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  1. huskyhater75

    Terry McLaurin

    Class move of you to give this joker a break-I have my own opinion. He's one of a kind on here....................
  2. huskyhater75

    Who do you regret drafting so far?

    Mike Williams, I was going to use him as 2nd WR, but he's on waivers now, Lockett's my new #2.
  3. huskyhater75

    Baker Mayfield

    Browns are weakest team from Ohio-yes, that includes the college teams.
  4. huskyhater75

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    Jamey Winston is worse, putting up putrid stats against the worst DB's in the NFL. He stinks so bad it looks like TB is featuring their running game today. Winston will be out of the NFL after this year, too bad TB let Fitzpatrick go-at least he's not afraid of the pass rush. Jamey-a big worthless puffball. He'll be beating women and children at this time next year-after all, he went to FSU.....................................
  5. huskyhater75

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    NYG's first drive featured Engram and Barkley-and resulted in a TD! Since then? Let's get away from using those two and get NOTHING............is Rich Kotite still coaching there?
  6. huskyhater75

    Tyreek Hill carted off

    Could you imagine having Hill and ODB (maybe AB) together on the same team? They could instead of practice football with team, act in a nearby theater in drama plays. Queens every day...........................
  7. huskyhater75

    Alert...Browns O line sucks!!

    It seemed like whenever Chubb did something (unbelievable as it sounds) good there was a holding call. O-line (maybe should spell it OH-line) is a bunch of puff-ball sissies, grabbing with their hands, afraid of physical contact. And Mayfield, looks like he's gonna limit whatever Landry and Beckham will do this year.
  8. huskyhater75

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    .....................and it's looking like Mike Williams (Chargers pretend WR) will become a free agent next week-FOCK HIM!
  9. huskyhater75

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    Jamey Winston 1-6 for THREE YARDS!
  10. huskyhater75

    Hillard over Chubb

    OOOPS, looks like I got you confused with 115! Didn't mean to put down 115, just that he kinda reacted once like you do most of the time! My bad!
  11. huskyhater75

    Baker Mayfield

    It gets cold there, I'm sure he'll tweak/pull something and miss time. He'll still get paid, that's the main thing.
  12. huskyhater75

    Baker Mayfield

    HAHAHA, he just threw a pick-6! Cellar dwellers!
  13. huskyhater75

    Baker Mayfield

    Yep, nothing has changed there. They're just paying alot (Beckham) more this year for the same crap.
  14. huskyhater75

    Baker Mayfield

    Baker better quit trying to make like he's Joe Namath and get back to playing football-today Browns stunk it up.
  15. huskyhater75

    Hillard over Chubb

    Axe is just a troll, he won't comprehend the truth, he's just a troll. 5 yds/carry is 5 yds/carry.