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  1. SAA

    Defense week 16

    Jets or Dallas DST?
  2. SAA

    Any in season trades going on?

    I traded Kareem Hunt and Julian Eddleman for Michael Thomas in a .5 ppr 10 team Keeper League
  3. SAA

    Taylor vs Mack

    You should feel really good about having Taylor as your 4th RB. However, I would play Drake over him this week as you see how things play out in Indi.
  4. SAA

    Dalvin Cook, gets paid

    This pleases me as they are both on my roster. Kamara as my Keeper and Cook as my #1 pick.
  5. The Chargers have 3 DT tackles out today! including their 2 starters. They were not good against the run to begin with. I'm considering the crazy, playing Monty over Jacobs.
  6. SAA

    Wind Concerns - Week 8

    I have the same decision to make. I did hear a stat today that Winston has a very good track record coming off a bye. Something like 6 of the 7 games scoring over 22 points or something like that. Dammit! Want to play Allen.
  7. SAA

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    1989 Warren Moon Scoring was TDs only, based on length of TD. 1 pt for every 10 yards. In other words, 1x 5o yard TD weighed the same as 5x 1 yard TDs= 5 pts. Long TD scorers highly valued- Tyreek Hill would be great in that league. I can't imagine anyone plays in such a league today. Kickers were the safest and often highest scorers every week. Can't remember how they scored. Weird scoring system. Had to wait until Monday to view the box score in the paper to see the stats and figure out the scores by hand.
  8. I have Waller, other WRs : OBJ, Shuster, Kupp, Cooks (Ridley) He is weak TE From my standpoint, should I make this offer? (note: Cooks, Kupp and Ridley all have a bye week 9; Hopefully Adams back by then)
  9. I have Waller (or should I offer Waller instead; his bye is over) Winston as other QB
  10. Fournette. Engram or OJ Howard. Got Carson and Jacobs instead at the targeted round of the others.
  11. SAA

    Josh Gordon Reinstated

    Sorry, I meant Watkins!
  12. $10 million for Gordon is very fair. The Chargers can't spend more, lest they risk losing Bosa, Rivers and several other big names next year. Need to plan ahead, which factors into this year's contracts.
  13. SAA

    Josh Gordon Reinstated

    No way! I just put him one spot in front of Watson 5 minutes ago! I feel validated!
  14. SAA

    Kalen Ballage Time

    That's what I am looking for in this thread! Speculative Keeper for 5th round next year in 10 team league? Wont know this answer until next August/September, I suspect. But need to get him on roster now to have the option available.
  15. SAA

    Fournette value?

    Good trade.