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    NFL Draft Contest

    I like my chances. 4 out of 5 bonus questions and only 1 total miss in the top 10 (Andre Dillard). Interested to see if anyone did better. Most of the top 10 went by the book so maybe others did better? Nobody guessed the Raiders’ tomfoolery. Picks For JohnnyPowerhead: 1. QB Kyler Murray 2. DL Nick Bosa 3. DL Quinnen Williams 4. DL Ed Oliver 5. LB Devin White 6. LB Josh Allen 7. OL Jonah Williams 8. TE T.J. Hockenson 9. OL Andre Dillard 10. QB Daniel Jones B1. Team to trade up: HOU B2. Number of QB+RB+WR+TE: 8 B3. ARI draft Murray with No.1 pick: YES B4. NYG select QB in top 2 rounds: YES B5. WR drafted first: Marquise Brown
  2. JohnnyPowerhead

    NFL Draft Contest

    I know right? No Browns drama in the first round will make it a lot harder for me this time.
  3. JohnnyPowerhead

    NFL Draft Contest

    I am gathering my intel for a run at the three-peat!
  4. JohnnyPowerhead

    FFT's NFL Draft Contest - Results Posted

    I do have the unfair advantage of being a Browns fan. We live for this!
  5. JohnnyPowerhead

    FFT's NFL Draft Contest - Results Posted

  6. I've updated the version 1.1 draft buddy. It seems to have the correct QBs and TEs for 2015 (Mariota appears as a rookie, teams are correct, etc). However, the RBs and WRs are from last year. LeShawn McCoy on the Eagles, Bishop Sankey, Terrance West, Sammy Watkins with the circle-R next to their names. I'm using the .xls version. Is there a problem with the RB and WR rankings?