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  1. Shoot me a email @ ai4less@yahoo.com or reply
  2. http://games.espn.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=671298 6th year league needs 4 replacement owners. Shoot me a email: ai4less@yahoo.com Thanks Mike commish
  3. thetruth34

    M.lee or c.kupp?

    I think kupp has a higher floor.... that's how I'm rolling.
  4. Wood head has the highest floor. He going to be good for 8 receptions and about 70 yards on Monday night. Collins is going to struggle vs the Texans run defense, which means more check outs to wood head.
  5. thetruth34

    Trade Hyde to get Funchess?

    0%. Funchess could be bust now with Olsen back.
  6. thetruth34

    Cam or goff

    Cam easy
  7. thetruth34

    M.lee or c.kupp?

    Post yours.
  8. thetruth34

    Week 1 - Screwed

    Wentz Abdullah I have Evans as well and also have cobb and Wright and I went Wright. Cobb or Wright. I'd go Wright.
  9. thetruth34

    Trade gronk for k. Allen and g.olsen?

    I declined the trade and kept gronk f it...
  10. thetruth34

    Trade gronk for k. Allen and g.olsen?

    All his rbs suck on his team.
  11. thetruth34

    Trade gronk for k. Allen and g.olsen?

    I have until tomorrow to accept
  12. thetruth34

    Dez and Gillislee for Odell?

    100% trade