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    F.U. Week Cinco

    Yeah, I'm just going to reiterate... Hopkins... great 1st round pick Evans... WTF??? OJ ... I can't believe I'm going to probably have to drop you.. Luckily I had Aaron Jones to make up for OJ/Hopkins... My team with Evans... well he had Watson and CMAC, so I guess your goose egg didn't really matter, but FFS Arians
  2. libertynugget

    Who do you regret drafting so far?

    OJ Howard and Mixon... both drafted in the first 5 rounds... both busting... oh well, gotta hold them for a little while to see... Luckily I'm still 2-0
  3. libertynugget

    Week 2 FU

    FU Falcons defense... I mean there is one healthy WR (playing against me) and you let him run right by you in 'prevent defense'... Y'all hire the university of Tennessee DC or something? One healthy receiver?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? no need to cover him or anything.
  4. libertynugget

    Week 2 FU

    I thought i was in good shape in my dynasty league... traded Hunter Henry for OJ Howard to someone deep on TEs after his IR (couldn't believe he traded that). Henry gets hurt and out 6 weeks... trade is looking good... Henry still has more points than Howard in only 1 game vs 2... Might have more over his absence with ZERO FRACKING TARGETS... FML... I got Howard in several leagues....
  5. libertynugget

    Buccaneers at Panthers: In-Game Discussion

    Thursday Night Curse strikes again!!! Starting so many players... all of them sucking... CMC, Howard, Evans.... I hate TNF
  6. libertynugget

    Baker Mayfield

    The UGA player telling him to humble himself during the 2017 Rose Bowl keeps playing in my head....
  7. libertynugget

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    F me for believing the hype about San Fran/TB offensive games... Winston quilting my 9 points while Lamar is makin it rain point on my bench
  8. libertynugget


    Vance Mcdonald is going to reap more rewards from AB leaving that Waller will... Big Ben vs Derek Carr sprinkled with a little "We ran a play just like that when I was at Tampa Bay called the 'Pig dance and Poke'" HC seems to make that clear to me. Oakland will be a dumpster fire yet again. Maybe Vegas will fix them.
  9. libertynugget

    Packers at Bears - In-Game Discussion

    I'm just glad they all had fun and no one got hurt (and that I didn't start Miller in the Flex).
  10. libertynugget

    Shall we kick off the Week 1 overreaction thread?

    I think I saw Anthony Miller once... I guess the 'hype train' he was riding was behind schedule.
  11. libertynugget

    **Official 2018 championship week thread**

    Why did I start Brate???? Shouldve known better
  12. libertynugget

    Championship Game Help

    what he said
  13. I'd grab jamaal williams now and wait to see. Gurley banged up and I don't see the incentive of the Rams to play him when there isn't much to play for... They've locked up their division and the Saints have a tie breaker on them with a Cam-less Carolina left to go on their schedule... I wouldn't be shocked if they rest him for the playoffs. Looks like you have an uphill battle... good luck.
  14. libertynugget

    QB ? Again - Title Time

    I think I'm rolling with mayfield for the big game. I have Cam (I'm sure he's done) and Rivers against Baltimore... Cleveland is still in the race and needs to play well.... In your case, I wouldn't go with Lamar against LAC... I think they'll key in on the run. Goff has no incentive to play lights out, I'm sure it will be a steady diet of Gurley against a crap defense.... I'd go with Shake n Bake....
  15. libertynugget

    Brees or Luck?

    Well they both busted so at least there is no regret. This year can ebod
  16. libertynugget

    Saints at Panthers: In-Game Discussion

    CMac was the best QB on the field... I have no idea what the Fock that was I just watched
  17. libertynugget

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    Looks like Derek Henry will go first round next year... Man, this year has been stupid and has pretty much made FF the equivalent of buying a lotto ticket.
  18. libertynugget

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    Yeah, Brate and K. Still are pitching me goose eggs and have 1 target a piece.. NICE!
  19. libertynugget

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    Washington give out like 26 points per game to RBs... Fournette has 2.1 ypc... Kessler has like 11 ypc... Nice....
  20. libertynugget

    TY Hilton: No practice for him Friday

    (Rotoworld) T.Y. Hilton (ankle) is active for Week 15 against the Cowboys. Analysis: Hilton missed every practice this week but is a veteran and doesn't need to be on the practice field to play on Sundays. Still, at less than 100 percent, Hilton is obviously a risky DFS play; he's a lock for season-long lineups. so risky, but he's been my WR horse
  21. libertynugget

    TY Hilton: No practice for him Friday

    might be the best news of the day! thanks!!!!!
  22. libertynugget

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    Not sure it was a no brainer as he was going top 2 in just about every league and he pulled the shenanigans the year before... My real sin was not getting his handcuff... but lesson learned... So far I got no FUs for week 15. Hill falling on his face helped me... Wasn't expecting Robby Anderson to have such a good game against Houston, but oh well.
  23. libertynugget

    TY Hilton: No practice for him Friday

    Please Please Please start get get one of your 200 yard games... He's my #1 WR and I'm going against Luck.
  24. libertynugget

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    Hell, I'm still pissed at Leveon Bell for my #2 overall... FU Bell, I got 7th place and missed the playoffs thank to your sorry arse! (hows that for staying with a grudge?)
  25. libertynugget

    Wondering if anyone had the Fantasy Trifecta this week

    My assumption is if anyone started Henry, it was either in a really deep league that lets you start 6 RBs, or you're like that annoying office mate that somehow wins the NCAA bracket even though you've watched one basketball game in your life.