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  1. c.hammer

    Laviska Shenault

    I drafted him in the 16th in a keeper league. Dude is quick, hopefully he keeps it up all season. 3 for 37yds, 1td, 10 yards rushing.
  2. c.hammer

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    This is new: Bell does not have to report to the Steelers by a certain date to get an accrued season to become eligible for free agency, contrary to what ESPN and others previously reported. Bell already has played the four-plus seasons he needs to become a free agent after the season. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25187177/leveon-bell-talked-steelers-unlikely-report-week
  3. c.hammer

    Marshawn Lynch put on IR

    I grabbed Jalen is 3 leagues. Im betting the muscle hamster gets the start for 1-2 weeks tops before Richard takes over
  4. c.hammer

    Who is your late round upside RB?

    This was a fun read. A lot of swing and misses this year. Within my leagues I tried to find RB gold and drafted Conner Carson Penny Barber R. Freeman J. Hill I dont have confidence in any of them for ROS so Im looking at Donta Foreman and Malcom Brown.
  5. c.hammer

    Evan Engram going forward

    Drop Doyle, grab Engram. Having 3 mediocre TEs is a bit excessive if u were to drop ALF
  6. c.hammer

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    Nice trade. Mixon > Conner even if Bell never returns to pit
  7. c.hammer

    Calvin Ridley?

    Drafted him in 3 leagues. Hes the real deal, just needed to get his feet wet.
  8. c.hammer

    Hunter Henry a glorified tackle?

    I'm benching Henry until gates gets his TD record.
  9. c.hammer

    Beastmode is back!

    18 carries for 78yds, 2 rec for 16yds, 0 tds Not the best stat line of the week, but his vision, cuts, speed, and brutal strength was surprising for a 31 yr old RB. A buy low since if his owner didn't see the game and a good trade target for Gillislee owners. The best highlight reel of week 1 IMO
  10. Per Adam Schefter https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/906282149938114560 NFL news http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000841127/article/elliott-granted-preliminary-injunction-ban-on-hold
  11. c.hammer

    Ware out with knee injury

    Grab K Hunt if you haven't already.
  12. c.hammer

    For Those Waiting on TE this year

    Hunter Henry. Gates just needs 1 more TD for the record, and they admitted that's why they used him more last year vs Henry. Rookie TEs never do well, but I love OJ Howard, especially for keeper leagues.
  13. c.hammer

    Help pick my keeper, please.

    Ajayi by a mile. No one else makes sense considering his ADP is 2nd round right now.
  14. c.hammer

    Arizona at Philadelphia: In-Game Discussion

    John brown, catch the focking ball. Please.
  15. c.hammer

    Denard Robinson - aka Shoelace

    Subbed him in for a probable Deangelo Williams (illness) after I heard Yeldon was officially out. Fock.