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  1. Gamby42

    Please help!

    Martin and joique bell for welker and Moreno?? Std scoring with flex. RBs are Martin, forte, sjax, bell, McGahee. TE is J. Graham. Want a somewhat solid WR to compliment P. Garcon, D. Bowe.. Is it worth it???
  2. Good trade?? Std scoring league, no flex
  3. Gamby42

    Trade value for B. Powell?

    If he keeps up with what he's doin, what kinda trade value can I expect??
  4. Gamby42

    Alex Smith or EJ Manuel?

    Awesome, thanks! Thinkin the same thing, hopin others were too
  5. Gamby42

    Alex Smith or EJ Manuel?

    Need for today's start..
  6. Gamby42

    Alex Smith or EJ Manuel?

    Need help for backup QB
  7. Good trade or not? Lookin for a solid WR Have forte, Martin, bell also as RBs in a 10 team std scoring w/ flex player