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  1. GornFishin'

    The NFL has jumped the shark....officially....

    I wonder what the score would have been if GB had shown up.
  2. GornFishin'

    Wildcard Weekend: Dolphins at Steelers: In-Game Discussion

    Lol at Jay Feely - kicking 'expert'. "Fellas, these are the kind of conditions where I couldn't hit the side of a barn" Is what he should be saying.
  3. GornFishin'

    Wildcard Weekend: Dolphins at Steelers: In-Game Discussion

    Well, the fun got sucked right out of that series from Bell. Let's have another review.
  4. GornFishin'

    DFS Bargains Week 1 of the playoffs?

    Lol at Brown double teamed. Hes not being covered at all.
  5. GornFishin'

    Wildcard Weekend - Lions at Seahawks: In-Game Discussion

    This 4 hours of commercials has been very intermittently interrupted by a football game.
  6. GornFishin'

    Wildcard Weekend - Raiders at Texans: In-Game Discussion

    Raiders looking like Raiders of old - as in 2003-2014.
  7. GornFishin'

    Chargers announce the firing of Mike McCoy

    Chargers have about 400 guys on IR and are rewriting the history books in terms of sustaining injuries, but McCoy is as vanilla as they come and would find ways to lose if he coached the Harlem Globetrotters. He found ways to lose something like NINE games this season by a score or less. He's timid, unimaginative, and just not inspiring to the players. He saves it all for his broken record performance post game of his Keep Fighting speech. Hell, when he claimed arrogantly that he would be head coaching somewhere next season, it was a too little too late demonstration that he owns a pair of testicles. Telesco is no wonderkid either. He needs to stop finding fragile turnstiles instead of offensive linemen.
  8. GornFishin'

    Pacman Jones arrested

    Since the Faders are still, briefly, alive, we probably need to wait until starting to tally up their offseason arrests.
  9. GornFishin'

    Stupid Week 17 Championships

    I'm ok with winning in Week 17 Thank you Edelman, Freeman, Ingram, Vikings D and Thielen for week 16.
  10. GornFishin'

    Chargers announce the firing of Mike McCoy

    Completely unsurprising. And deserved. Nothing to do with loyalty or fanbase or LA.
  11. GornFishin'

    Keenan Allen v Brandon Marshall

    I declare Keenan Allen the winner based on his great first half in Week 1. Marshall gave you a whole season of underwhelming. "No Risk" Marshall? Yeah, right.
  12. GornFishin'

    Bloody hell, Goodell!

    Should be in jail. And not for a week. DUI (multiple), Hit and run. Bomb threats. Vandalism. Illegal weapons possession All for which he was underpunished because he plays football. Whoop de do. And probably a litany of other issues not reported or brushed under the carpet. Goodell is exactly right to keep him out of the NFL. Weird how you clowns want the key thrown away if a normal dude does these things, but when an "athlete" does it, you are suddenly all about rehabilitation and forgiveness.
  13. GornFishin'

    DFS Week 17

    OTTOMH QB - Stafford? RB - Gilliislee, J Rodgers, Ingram.. WR - S, Smith. E Rogers, LaFell? TE - Ebron? are some guys who should be playing like it matters.
  14. GornFishin'

    Stupid Week 17 Championships

    Unusually tricky this year with what, 3 games that matter. I'm ok with them. In 2 finals and will probably split them. Longer reg seasons are coming. 18 games, 2 byes, less preseason.
  15. GornFishin'

    Did anybody start Thielen in their playoff games?

    Left him in last minute when Cobb was ruled out. Got me 60.35 points in a PPR league with big yardage bonuses.