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  1. skydiverd

    The Official Week 17 FU Thread: Championship Edition

    Zeke AJ Brown TB Defense against the lowly Jets Swift You'd think with that in my lineup I would have lost. Thank you Amon Ra, Taylor and Sony, for the save! LOL But yeah, those guys above get 1 middle finger. Had I lost they would get both barrels....
  2. skydiverd

    Swift over ? For da Championship!

    Ha Ha, this ended up being a non issue. Although I got a whopping 4.9 from swift vs 4.4 from moore! To think I labored over this for days..... Amon Ra won me the championship. Got me to the dance too with all my injuries. Could go down in (my) history as the most effective 4 week rental player I've ever had..... Got me into the dance and then almost single handedly won me the dance. He may be my first round pick next year! And I am writing his name on all future presidential votes I cast. Thanks for the input fellas. Enjoy 2022!
  3. skydiverd

    I just wanna thank...

    Amon Ra St. Brown - singlehandedly won me the championship this week, but also helped get me to the dance over the last few weeks - especially after Godwin went down. Rest of my team was sub par in the big game, but St. Browns 31 points gave me just enough juice to win it.
  4. Not sure, I might give the edge to your opponent. Especially if AB is out this week. But that is only on paper. They have to play the game. I think I would remove MVS from your lineup as having 2 packer wR in a game that could easily be lopsided may hurt you. Like above, I would consider Gallup or Berrios. If Jordan Howard is able to play that will hurt Boston Scott. Sure you want to roll with trey lance? That is a high risk/reward move. Although if you are outgunned by just a bit, that may be your best move.
  5. skydiverd

    Colts or cowboys defence this week ?

    I like the cowboys. On top of them playing great, AZ has also been playing not so great. That sounds like a winning combo to me. Indy may have the safer floor, but I think the Cowboys have the higher ceiling albeit a more risky play.
  6. skydiverd

    Swift over ? For da Championship!

    I put swift in, and have DJ on the pine. I don't feel very good having 2 lions in the big game, LOL. But they have both been good. Here's to hoping they can score a few TD's against Seattle.....
  7. skydiverd

    Can't believe I'm asking.....

    That is a gut wrencher. I think I would still go with Jefferson. If anything he should light it up in garbage time. Talent wise I just can't put him on the bench. If he goes off while on your bench you will be sick to your stomach.....
  8. Thanks for answering mine. I think I agree with the sentiment here to use McLaurin. He is their WR1 and should garner the most targets. The other guys could blow up or could have 1 catch. I tend to go with the higher floor when money is on the line.
  9. skydiverd

    Start A.J. Brown or Antonio Brown?

    AJB is a target share machine. Brady spreads the ball around. AB could get a large amount of targets, or he could not. AJ will get the targets, just a matter if they are catchable or not. I'd still go with AJB.
  10. skydiverd

    Need a Flex choose 1 please

    I have a similar dilemma with Swift coming back. I honestly don't know what to tell ya as I posted a very similar question LOL. Reading the replies here though sounds like I need to get Swift into my lineup somehow.
  11. skydiverd

    Pick 2 RBs. For the Big Win

    I would go with Jones for sure. I also like Monty this week over Sony, and I have Sony on my team. LOL I could also see Williams doing well in that game against cincy. But I still think I'd go Monty and Jones.
  12. This is it, in the big dance. Half PPR. 2 flex positions, we did away with kickers... RB's: Taylor, Zeke, Sony, Swift WR's: AJ Brown, Amon Ra St. Brown, DJ Moore 2 RB's , 2WR's and 2 Flex I currently have: Taylor, Zeke, Sony and AJ, Amon Ra, DJ Moore as my six. So, I have used Swift from day one, a main reason I am in the big game, that and rolling the dice on AJB last week coming off the injury Looks like Swift may play - so do I plug him in? If so, who do I remove? This is a tough decision for me, I am tempted to leave him on the bench and go with what I got. But when he plays he is a home run hitter. Question becomes, how much does he play? If i do plug him in, do I still leave Amon Ra in? Start 2 Lions in the Championship? Yikes! What say you?
  13. skydiverd

    What do you need Wk 9 MNF?

    Herbert to score less than 14 in half ppr, and for my beloved Bear to still figure out a way to win the game. Would be nice to see signs of life for Arob, but not getting my hopes up. He's been chilling on my bench for many weeks...
  14. skydiverd

    The Official Week 9 FU Thread

    Pretty much my entire team underperformed, so a big FU to all of them: Stafford Zeke Henderson AJ Brown DJ moore Ain'ts D (D Schultz and J Crowder did as expected) (Swift and Godwin on bye) If it wasn't for Jonathan Taylor, I would have put up the lowest score in the entire league to date. I also still have a chance to get an ugly win, as long as K. Herbert scores less than 14 in half PPR tonight. I'm a Bears fan but will be rooting for Pittsburgh to crush them tonight! Most likely what will happen though, is Herbert scores 14.5, and the bears still lose.
  15. skydiverd

    What you need MNF - if you need that is

    I need Mahomes to score less the 63 points. (4 pts per TD). I like my chances