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  1. Prof Poopcicle

    Mark Ingram

    I'm trying to sell him high-- package him with a decent wr 2/3 for an RB1 --- i think that's the best thing to do, but to the point above, i do think he will be productive going forward as well
  2. Prof Poopcicle

    Halfway Point: Best and worst....

    Drafting Sanders in every league, he's provided an amazing return for a 6th rnd pick
  3. Prof Poopcicle

    OK - Here's A Strategy That Makes Sense (Hedging My Bet)

    Sounds like i'm late to the party on this one, but wanted to offer my input-- You can make the argument that this is in a way hedging your opponent in some form-- however, the correlation between the WR and the QB strongly varies and may hedge absolutely nothing.. just ask Pierre Garcon owners who attempted to hedge against Kirk Cousins on Monday night (i'm sure no one did this, just an example)-- if it were the other way around and you had the QB, this would be different because there is almost no way that Wallace could go off without Tannehill throwing him the ball... but conversely, Tannehill could easily go off without throwing the ball to Wallace. Wallace's value is tied to Tannehill much more than the other way around, which is the way you are trying to hedge. If things go your way, it could totally hedge tannehill and pay off-- i'm just trying to say that I wouldn't factor that concept into my decision too much-- if you rank them about the same then that's fine, but i personally value wayne a bit more and trust that offense a bit better (i do hate TNF tho)
  4. Prof Poopcicle


    I personally wouldn't bench Luck- dude has been on fire to start the season, don't see that stopping thursday night really-- but you have a solid backup QB, you aren't crazy to be thinking about it I am thinking about leaving Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne on my bench tho with the same thought process that you have regarding TNF
  5. Prof Poopcicle

    A. Williams for K. Benjamin?

    Why not just roll with Ahmad Bradshaw as your RB2 this week/maybe 1 week after until Rashad Jennings gets back? You are absolutely stackkkkkked at WR so you could make that trade (even though its terrible) and still come out ok yes-- but 2 of your WRs haven't hit their byes yet.. I would just roll Bradshaw
  6. Prof Poopcicle

    Is Knowshon Moreno worth picking up in week 5?

    I meant Taliaferro is the easy choice to drop for moreno.. I just realized that might be unclear
  7. Prof Poopcicle

    Is Knowshon Moreno worth picking up in week 5?

    You'll have Ball and Bernard the rest of the year in your lineup (barring inj) since they're both on bye.. Think the easy choice there is Taliaferro-- davis value is harder to predict since it's dependant on Charles' injury, but with Charles out at the moment and at risk for further aggervation to a potentially nagging injury, i'd hold on to Davis-- RB1 with Charles out and Taliaferro is part of a 3 headed backfield
  8. Prof Poopcicle

    Brady owners

    Well this would've turned out remarkably well for you
  9. Prof Poopcicle

    Romo being Romo

    the one time i'm actually rooting for the cowboys cause im playing against the niners D, romo focking turns into eli manning PULL YOUR FOCKING HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS ROMO
  10. Prof Poopcicle

    How Well Do You Trust Emmanual Sanders?

    Sure.. I think week 1 is too early to attemp to predict that though-- the comment above about the refs really trying to make an example about of the seahawks secondary tonight i think is spot on though-- and i'm pretty sure Sherman doesn't shadow individual receivers; he stays on one side of the formation-- So (correct me if i'm wrong) sherman won't be on Nelson the entire game or anything, this isn't like a revis situation
  11. Prof Poopcicle

    How Well Do You Trust Emmanual Sanders?

    i think sanders over roddy is reasonable-- but all 3 of those are solid plays imo Do not bench Nelson, he's a bonafied stud
  12. Prof Poopcicle

    Arizona Defense Dropped....

    They aren't going to be as good this year due to injuries/turnover from last year-- Pitt has a pretty good matchup week 1 against the Browns
  13. Prof Poopcicle

    Which WR surprises you?

    Sure some of those guys have potential.. but who are the bottom end WRs on your bench? and who would you drop to pick them up? Have to know that in order to tell you if it's worth it
  14. Prof Poopcicle

    I have 8 RB's on my roster

  15. Prof Poopcicle

    Tom Brady 40+ Td's this year.

    50 TDS!! FTW