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    TNF Discussion: Lions at Chiefs - Wk1

    Jerrick Mck smash spot?
  2. rowdystylz1

    Weather Affecting your Start/Sits?

    Currently am sitting Kirk and Zay (diff leagues). Goodwin in 1 league and either Goodwin/Pittman in other league will replace them. Weather is obvi a factor but not as much as what the Jets defense has done this season.
  3. rowdystylz1

    Hopkins Ayuik or Goodwin (SEA)

    Hearing all Sea skill players should play. Love Goodwin this week but not sure over Hop or Ayuik. Hmmm Ayuik for me there
  4. rowdystylz1

    Weather Affecting your Start/Sits?

    Happy for any and all weather updates leading up to gametime lol. Thank u
  5. rowdystylz1

    Mixon Walker Swift Stevenson

    Same ^^
  6. rowdystylz1

    Weather Affecting your Start/Sits?

    Hear that. Wilson, Kirk, Zay etc are all affected. May come down to gametime weather conditions.. wind more specifically
  7. rowdystylz1

    Trust Fields this week?

    Those guys are ‘next man up’ guys anyways.. he hasn't had real weapons all year outside of herbert anyways. 100yrd rushing day, easy
  8. rowdystylz1

    Trust Fields this week?

    I wont be sitting Fields regardless or weather or matchup. No shot
  9. rowdystylz1

    Weather Affecting your Start/Sits?

    Yep love that line. I really want shares in this game. Starting Goodwin in 1 for sure and have to talk to my partner but slight chance i roll him out both leagues as a plug and play. KC matchup doesnt get much better. I hate being too cute with moves but sometimes u gotta be stingy. Weather and matchup is king at this stage of the game. Walker shld eat well there too
  10. rowdystylz1

    Weather Affecting your Start/Sits?

    Yes tonights game may be pretty bad. I hate to sit Kirk and Zay (2 diff leagues) but im looking at other alternatives. Jets Def is not ideal either. Leaning toward goodwin vs KC, shld be some scoring juice in that game
  11. rowdystylz1

    Matt Ryan to the bench, Nick Foles to start

    Im not sure yet. Prob will avoid the situation and start Zay Jones over him anyways, even in shitty weather.
  12. rowdystylz1

    For all the marbles

    Standard .5ppr - pick 1 Kirk vs Jets (rain) Goodwin vs KC Standard full ppr - pick 1 Pittman vs LAC Zay Jones vs Jets (rain) As of now im leaning Goodwin and Zay, any thots? Thanks!
  13. rowdystylz1

    Semi Final Line Up Help WR Suck and D Question

    Agree with Goodwin. I may be playing him over Kirk this weekend who currently sits at #10 overall WR in my league. Cant get a better matchup against KC
  14. rowdystylz1

    Semi Final Line Up Help WR Suck and D Question

    WRs are pretty rough but id say DJ and Slayton have the best matchups. The other one is tough but if Burks is cleared i may take a chance there, def more upside than the remaining guys imo
  15. rowdystylz1

    For all the marbles

    I got you
  16. rowdystylz1

    Sit 1

    Hopkins. Easy choice for me
  17. rowdystylz1

    Sprained Shoulder for Jalen Hurts

    Thats my play no doubt. Tough draw vs Dallas but they have let up some points lately and thinking GM doesnt need to do anything spectacular w those weapons around em. Stomach still hurts tho
  18. rowdystylz1

    Sprained Shoulder for Jalen Hurts

    Unreal. #1 overall in both leagues with Hurts in 1 and AJ Brown in both. Minshew @ Dallas Russ Wilson (if cleared) @ LAR Z Wilson vs JAX my only real options on the wire. Shoot me
  19. rowdystylz1

    Jonathan Taylor done for the season

    Ehhh Pierce got hurt and not a ton of confidence in Swift and Foreman. #1 overall but feels like im limping into the semis
  20. rowdystylz1

    Jonathan Taylor done for the season

    .5ppr ill be emptying the wallet on Moss (have RB issues) but i can see Deon being the play in full ppr. Moss seems to have the snap count %
  21. The league i run has a ‘high point wildcard’ that enables a team to advance if there are no ties for the last playoff spot. 12 teams total and 6 make it in. If the first 5 teams are cut and dry (no ties) then the final spot goes to the team with the highest points regardless of record. It definitely keeps teams competitive to the very last game. It usually comes into play once every 3 years or so. Its a great rule altho maddening to any bubble teams that get bumped for a team with a worse record but theres a ‘Price is Right’ feel when the wildcard hits. It works and makes sense. Big $ league and weekly point prizes so all teams have a ‘chance’ til the end.
  22. rowdystylz1

    Ja'Marr Chase Watch - Week 12 / 13

    Dont need him back this week. Just wanna make sure hes back with zero limitations and fire him up for the playoff run. LFG
  23. rowdystylz1

    Curtis Samuel

    I drafted him in both my money leagues (.5pt and full ppr). Hes no longer on either team after i dropped him for T. Burks this week. I am not interested in his weekly numbers or upside. Good gadget player and a decent bye week filler but i didnt see much potential. 9-2 both leagues
  24. rowdystylz1

    D. Swift. The Real Story?

    Maddening but… theres time. Hes the most dynamic player on the roster and has strung together 4 full practices. His juice looks good out there but no clue what the coaches are thinking. No more excuses.
  25. rowdystylz1

    Your worst draft pick ?