice would be Snelling.... Part of a Two rb by committee who will see goal line touches. Bolden is part of a Three rb by committee.
  7. escapistnever

    Vick vs Pryor plus Flex

    Stick with Vick, Flex is tough... Out of that group I would go with Thompkins unless Gronk is playing, then Bell if he is starting. I would check out free agents as well.
  8. escapistnever

    Pick one WR2 for this week.

    Slim pickings... D Avery would be my choice. Giants D has been aweful. Avery looks decent in Reed's YAC centric offense.
  9. escapistnever

    Good and Bad...

    PPR league Good problem: Pick 2: (WR2 and Flex) V Cruz D Jackson J Witten Bad Problem: Pick 1: (RB 2) L Miller J Snelling
  10. escapistnever

    RB2 in PPR league

    Hi all, I have a solid team in my 10 man PPR league except at RB2. My options: Lamar Miller @ Falcons Deangelo Williams @ Giants Ben Tate @ Ravens Thanks! Dan My Starting Roster: QB: T Romo RB1: J Charles RB2: ??? WR1: B Marshall WR2: V Cruz TE: J Graham Flex: D Jackson Kicker: Who cares Def: Who cares