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  1. Short term TE (next few weeks) while Jimmy Graham recovers
  2. Koin

    Trade E.Saunders for B.Tate?

    I dont think so
  3. McCoy is definitely gonna get better if you can buy low (like your current trade) I'd pull the trigger
  4. Koin

    TE Help (will answer yours)

    I'd do witten, give wright another week to make sure hes legit first
  5. Koin

    SHould I drop Ridley

    Hold on to ridley
  6. Koin

    WR advice week 6

    I might drop Crowell for sanu
  7. Koin

    Wk.6 WR Help (will answer back)

    I think Harvin and Crabtree
  8. Koin

    Trade thoughts. Will see yours

    RB - Murray, Williams WR - Thomas, White, Harvin I think i'd take the trade... Gio is doing fantastic and Kaepernick > Foles anyway http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=438686
  9. Koin

    quick or allen?

    quick for days
  10. Koin

    Week 6 RB/Flex help (I'll answer yours)

    Ridley and CPatt... I have hillman too but I want to give it a week to see what he can do.
  11. Koin

    Rest of season defense

    Stream your defenses
  12. Koin

    Post your sob stories here

    Week 2 I traded away Philip Rivers (before anyone knew he'd be good) for Mark Ingram who proceeded to get hurt later that week. Generally made shitty decisions in who to start/sit (sat Knile Davis both weeks he went off and Rashad Jennings in his 20+ point week) Had to trade away Randall Cobb, my only good wr, for a half decent qb in Matt Stafford Just last week Jimmy and Jennings both get injured leaving me with Stafford at QB and LeVeon at RB being my only 2 good active players
  13. Need a new wr2 to replace him On waivers we got: Golden Tate Markus Wheaton Kendall Wright Torrey Smith Malcom Floyd Is it worth picking any of these guys up?