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  1. huskyhater75

    Diontae Johnson-Weepaws

    Okay thanks guys, good luck to you this week!
  2. huskyhater75

    Diontae Johnson-Weepaws

    Johnson-with his inept QB, was just dropped. Should I pick him up and drop Lazard, who is Rodger's #1? PPR league, thanks.
  3. huskyhater75


    I'm outta here. Peace out..............................................
  4. VERIFIED-you're a man-kisser! Thanks , you shouldn't feel bad about that-if you look for it, there's brown (m)asses out there for you, chocolate queen!
  5. Go suck him off, you faggy queen! What a stalker you are! Have you ever (1) kissed a man, OR (2) kissed-DOUBT THAT, a woman? I think a man, you stalk men on here, queer, try and fix yourself, okay? You ARE known as a on here-you know that, right, ?
  6. huskyhater75

    I hate the Spankees…..But

    ANY Triple Crown since/after/in future should be considered secondary compared to Ted Williams (HONEST) Triple Crown, he did it within natural abilities-he wasn't a cheatin' yank-OFF.
  7. So you're comparing one guy's (ME) truths against the (2020 election) LIAR/trump, and since you'd back down from any fight-unless you're a trump minion that is tough ONLY when you have numbers, WHY do you-being the COWARD that you are, would you feel that you are at a level where you can answer me-without permission first/? Who the HECK do you think you are, son?
  8. OMG, DON'T fuel these imbeciles with that-they are already brainwashed and STUPID enough to take it and run with it-they like doing that with LIES.
  9. huskyhater75

    Bungal o-line.................

    At least you admit it, thanks drunkard queer.
  10. huskyhater75

    Cincy-100% BUST of the year

    I hope you're right! Have a good day!
  11. YOU like men's "cracks"! THAT'S WHY you LOVE this site, you NEVER had guts enough to play sports but are 100% jealous of athletes-but love the way man athletes look in their tight suits/uniforms. Now be careful here sport. I KNOW somebody who KNOWS YOU, you .
  12. HAHA, at least you admit it! Thanks!
  13. WTF have you been smoking/snorting/drinking, b!tch? And who gave you permission to chime on this?
  14. Crack(men's)man........................COWARD.