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  1. Donkey

    C Edwards Helaire

    Maybe a little risky but as RB2 or maybe a flex with all the injuries not many people have a better option I wouldn't think.
  2. Donkey

    Next Years Top 12

    Hard pass.
  3. Donkey

    Aaron Rodgers - COVID/Out Week 9

    There is a large proportional difference between the flu and COVID for both the population as a whole and the under 50 age segment.
  4. Donkey

    Aaron Rodgers - COVID/Out Week 9

    So looked up the stats in your last paragraph, average flu deaths over last 10 years for entire population is 36k/ year. Number of deaths from COVID for people under 50 is ~80K over about a 20 month period. But you're comparing two totally different things an entire population from flu vs. a low risk age group from COVID, flu deaths for people under 50 would be a much smaller number. You're also not accounting for the fact of all the changes in behavior during COVID such as mask wearing and social distancing, closing businesses for a period of time that have mitigated the COVID numbers significantly (even if you don't believe in mask wearing keeping people away from each other is obviously going to mitigate disease transmission).
  5. Donkey

    Waiver picks-how do you FAIRLY do it?

    Yeah that system is pretty awful, so everyone has to set their alarm for 5:45 in the morning?? Any type of first come first serve system blows, FAAB is the fairest and best system A waiver system where there's an order and then you go to the back of the line is not bad if league wants to do something simpler The worst to first not really fairest, it's a bit socialistic but I can see the place for leagues that are more for fun as it keeps everyone involved.
  6. Donkey

    Aaron Rodgers - COVID/Out Week 9

    That doesn't make sense.
  7. Donkey

    Aaron Rodgers - COVID/Out Week 9

    They were told by who?
  8. Donkey

    Aaron Rodgers - COVID/Out Week 9

    That was based on a study back in March, only very uninformed people would think that today.
  9. Donkey

    Aaron Rodgers - COVID/Out Week 9

    Only someone very uninformed would think you can't get COVID once vaccinated, very few people think this.
  10. Donkey

    C Edwards Helaire

    Probably just constipated.
  11. How much can they really change though? Their RBs are average at best
  12. Donkey

    Siemian or Hill? 2QB league

    There's like 3 posts a day on this forum, do we really need to worry about over policing borderline help questions, To the question I would grab Hill if you can, he was the starter last year so seems like that's the direction Saints will go.
  13. Donkey

    Cal Ridley..............OMG

    Without attacking you, I think it will serve you well to try to learn a little bit on this topic, it really isn't a pc thing, this can affect your family and friends or even possibly you one day.
  14. Donkey

    Cal Ridley..............OMG

    This is a very ignorant point of view.
  15. Donkey

    Deshaun Watson a good stash?

    Wonder if you'd have the same reaction if someone shoved their corn in your face.