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  1. c.hammer

    Laviska Shenault

    I drafted him in the 16th in a keeper league. Dude is quick, hopefully he keeps it up all season. 3 for 37yds, 1td, 10 yards rushing.
  2. c.hammer

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    This is new: Bell does not have to report to the Steelers by a certain date to get an accrued season to become eligible for free agency, contrary to what ESPN and others previously reported. Bell already has played the four-plus seasons he needs to become a free agent after the season. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25187177/leveon-bell-talked-steelers-unlikely-report-week
  3. c.hammer

    Marshawn Lynch put on IR

    I grabbed Jalen is 3 leagues. Im betting the muscle hamster gets the start for 1-2 weeks tops before Richard takes over
  4. c.hammer

    Who is your late round upside RB?

    This was a fun read. A lot of swing and misses this year. Within my leagues I tried to find RB gold and drafted Conner Carson Penny Barber R. Freeman J. Hill I dont have confidence in any of them for ROS so Im looking at Donta Foreman and Malcom Brown.
  5. c.hammer

    Evan Engram going forward

    Drop Doyle, grab Engram. Having 3 mediocre TEs is a bit excessive if u were to drop ALF
  6. c.hammer

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    Nice trade. Mixon > Conner even if Bell never returns to pit
  7. c.hammer

    Calvin Ridley?

    Drafted him in 3 leagues. Hes the real deal, just needed to get his feet wet.
  8. Per Adam Schefter https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/906282149938114560 NFL news http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000841127/article/elliott-granted-preliminary-injunction-ban-on-hold
  9. c.hammer

    Hunter Henry a glorified tackle?

    I'm benching Henry until gates gets his TD record.
  10. c.hammer

    Beastmode is back!

    18 carries for 78yds, 2 rec for 16yds, 0 tds Not the best stat line of the week, but his vision, cuts, speed, and brutal strength was surprising for a 31 yr old RB. A buy low since if his owner didn't see the game and a good trade target for Gillislee owners. The best highlight reel of week 1 IMO
  11. c.hammer

    Ware out with knee injury

    Grab K Hunt if you haven't already.
  12. c.hammer

    For Those Waiting on TE this year

    Hunter Henry. Gates just needs 1 more TD for the record, and they admitted that's why they used him more last year vs Henry. Rookie TEs never do well, but I love OJ Howard, especially for keeper leagues.
  13. c.hammer

    Help pick my keeper, please.

    Ajayi by a mile. No one else makes sense considering his ADP is 2nd round right now.
  14. c.hammer

    Arizona at Philadelphia: In-Game Discussion

    John brown, catch the focking ball. Please.
  15. c.hammer

    Denard Robinson - aka Shoelace

    Subbed him in for a probable Deangelo Williams (illness) after I heard Yeldon was officially out. Fock.
  16. c.hammer

    N.Y. Jets at Dallas: In-Game Discussion

    Kinda embarrassing that they keep using the Thursday Night Football logos.
  17. c.hammer

    N.Y. Jets at Dallas: In-Game Discussion

    Hopefully as a decoy
  18. c.hammer

    Brock needs to start the 2nd half

    For 6'8" 240lbs, Brock can move
  19. c.hammer

    Brock needs to start the 2nd half

    Lol Brock already has more passing yards than Peyton.
  20. c.hammer

    Aqib Talib, the eye poker

    Aqib Talib pokes Dwayne Allen in his eye through his face mask. Seriously, who does this?
  21. c.hammer

    Aqib Talib, the eye poker

    Here's a clip https://vine.co/v/elm60OPz02U
  22. c.hammer

    Newsflash: Peyon Manning is the suck!

    Lol. I realized and was too lazy to edit.
  23. c.hammer

    Newsflash: Peyon Manning is the suck!

    And he just became the all-time passing yards leader.
  24. c.hammer

    Newsflash: Peyon Manning is the suck!

    Yeah, hate to see him like this. Undefeated at 7-0 is soooooo embarrassing.