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  1. Hail Murray

    who to start this week

    Golden and Sanders
  2. Hail Murray

    Sit or Start Question. 2 Choices to make

    I think its a good move. I just picked up Sankey off the WW and have the same situation. Going Ben and Robinson
  3. Hail Murray

    Flex help!

    Tough one. Allen has jets so Chargers will probably throw a lot. Rivers seems to spread the targets around. Ellington will get a few carries and passes and id guess with Stanton at QB they might rely on him a bit more. Ellington will see the ball more with carries and receptions. Id go Ellington
  4. Hail Murray


    Sorry double post
  5. Hail Murray

    Lineup help

    Ertz or Kelce? -Don't really like kelce's matchup but Ertz is hit or miss Sankey or Mckinnon? Not sure who to take a shot at here. PPR league. Thanks in advance. Leave a link and I will help you.
  6. Hail Murray

    Trade Fred Jackson and cam for cutler? Will answer yours

    I guess if you need short term help I would do it. Think Cam will get better. Overall though I would agree with what 49er Gold said
  7. Hail Murray

    Sit or Start Question. 2 Choices to make

    I'm starting Ben over foles as of now on my team and I would probably go Robinson over Sankey. Robinsons getting carries. I know Titans say Sankey is going to get more work but id rather see it first myself. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=438058
  8. Hail Murray

    Do I pick up a new Defense?

    I'd keep NE. Having said that I'm not to keen on them this week. If you're thinking of keeping two D's I'd drop CHI for GB for this week.
  9. Hail Murray

    Add Knowshon?

    Thanks my rbs are charles, spiller,K.Davis, F.jax, and p.thomas. I guess it would be between vereen and thomas
  10. Hail Murray

    Add Knowshon?

    Just noticed someone had dropped Knowshon. Last I heard he is expected back week 6 after bye. Is Lamar Miller taking his job? Good move to pick him up? I would probably drop Vereen for him. (non-PPR) so no big risk. Good move to pick him up? Thanks in advance for any thoughts. Will help you out as well. Thanks
  11. Hail Murray

    Week 5 Breakout Player

    George Winn
  12. Hail Murray

    WR help

    PPR League. I am Starting K.Allen, K.Benjamin and B. Cooks at flex as of now. Djax and C.Patterson are on my bench. Assuming Jackson plays should I put him in and if so who should I bench? Cousins is my QB. Don't really like putting a lot of my eggs in the Thursday night basket but seeing what Ryan/Jones did maybe im wrong. Any help would be appreciated and I will help you as best as I can.Thanks
  13. I have both guys as well but I have J. Charles/K.Davis as well so i'm going KC Rb and Spiller but might flex Jackson. I don't feel that comfortable doing it but don't think its a stupid play to play both.
  14. Hail Murray

    Lions D - this years 2013 KC DEF?

    Sucks losing Tulloch but Levy is a stud and Tahir Whitehead had a solid camp/preseason. Should get Van Noy in the mix in week 9 or something like that. Austin is doing so much with so so very little in the secondary
  15. Hail Murray

    Drop MJD for D.Brown?

    10 team PPR I have Charles, Sproles, C.Johnson, K. Robinson and MJD. Should I drop MJD or another one of my RBs for D.Brown? Im 1-2 and have no clue what to do with Charles on MNF ( guy who as davis and vereen asking way to much in trade, trying for ridley). As of now im starting Sproles and Robinson but feel like Brown would be a better play this week than either. Should I cut bait with CJ or MJD? Thanks in advance for any comments leave a link and I will do my best to help. Thanks!
  16. Hail Murray

    Drop MJD for D.Brown?

    I know I should have drafted Knile but I didn't and Knile went off waivers before I had a chance to snag him so I got Robinson instead. Looking like Charles will play Monday Night but still make me nervous without a fall back. Hopefully there will be more definitive news before Sunday Night.
  17. Hail Murray

    Doug Martin for Sproles Leave your Link

    Personally I have a hard time trusting Martin and that whole Tampa situation. Not to say Sproles is reliable or anything, but I think Kelly wont just stop using him. On paper and value wise it would make since but If it were me I would keep Sproles or package him for someone better. Just my thoughts http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=437588
  18. Hail Murray

    What's the deal with Jeremy Ross

    If your league counts return yards he would be a decent pick up as he is really there for his return abilities. He is like 3rd/4th WR in Detroit, maybe had 6 or 7 targets so far and they will run a reverse with him now and then. I could see him having one maybe two big games this year but nothing consistent unless Megatron or Tate go down. In a big league like yours might be worth it.
  19. Hail Murray

    Is this trade Fair?

    10 team PPR Team A gets AJ Green J. Charles and Broncos D Team B gets Djax, K. Benjamin, Vereen and Ellington Thanks in advance for any comments
  20. Hail Murray

    Is this trade Fair?

    Thanks I thought it was good. I am the commish of the league and a couple guys were complaining about it. Not sure what side id rather have. Team B is decimated by byes and injuries but I don't think I could give up green and charles
  21. Hail Murray

    I'll try and help this morning...ask away!

    Cooks or patterson in ppr? Ellington or p.thomas also ppr?
  22. Hail Murray

    PPR Maclin vs Wash or Wayne vs Jags

    I fought the urge and benched vjax for cooks.
  23. Hail Murray

    PPR Maclin vs Wash or Wayne vs Jags

    Tough one here. I'd go Wayne but it's close.
  24. Hail Murray

    PPR RB2

    P.Thomas or Ellington?
  25. Pretty crazy if he plays. Wonder if it was a misdiagnosis. Cant imagine, even if a mild sprain, the Chiefs playing him. What if he does play and you have Charles and Davis? Who do you play? or do you look elsewhere?