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  1. huskyhater75

    PPR ROS TE’s Cook, Ebron, Hurst, Goedert

    Thanks W-Paw’s, only answer I was looking for from the only one smart enough to answer.
  2. These 4 choices-have Hurst, Goedert right now-which 2 are best ROS? Goedert back next week. Thanks, good luck this week.
  3. huskyhater75

    Is it time to give up on Pittsburgh WR's?

    I had both Pitt WRs, dropped JuJu for that Eagle WR Fulgham, I only need him for this week, fillin for Thielen (Ridley other starter) this week. Waiting for Diontae to get healthy. JuJu is playing old for some reason 3-4th option for them right now. Good luck.
  4. huskyhater75

    Full PPR. My Jacobs for M. Thomas

    Agree, your team is fine, Jacobs is a stud. Good luck,
  5. huskyhater75

    Freeman or Scott on Thursday night

    Same as weepaws, Philly will run as much (Wentz having bad year and hurt receivers) as possible, and Scott is just a rookie, Freeman more of an experienced grinder. Good luck.
  6. huskyhater75

    Chiefs at Bills: MAF Discussion

    When Bill defense does ANYTHING to stop KC run, only thing Mahomes has to do is lob it up in Kelce's general direction and nobody is there for Buffalo-they're afraid of Kelce.
  7. huskyhater75

    Chiefs at Bills: MAF Discussion

    Allen sucks. So does Bill defense.
  8. huskyhater75

    Josh Allen sucks

    Never mind, this game is over, Bill defense will punk out AGAIN and let KC go on a 15 minute or so drive and Allen will be where he belongs, on the bench. Done deal, game over.
  9. huskyhater75

    Josh Allen sucks

  10. huskyhater75

    Josh Allen sucks

    Weepaws T Hill sucks! I don't understand why Kelce can get so open and Hill can't....................there-ya go Weepaws, good luck with it.
  11. huskyhater75

    Josh Allen sucks

    42 yards passing? What is he doing out there? Last week and this week he's playing scared, totally different player than the first 4 weeks. Good thing I have Burrow to play, Allen's looking for the bench.
  12. huskyhater75

    Week 6 FU

    Thielen, overpaid, lazy POS.
  13. huskyhater75

    Who's better-D Harris or J Jackson? PPR

    Thanks Axe, good luck this week.
  14. huskyhater75

    Playing from behind...who is better?

    I've got Sanders on my bench (Taylor and Henry) but that's a tough choice-both have bad matchups. Raven defense is bad@ss, I think I'd go with Mixon, looks like Cin coaches have finally wised up and gave up on Bernard.
  15. PPR league, who's better ROS, NE's Damien Harris or LAC's Justin Jackson? Both in RBBC, but which one has more upside? Thanks, good luck this week.