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  1. You go ahead and trust the numbers, I'll question numbers that don't make sense. Here's the article: Next Gen Stats' top 10 deep passers of 2020: Aaron Rodgers lands at No. 4 (nfl.com) This is based on a stat they use called completion percentage over expectation, that adjusts for separation. By this measure David Carr is 2nd and Mahomes is not in the top 10. Also it is based on 39 deep passes from Jones. Did you watch him play? I saw passes he attempted to Slayton that wouldn't have hit a barn. Sure his rushing is going to help his fantasy stats, but it won't keep him as a starter in the league for long.
  2. Daniel Jones is not good. At most he'll be a starter for two more years and then relegated to backup duty.
  3. Thanks for clarifying, your views were a little unclear.
  4. Donkey

    2021 Projections & Rankings: Launched

    fair point, my main league scoring devalues QB rushing.
  5. Donkey

    2021 Projections & Rankings: Launched

    was referring to ranking
  6. Donkey

    2021 Projections & Rankings: Launched

    Stafford too low especially since you have Kupp, Woods and Higbee all ranked high.
  7. Donkey

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

    Hopefully the team doctor doesn't puncture his lung.
  8. Donkey


    I get that, just seems like every team is going to have depth guys, I don't see the impact being that meaningful but I guess we'll see.
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    Every team has backups, a 29 year old journeyman who missed 2 years due to injury is nothing to get too worked up about.
  10. Donkey

    Week 14 bye weeks

    Could do week 1 schedule based on last years finish, i.e. 1 plays 2, 3 plays 4 etc. Then regular schedule for weeks 2 - 14. Maybe this gives a slight schedule advantage to lower teams but that's not a bad thing.
  11. Donkey

    Week 14 bye weeks

    Well it's your league just seems weird to completely discount week 1. Seems like there's a better way, like just randomly drawing the schedule for week 14.
  12. Donkey

    Week 14 bye weeks

    well that sucks what are you going to do week 1, mow the lawn?
  13. Donkey

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Kyle Trask, Buccaneers

    I'm reading the same comments about all 3 QBs taken at that spot. I think teams draft a QB there figuring he's most likely going to be a decent backup, and maybe they'll get lucky and hit the lottery. If he's just a decent backup they save some money not having to pay a vet.
  14. Donkey

    Chiefs trade for LT Orlando Brown

    that's the cost of living for the median person, so the difference is 15% or about 6K. the entire cost of a home does not factor into the cost of living, the mortgage or rent would. now obviously NFL players lead a more extravagant lifestyle, so the amounts would be higher. And will vary between cities but have a hard time seeing the difference being much higher than 5K / month, maybe up to 10K in certain circumstances.
  15. Donkey

    QB Justin Fields has Epilepsy

    say wut?