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  1. huskyhater75

    Could you even imagine if Trump said that?

    Grow a pair, you got your butt kicked in the election, act like a man and not a child! You must be from the age group where kids cried when they didn’t get a trophy so then after that everybody had to get one. Take your LOSING like a man, grow up.
  2. huskyhater75

    Could you even imagine if Trump said that?

    Congrats on the dumbest post I’ve seen today, proud boy.
  3. huskyhater75

    Have you ran from the cops?

    Hiding under the car I’d been at a mushroom eating party, the other time I was reported as a prowler but was just trying to see my girlfriend, tapping on a window. Mighta been wrong window?
  4. huskyhater75

    Have you ran from the cops?

    Yup in a car (3 of us racing, 2 of us got away), and twice on foot, one time hid under a car and another in some tall grass. Back in the 70’s, best time to grow up!
  5. huskyhater75

    Boston Bias

    Some of my favorite memories (being a Boston fan since 1967, always living in Oregon/Washington) is when Bosox came from 0-3 to 4-3 and seeing those long faces in yankee stadium during game 7-HAHAHA!
  6. huskyhater75

    Why the fock can't they sing a normal Anthem?

    I’m with ya, show some respect and sing the song the way it’s supposed to be sung!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. huskyhater75

    How will the media treat President Joe Biden?

    A lot of responses on here are ridiculously hilarious! Chump got no respect from the media simply because he showed no respect-just like the whiners on this board. Respect is something that is earned, not just delved out like ham sandwiches. Chump and his followers need to grow up, they act like spoiled brats.
  8. huskyhater75

    Dear CBS

    Romo brings as unique a knowledge of the game not seen since Dandy Don Meredith-a new spark to each of their generations.
  9. huskyhater75

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2021: First Four Rounds

    Yes, I didn’t see where Brees came out and confirmed he was retiring either. He probably should (can’t throw deep any more), but he hasn’t retired-yet.
  10. huskyhater75

    Bills @ Chiefs AFC Championship Game Discussion

    Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.
  11. huskyhater75

    How Democrats Pursue Totalitarianism

    HAHAHA, FINAL joke is on you! I was gov't worker son, YOU paid my wages with a VERY good retirement.........HAHAHA, thanks son!
  12. huskyhater75

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    Dems don't go around and drunkenly beat people up-and then blame it on others. I think it's HILARIOUS that the punks that participated in DC are now being arrested AND losing their jobs-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  13. huskyhater75

    How Democrats Pursue Totalitarianism

    Kinda, I was raised by a dad that was a farmer, owned and worked at a general store, and was a commercial fisherman-worked his butt off, unlike some of the silver spoons on here. I worked hard and retired at 59, and don't respect any POS that supports thugs that attack gov't buildings or people (unless they're related to Chump)...................YES I AM new here-what does THAT matter? Chump was new.................and you support him? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!
  14. huskyhater75

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    HAHA, more than anything you've ever (more used to handouts, you are) earned.
  15. huskyhater75

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    I finished 2nd (lost championship game) in my 29 year league this year, how'd YOU do, son? Now run along and take your Chump/tough talk somewhere else, okay? Your apology is accepted in advance................................go to bed.