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  1. Limbaugh died (relief to all NORMAL people), where are you getting this fake news? Show us the video's, clippings, etc. Prove it.
  2. You are as much a liar as trump-produce that video.
  3. Ideas that we know do not work? Like the riot trump invoked on January 6th?
  4. You brought up trump in the original thread, why? You must live in alabama, oklahoma, texas, one of those "flyover" states I drove through. BTW, why do you people drive like you're in a hayfield-totally ignorant to cars around you?
  5. A puss-gut is what he is, hamburgers, diet coke, no exercise. His suits are made up to make his woman-like shoulders look bigger and his pants are tailored to not show how knock-kneed he is, plus he's a terrible golfer-he cheats.
  6. I wasn't answering you, son. Now run along, think of some new names to call people..................................
  7. The protests were peaceful in Portland until trump sent in his goons that started the violence.
  8. What is it with all the childish name calling from you and your puss-gut leader? Heck if you imbeciles would act like adults maybe we'd discuss it with you. I just got back from 2 1/2 months in (trump-land) Florida, what an interesting show that was.
  9. huskyhater75

    Could you even imagine if Trump said that?

    Grow a pair, you got your butt kicked in the election, act like a man and not a child! You must be from the age group where kids cried when they didn’t get a trophy so then after that everybody had to get one. Take your LOSING like a man, grow up.
  10. huskyhater75

    Could you even imagine if Trump said that?

    Congrats on the dumbest post I’ve seen today, proud boy.
  11. huskyhater75

    Have you ran from the cops?

    Hiding under the car I’d been at a mushroom eating party, the other time I was reported as a prowler but was just trying to see my girlfriend, tapping on a window. Mighta been wrong window?
  12. huskyhater75

    Have you ran from the cops?

    Yup in a car (3 of us racing, 2 of us got away), and twice on foot, one time hid under a car and another in some tall grass. Back in the 70’s, best time to grow up!
  13. huskyhater75

    Boston Bias

    Some of my favorite memories (being a Boston fan since 1967, always living in Oregon/Washington) is when Bosox came from 0-3 to 4-3 and seeing those long faces in yankee stadium during game 7-HAHAHA!