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    I'd be lying if I didn't say fantasy football.
  1. I'm looking at joining an all IDP league. Kickers and team defenses are welcomed in the the roster. Most of my current leagues include some IDPs but I'm not entirely sure how big the fan base for IDP only is. I played in one last year and really loved the challenge. Was hoping to find a few more this season. Thanks for any help, leads and such.
  2. imay09

    Gordon to be suspended 1 year?

    Hopefully, he can bargain down and only get 8 games instead of a season, which is absurd. Otherwise, he'd be good in a fantasy fishing league, since him and Blackmon will have a lot of time between August and October to be on the water.
  3. imay09

    Stacy, DeSean or EJ

    Thanks, CKlinehe. Always good to gain outside perspective. It's easy to over-think things.
  4. imay09

    Stacy, DeSean or EJ

    Way thinking ahead, but looking for some advice. Last year was my first season in a 2-player keeper league where salary is bumped at a percentage for over $1 and up to $1. I have Jimmy Graham who will be $3.85 with total $24 cap. I got lucky and swiped DeSean Jackson, Zac Stacy and EJ Manuel for all under a $1. I'm thinking I drop Jimmy and am leaning toward DeSean and Stacy but QB play is important in scoring. Got a lot of time to think about it, but any advice is welcomed. Thanks, iMay
  5. imay09

    Who could I get for AP in a dynasty league?

    It sounds like UCT is on track with D.Thomas. That would be huge swing in upside if you can land a young receiver in a thrower's offense for AD this early. You'll look pretty smart two season away if it goes through.