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  1. Looking or 2 replacement owners for a free 8th yr 14-team, IDP league on ESPN. Team 1 has the #1 pick in draft while team 2 has the #2 pick. Offline draft fast approaching. The league has had 7 different league champions since it's inception (nobody has won it more than obce so it's a pretty balanced league). Many of the owners are also in our dynasty baseball league (which has been dominated by 2 teams the last 8 years). The playoffs are like a Match Madness bracket and includes all the teams in the league so the winner has to run the playoff gauntlet. The top scoring team in 2017 finished 8th. The team with the best record in 2017 finished 4th. Winning the league is a challenge (as I said -- a different champion all 7 years) Keep (9) OFF players + (6) DEF players. You may keep (1) PK or P but it counts as an OFF player. --- TEAM ! - #1 over draft pick in 2018 (snake draft) - derelict owner last year so there's a reason why the team was last. Needs player upgrades + active owner who knows how to rebuild - Roster includes: QB Big Ben, Pit / QB Rivers, SD / RB Lynch, Oak / RB Peterson, NO (I know) / WR Crabtree, Oak / WR Lockett,Sea / WR Edleman, NE / TE Olsen, Car / + others LB: LB Whitehead, Det / LB Orr*, Bal / LB Brown, LAC / LB Floyd, Chi / DE Wake, Mia / S Jones, Dal / CB Peters, KC / CB Ramsey, Jax,/ + others TEAM 2 - #2 overall pick in 2018 (snake draft) - was replacement owner last year, not returning in 2018. Needs major IDP upgrades - Roster includes: QB Prescott, Dal / RB Dixon, Bal / RB Bernard, Cin / RB Perkins, NYG / RB Smallwood, Phi / WR Bryant, Dal / WR Fitzgerald, Ari / Te Ebron, Det / WR Brown, Pit / + others LB Miller, Den / LB barron, LAC / LB Hightower, NE / LB Trevethan, Chi / DE Folwer Jr, Jax / CB Hargreaves, TB / CB GJraham, Buf / S Conte, TB / + others --- Anyway, have 2 teams that need skilled owner at rebuilding teams. Would consider trading you my LM team (7th last yr but 3rd most pts scored) and taking one of these teams. Email me at racestatsnet@yahoo.com
  2. captzoom

    #2 Pick in a PPR

    Yes,definitely, right? Luckily, there are a lot of ppl who are high on Ridley. What a train wreck last year! Thx for your comment. (I see that they reset my acct as I only have 4 posts now, 996 more to go)
  3. captzoom

    #2 Pick in a PPR

    Thx. That's the plan for right now. Waiting for other owner to get off from work and accept
  4. captzoom

    Need keeper help(leave a link i'll get yours)

    1. Green 2. Charles - cuz you know Andy Reid will use him as his bell cow 3, Thomas - great value pick 3. Allen - he was good last yr, $13 is good value for a solid WR like him 4. Ball - he was supposed to be the man last year and couldn't cut it. Ppl are really high on him this yr but if you owed him last (I did) then you understand the skepticism on him --- Mine. Thx http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=434278
  5. captzoom

    #2 Pick in a PPR

    So picked Watkins #1 in a PPR/IDP Dynasty League. The #2 pick owner was gonna pick him so gonna trade Watkins for the #2 pick, Eric Reid + Chris Long (sending back 2 players to him) So who do I pick at #2? (thinking Evans or Sankey) (Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE,1 Flex) I have: Roethlisberger (who I can't stand) Martin, Ridley, MJD Colston, James Jones, Tavon Austin --- I would go Sankey but am weak at WR. Any ideas would be great! Leave a link. WHIR