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  1. Donkey

    Brady's career..............................

    Rogers by many accounts isn't really a team first guy, probably wouldn't have worked that great.
  2. Donkey

    Brady's career..............................

    But a very handsome bus driver.
  3. Donkey

    Anyone rolling Wentz out vs NE?

    Was wondering about this myself, Brissett got dropped in my league and Kyle Allen is available...
  4. Donkey

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    Really interesting. He's got a lot of issues that's for certain.
  5. Donkey

    Zeke and the 6th pick

    Ironically, this is bad news for someone hoping to get him at #6 as that may not be possible now
  6. Donkey

    Melvin Gordon update

    This news is not news.
  7. Donkey

    Diggs vs Cooper

    without the injury for Cooper, would lean slightly to Cooper. with injury, have to go with Diggs
  8. Donkey

    Andrew Luck retired

    this is how things worked out with his injury and his decision. get over it. and you have no clue the extent of his current injury. he could've been rehabbing all year
  9. Donkey

    Thielen or Diggs?

    I'd lean Diggs. Thielen tailed off last year with the new OC.
  10. Donkey

    Andrew Luck's injury

    2nd time in 3 years, what's wrong this guy?
  11. Donkey

    2019 Projections & Rankings

    Garrapolo, Baker and Wentz rankings all seem low
  12. Donkey

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Miles Sanders, Eagles

  13. Donkey

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Devin Singletary, Bills

    Can he be a younger version of McCoy and also have lack of receiving skills? That seems a bit of a contradiction, no?
  14. Donkey

    Potential Keepers for 2019

    In that list, Kupp by a mile.