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  1. huskyhater75

    2nd half breakout

    Are they that smart though? JW is a stud in the NOW/waiting, Gordon needs to go rest somewhere, he's worn out.
  2. huskyhater75

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    I'm with you there. For teams that are actually in contention, Ravens have the worst (he killed it last week-ONE WEEK the whole year though) Jackson sucks as a PPR-6 pt TD, 1/20 yds passing, 1/10 yds rushing. His rushing is okay, not enough to make up for throwing 27 times and getting YANKED-POS! I'm going with Cousins rest of year-do or die! At least Minny has the GUTS to throw it-Harbuagh/Raven coaches call the plays like they're afraid. Harbaugh...................POS. Seattle and Baltimore should let their QBs (when healthy) call their own plays-they're smarter than the fatso's sitting up in the booth!!!!!!
  3. Probably my QB L Jax. He just can't compete in our PPR, 6 pt all TDs league. Down by 10 in 4th quarter and only thrown it 27 times-stupid coaching.
  4. huskyhater75

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    FU Raven coaching staff-down by 10 with 11:00 to go and you have thrown 27 times and ran 22 times.................ya think it might work better-being behind, if you tried to pass a bit? Most teams do when they can't run it-and ESPECIALLY when they're behind in the last quarter. Brain-fart coaching, OMG............................................
  5. huskyhater75

    ROS WR Question

    I sure don't want an overrated alabuma product throwing to my WR's, Tua is NOT a good QB.
  6. huskyhater75

    ROS WR Question

    WHY do YOU believe that Toney is the best WR for NYG's?
  7. huskyhater75

    SNF a downpour in SF..

    Seattle DBs play like they are blind, play Winston.
  8. huskyhater75

    Next year at the draft I’m taking 6 straight RB’s

    I'm just trying to emulate the biggest braggart on here-you. I took some psych classes in college (just for fun), i remember the instructor (a real lawyer) telling us about people he had dealt with in cases like you..........ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-people who bragged on themselves-with NO fact........sorry. But he said just keep telling them how "great" they are and eventually they will trip up and the TRUTH will be discovered. Question one------How many years has it REALLY been since you made the playoffs.......................'stud"? C'mon, tell the TRUTH-okay?
  9. huskyhater75

    Next year at the draft I’m taking 6 straight RB’s

    QB-L Jax, Carr, Cousins (start 1), RB-A Jones, Kamara, J Williams (Denver), D Harris (start 2), WR-Julio, Ridley, Shepard, Mike Williams (start 2), TE-Hockenson, Knox (start 1). PPR league-pass completions, receptions, 6 pts for all TDs. QBs cook up a lot of points in our league. I don't really like my team. I'm 3-3, 2nd highest scoring in our h2h league and most points scored against I hold the lead-everybody blows up against me, second year in a row.
  10. huskyhater75

    Next year at the draft I’m taking 6 straight RB’s

    HAHA wow that was funny-and original, congrats! Gonna give you a little hint here son-before you throw criticism around next time and make a fool of yourself, know what the scoring systems, how many teams in the league, etc.
  11. huskyhater75

    Next year at the draft I’m taking 6 straight RB’s

    Yeah right stud, we've had our 10 team league (we don't like self-esteemed "geniuses", they just make us laugh-YOU) for 26 years now-son, I know you weren't even born then, I /we can tell by your childish claims and lying boasts. So why not just shutup and go back to your "league" that contains aunt me-me, uncle I'm-greatest, brother Bend-Over, sister I'm-a-Ready, your twin I'm-aqueer, and............................WOW-YOU actually play in a 6 team "league" when truth is told! Stay full of yourself son...............................keep us laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. huskyhater75

    Next year at the draft I’m taking 6 straight RB’s

    My first 3 picks (Kamara, A Jones, Chubb) were all RBs, didn't plan it that way but rd. 3 Chubb was there. My WRs (Julio, Ridley, Shepard, Mike Williams) are shaky but I'm getting by.
  13. huskyhater75

    Week 6 FU Thread

    WR's are the drama queens of football. Every other position out there plays when they're hurt but not these self-centered posers.
  14. huskyhater75

    Week 6 FU Thread

    EFFFFya, go away sissy.