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  1. It's been a crazy World Cup this year. Germany, Belgium and Denmark all going home early.
  2. Not sure if this is a strange coincidence or not.
  3. Hawkeye21

    Antonio Brown lost it

  4. The media spends a ton of money on analytics and they know exactly what gets more viewers. They know exactly what they are doing.
  5. No, I mean general public. The media may be biased but they also show what gets the most attention. They want more viewers so they are going to give the public what they want.
  6. That's what the general public pays attention to though. It's a society issue.
  7. There's just something about unsolved murders and crimes. Something about trying to solve a puzzle I guess.
  8. It's been confirmed that two of the girls were in bed together when they were murdered.
  9. Hawkeye21

    30 Cents Off Gas Or Free Ham ?

    My dad gets me one every Christmas. I made one over Thanksgiving and it was awesome.
  10. I was talking to Raven Fan too. You're just as bad.
  11. Hawkeye21

    30 Cents Off Gas Or Free Ham ?

    Depends on the ham for me. A good ham fillet can be $60. Getting .30 off on gas save a max of about $10.
  12. I was hoping the thread would stick with the actual murder.
  13. I'm surprised there were no witnesses, security cameras or dashcams that caught it on video.
  14. What exactly is the point you two are trying to make? Do you have a point or are you just trying to derail another thread?
  15. I was surprised when he posted it and knew it would ruffle a lot of feathers. He explained why though. He said it's better to vote republican in order to keep it being too lopsided by democrats. It's better to even it out in order to keep both sides in check, basically.
  16. I'm interested in the unsolved mystery of a murder at a small university. Chicago has a major crime issue just like a lot of other cities. One is very common and one is not.
  17. I didn't have a problem with it. I was just clarifying what he said. Musk can say whatever he wants.
  18. Why post this? It adds absolutely nothing to the topic of the murders in Idaho.
  19. Hope not. Sick of the political crap that gets tagged with some of these murders.
  20. Musk actually told people on Twitter that everyone should vote Republican, not that he was voting Republican.
  21. Yes. The shirt you were talking about. It didn't have anything on the front but had the team logo on the back.