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  1. EaglesFan573

    Trade Help, what can Kyler get me?

    Need a WR bad. Golladay is out, Fulgham is on a bye. I need to trade Kyler Murray to get a WR. I have Brady also. Got offered Michael Thomas and Tee Higgins/Claypool for Murray and David Johnson. I have RB depth. Basically, do you think Thomas will actually play this week? If so, is this still a good trade?
  2. EaglesFan573

    Trade away Marlon Mack

    All depends on what you need and your roster. If you have no legit chance to ever play Mack then you trade for Baldwin. Baldwin has been horrible this year but he could be a solid starter moving forward. If you have no depth at RB, then Mack could improve and be a better trade piece later or a starter for you. Both are a coin-flip.
  3. EaglesFan573

    Hines vs Allen - who is more droppable?

    Drop Hines. Indy has 4 RB that play now that Marlon Mack is back. Buck Allen is 1 injury and/or game flow from being a solid start.
  4. EaglesFan573

    WR/Flex Help - Maybe trade?

    I like Hopkins, Ridley, and Thompson this week. If you can pull it off trade a couple WR for an upgrade somewhere.
  5. EaglesFan573

    2 RBS 2 WRS 1 Flex

    This might not be conventional but I like Mike Williams and Baldwin for WR. I think the Giants will take away Funchess and I have never been a fan of Lockett. I like Mike Williams against Oak a lot. I would go Yeldon and Connor with Kamara of course. Basically you have lead RB with Yeldon and Connor. Aaron Jones is still splitting carries.
  6. EaglesFan573

    Drop Hogan or Goodwin in PPR keeper league for Drake?

    Even though Drake has been horrible and killing me in one league. I would drop Hogan. I have never understood the love for Hogan. He is an average WR and not a young up and comer anymore. Drake still has tons of upside, even if Miami has no idea how to use him.
  7. EaglesFan573

    What WR's would you start this week?

    Hopkins and Adams are no brainers. Close between Alshon and Tate. I think in standard Alshon has a better chance of a TD and a better chance for more yards.
  8. EaglesFan573

    TE Streamer wk 5

    Probably Ebron with T.Y Hilton also out for just week 5. I also like Vance McDonald. I think McDonald will be decent the remainder of the year, if you are looking for a longer term solution.
  9. I will have Alex Collins, Hunt, Mixon. Then Keenan Allen and Edelman and Cole. This is 0.5 PPR, extra point for every 5 rushing attempts. Is Joe Mixon enough of an upgrade to give away Baldwin??????
  10. EaglesFan573

    Should I Trade or Stay put.

    Easy. Don't trade.
  11. EaglesFan573

    Brady for a WR

    I have Phillip Rivers and Brady. I really need a WR in a PPR league. Should I target Golden Tate? Is he going to keep up his target share this year???
  12. EaglesFan573

    Could use some help - Hogan or Cohen?

    Hogan. I see Cohen being overvalued this year. Cohen will have a few great plays but then the next week might have 1 carry and 2 catches for 15 yards. Cohen just doesn't seem like a consistent fantasy guy but a great team guy for Chicago fans. Hogan could be a legit WR2 this year.
  13. EaglesFan573

    McCaffrey for OBJ?

    I would stick with McCaffrey. You have a weak bench at RB and already strong WR. Goodwin is going to be a stud WR2.
  14. EaglesFan573

    keeper help

    At first I was thinking Henry all the way but then remembered the 4th round pick vs. 6th round pick. If you need the stronger RB then go Henry. If you will be getting a stud RB is round 1 this year then I would take the value with Ajayi.