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  1. football is life

    Favorite FF site recommendation needed

    I like... don't love... but like NFL. It's decent and free.
  2. football is life

    Dennis Green dead at age 67

    R.I.P. Always liked his fire and passion at a position that really needs that level of energy. Great coach.
  3. football is life

    Levon Bell Missed Drug Test-4 Games?

    Bell is overrated, and this is just the first chip to fall. I really like DeAngelo Williams just as I did last year. All the same reasons are in place. I also agree with all the points made here in this article about Bell being a bust: http://www.footballdocs.com/fantasy_football_busts.html The post was made before the news of the suspension, and I didn't realize the injury flag on Bell. I wouldn't touch Bell before the 3rd round... if that. Plenty of other high quality picks to be had.
  4. football is life

    Have you played in a league that you only have to start 1 RB?

    Yes I have... better put all resources on getting that stud RB at all expense!!
  5. football is life

    Its my money

    Looks OK except for picks 2 and 3 IMO. That gave me indigestion. Your RB situation is shaky at best. Best to try to do something about that. And then you didn't handcuff DMAC after you invested a very high #2 pick on Randle, who may not even be the guy. Once you went #2 on Randle, you had to go with DMAC cause you spent so much to get Randle. Now you have left a back door open to your primary RB... your secondary RB is... a Raider. And that was the position you handcuffed with Helu, whose career is on life support. Maybe this is all moot since you have Brown and a PPR. For your $100 bucks sake, hopefully..
  6. football is life

    2015 Fantasy Football Bust (!).. yet Sleeper (?)... TB WR Mike Evans

    Problem with that weepaws is that by the time you wait to see what happens on the field... it's too late and ASJ (or any other player showing good production) is already on someone else's roster and not available. The trick is picking those players BEFORE they show it on the field. That's why time spent on the FFToday board is very important, as well as time reading the content on FFToday.
  7. football is life

    6pt PASS TD

    Completely agree, although it can give a slight increase in QB value. I generally lean a little more to getting a good TD QB earlier than I would otherwise. If somebody that can toss ~40+ TDs falls to me (other than 1st round), I generally grab him and then work to backfill the rest of my roster.
  8. football is life

    2015 Fantasy Football Bust (!).. yet Sleeper (?)... TB WR Mike Evans

    Flgatorguy87, Bob_Sanders33, and BufordT: I agree. Evans is a little confusing as the hype out there is pretty high. We've had players in the past land a big TD year, and the next season fall on their face because they had nothing really else to comeback to (again receptions and yards). James Jones comes to mind when playing with the Packers. Given the hype, there is no way Evans "slides" in any draft. It's just not going to happen. It's just confusing because he is holding (and at one point growing) in his average draft value. I tried to paste the graph from fantasyfootballcalculator but couldn't make it happen. Here's the link and just check the box to the right of Evans name to see his ADP as a function of time: https://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/adp.php?format=standard&year=2015&teams=10&view=graph&pos=all For those that don't feel like doing all of that, basically it's fluctuating between 3.04 and 3.05 (12 team league) based on ~700 mock drafts.
  9. football is life

    Guys you are targeting and sleepers.

    I liked Blount until the Pats said he showed up to camp overweight and out of shape. I'm keeping an eye on the TE situation in Denver. Manning has a long history of making TEs post good years out of no where. Dallas Clark comes to mind at INDY. Obviously Thomas while in Denver too. Now that he is gone, someone else is going to step up.
  10. I've done a lot of reading, and I can't decide if the pro-Mike Evans talk is real or not. It does NOT seem to be coming from fantasy football rookies who do not know better, but it could be savvy veterans just trying to pump him up so another player they really want falls to them in their draft. I have a hard time going for a guy whose previous season success was based on TDs alone. Reduce the TDs, and you've got a 68 reception WR with barely a 1,000 yards. TDs are volatile. Now you've got a rookie QB in the mix. Receptions and yards are a much better indicator of success. If the TDs come with it, then you've got a super star on your hands, but I don't bank on TDs alone. So I did a search, and I stumbled on this. I tend to agree with many of the points made about Evans being a bust in 2015: http://www.footballdocs.com/fantasy_football_busts.html Here's the counterpoint saying Mike Evans is a sleeper in 2015: http://sportsmind11.sportsblog.com/posts/2471544/early-fantasy-sleepers-for-the-2015-16-season.html I have a hard time buying the sleeper angle, but I differ to the board for thoughts. Would like to see both pro-Evans and anti-Evans takes. Should be fun. Discuss.
  11. football is life

    Antonion Brown with 3rd Pick in PPR?

    PPR?? - YES!!!
  12. football is life

    Le'veon Bell suspension reduced to 2 games

    It's really hard to not like Bell. That guy does it all, and he is a monster. I'll spend the early pick on him and wait 2 weeks to get him. The reduction is a gift. I get excited just looking at his stats from last year: http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/B/BellLe00.htm
  13. football is life

    Anyone else all aboard the Alshon train?

    I like Alshon... A LOT. Ever since Brandon Marshall taught him how to condition and train in the offseason, he has been a stud. Now that Marshall is gone, Alshon is THE man.
  14. football is life

    Arizona at New Orleans

    Man, this feels good having football back. WE MADE IT!!!
  15. football is life

    Who is a DND for you this year?

    That's a good list, but I am not quite ready to write off Green-Ellis so quickly. LOL on the comment on Best BTW.