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    Keeper Conundrum

    Might be safe to wait on QB since 8 of 12 teams have a QB keeper and only 4 or 5 teams max will be looking for an early QB. Can probably hold off for Newton or one of the others in 5th round or so depending how draft shapes up. Crabtree is interesting since I can likely keep him for many years if he plays high level. Other option would be to take Joique Bell for a 14th round pick. He is going early to mid rounds in mocks I've done but I feel he may be over-rated some. Not sure i would pick bell over Crabtree.
  2. jets1988

    Keeper Conundrum

    12 team PPR league and to keep 2 of the 3. Bernard (sixth round pick), newton (12th round pick), Crabtree (16th round pick). Bernard is a given based on his value but stuck between Newton and Crabtree. Initial thoughts are Newton since Manning, Stafford, Ryan, Luck, Romo, RGIII, Cutler and Wilson are all keepers for other teams. I pick 8th overall so Rogers and Brees will likely be gone as well before I pick. I like Crabtree's value although there are a lot of WR options on SF and they passed the least of any team last year. Newton lost WRs, ankle surgery, and has a terrible O-line so he could slip even further down the QB list and possibly outside top 10 this year. Any help?