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  1. Minister of Pain

    Deboo Samuel

    I would hold. You won’t get value. He had 8 targets and a carry this past week and played 89% of the snaps. Assuming he gets average QB play he still has more upside than Jeudy or M Williams.
  2. Minister of Pain

    Diontae Johnson or Michael Gallup?

    1/2 PPR Dynasty League Do you like Diontae Johnson or Gallup better? I have Gallup and was offered Diontae, and I am leaning towards taking it because I also own Amari Cooper.
  3. Minister of Pain

    No love for Damien Harris?

    No worries, I’m just offering a different perspective, because I think most people share your opinion regarding Pats RBs. I just thought it was interesting when I looked at numbers and realized just how many touches RBs were getting in that role in New England. I looked again and I think my ranks for Michel must have been standard and not half PPR scoring. But he also only played 13 games in ‘18. It’s quite possible that Harris doesn’t pan out, but I like him quite a bit better, especially in dynasty leagues, than other players in similar spots like D’Earnest Johnson and Justin Jackson.
  4. Minister of Pain

    No love for Damien Harris?

    Harris was inactive most of last year, but he wasn’t injured. This year he was drawing rave reviews in camp and broke his pinky. Nothing that suggests he is injury prone. You said “when can anyone count on starting a Pats rb as an RB2 or even a flex play” My point is that it has literally happened the last 4 years. Michel, Lewis, and Blount all produced low end RB2 seasons at worst. Easily making them weekly flex plays those seasons. Any player you have at flex is going to have good weeks and bad weeks. Patriots use RBBC, but they also consistently give a back other than White 200+ touches a season. I don’t think Sony Michel, Dion Lewis, or LaGarette Blount is a high bar for Harris to pass from a talent perspective. Saying he is potentially better than those guys isn’t saying much. Harris will have the opportunity to fill a role that has proven to return RB2 value the last 4 years.
  5. Minister of Pain

    No love for Damien Harris?

    The past 4 season a Patriot RB (that isn’t James White) has gotten 200+ touches and finished in the top 25 RBs (half PPR RB rank) 2019-Sony Michel (25) 2018-Sony Michel (25) 2017- Dion Lewis (12) 2016- LaGarett Blount (9) I think Michel just isn’t that good or and can’t stay healthy. Damien Harris definitely has the potential to be better than Michel, Lewis, or Blount.
  6. Minister of Pain

    ++ UPDATE: Giovani Bernard Hip Injury - Out Week 9

    ^ This Gio has 16 carries inside the 10 and THREE 1-yard TDs Hill has 9 carries inside the 10 and ONE 1-yard TD If Hill has "a lot of goal line carries lowering his possible YPC" then Gio has an even bigger issue with this. Nice try!
  7. Minister of Pain

    Anyone buying Fisher's comment about Zac Stacy?

    MOP= Minister of Pain FBG= ? I'm having trouble translating. Haha
  8. Minister of Pain

    Anyone buying Fisher's comment about Zac Stacy?

    That's the thing... The Rams with the exception of week 1, HAVEN'T been playing from behind. In games against the Cowboys, Eagles, 49ers, and Seahawks (4 of the better teams in the NFC) they didn't have to give up on the run. In three of those 4 games they LED for most of the first half.
  9. Minister of Pain

    Anyone buying Fisher's comment about Zac Stacy?

    His longest carries was only 28 yards not 35. But the bigger point is why does it matter? Do you know how many runs over 20 yards Stacy has this year? ZERO in 61 carries. Mason had TWO runs over 20 yards in only 23 carries. How is this a knock on Mason? If Zac Stacy was busting off 25+ yard runs he might have gotten more carries last week or he might actually get the mythical 25 carries that Fisher is coach-speaking about.
  10. Minister of Pain

    Anyone buying Fisher's comment about Zac Stacy?

    I am not buying it for one second. Here is why... Mason is averaging 5.4 yards per carry to Stacy's 3.9 and Cunningham's 3.8 Mason has 2 runs longer than 20 yards on 23 carries. Stacy and Cunningham COMBINED have 0 runs longer than 20 yards on 97 carries. And mind you that all of Mason's carries have come against SF and SEA. Lots of people are worried about "game flow" affecting the St. Louis running game. St. Louis RBs have combined over 20 carries in every game except for week 1 against Minnesota. St. Louis has had rushing TDs in 3 straight weeks. People can worry about RBBC and schedule, but I think based on Mason's talent, and the fact the St. Louis hasn't been blown out with the exception of week 1 (a game in which Shaun Hill started, and an unprepared Austin Davis came in) that Mason's number could resemble Stacy's from the second half of last year (800 total yards 6-7 TD) over a 9 game span. Unless Mason has a severe case of fumblitis I think you could expect very solid RB2 numbers ROS. People dismissing Tre Mason either: 1) Have only looked at box scores, and believe Jeff Fisher's "coach speak" 2) Own Zac Stacy 3) Missed out on Mason on the WW The video and stats (which admittedly are a small sample size) back up Tre Mason.