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  1. HIW2

    1/2 point PPR Flex

    Lol Cool! Enjoy!
  2. HIW2

    TE pick

    Hollister or Hooper 0.5 pt ppr Thanks in advance
  3. HIW2

    1/2 point PPR Flex

    I’d roll w Washington. what island are u visiting? Aloha!
  4. HIW2

    Perriman or Fuller

    Tough choice but I’d go Perriman
  5. HIW2

    dak or winston

    I’d go Winston
  6. HIW2

    Melvin Gordon or Ingram lll full point PPR

    I think u need to go w Ingram here
  7. QB - R Wilson or D Watson Flex (ppr) - Melvin Gordon, Perriman, or Drake Thanks in advance
  8. HIW2

    Flex position and TE will reply

    I’d go Mack and Howard
  9. HIW2

    Melvin Gordon benched??

    He’s back in
  10. HIW2

    Melvin Gordon benched??

    I should’ve started Drake over him...live and learn lol
  11. HIW2

    Bench Slayton with the wind?

    If you’re worried about the wind, I’d go AP. Maybe I’ll stick to benching D Parker as well if the winds are that bad.
  12. Hmmm...I’d go Montgomery but AJ is tempting
  13. HIW2

    D Parker or AJ Brown

    which WR is the better play today? Leaning AJ right now.
  14. HIW2

    Bench Slayton with the wind?

    I’d stick w Slayton
  15. HIW2

    Battle of the Hurt Throwing hands

    Don’t think I’d be able to sit Mahomes during the playoffs.
  16. HIW2

    R Wilson or D Watson ?

    Which QB should I roll with? got RB C Carson starting so leaning Watson.
  17. HIW2

    Help! Need a QB, TE and Flex! Thanks!

    Tough choices but I’d go: Tannehill , Drake, and Hollister
  18. 0.5 ppr K Drake, C Carson, or R Penny thanks in advance!
  19. I can put Hooper on IR but it doesn’t free up a spot on my active roster.
  20. HIW2

    RB choices

    Need 2: J Samuels vs Rams J Williams vs Panthers D Williams vs Titans D Singletary vs Browns Thanks in advance.
  21. HIW2

    Pick 2

    I’d go Samuels for sure. Pascal and Golladay have qb issues. Damien Williams, other than one long run last week, has been terrible. DJ Moore isn’t that exciting of a play. Tough choice but I would roll w Golladay and cross my fingers...Damien Williams would be my next choice after him.
  22. HIW2

    opponent QB and your WR matchup-ever do it?

    Exactly...like I said, u can’t go wrong with either of those 2. I started Wilson over Watson so I’m hoping for a big game from him. Good luck!
  23. HIW2

    TE Decision...in PPR League

    I’d go Doyle with Ty out
  24. HIW2

    opponent QB and your WR matchup-ever do it?

    Generally yes...depending who that receiver is. In your case, u can’t go wrong w either Williams or Lockett....only hesitation for me is that you’re already playing a Raider receiver in Waller.