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  1. I'm considering rostering Chris Thompson (who was recently dropped in our ppr eague). Looking at him for depth and possible flex play when needed. I'd drop Mike Williams for him. Do it??
  2. Valley

    R. Penny / Gallman?

    I'm not loving my current RB situation: Conner, A. Jones, Michel & M. Gordon. R. Penny & Gallman are there for me this week. Do I sit tight or is it time to do away with Gordon? I'm thinking I should stay put.
  3. Valley

    Brady or Mariota wk 13

    I'm nevous this week. Brady vs. Minn or Mariota vs. Jets? We get Big Play bonus points ..
  4. Valley

    WRs on the Wire (Geronimo / Ryan Grant)

    Good points. Thanks guys!
  5. We're required to roster 5 wideouts. I currently have: K. Allen, JuJu, Hogan, R. Cobb and Funchess. I'm intrigued by both Geronimo Allison and Ryan Grant. I never loved Grant with Washington but he might have found the right spot as WR2 in Indy. Would you suggest holding tight or dropping Funchess for Geronimo or Grant? (ppr)
  6. Right now I have Kenyan Drake and Freeman at RB1 & RB2. I'm planning on playing either Dion Lewis v. Bills or Alex Collins v. Colts at flex (ppr). Both are decent plays, and I know Dion is in line for more touches, but having a hard time slotting him in there over Collins. Who do you guys like?
  7. Valley

    WR Waiver Help (ppr)

    I'm dropping Marqise Lee and Corey Coleman. I have first crack at the waiver wire and am trying to prioritize who I should grab first. Any thoughts? My options are: Martavis Bryant @ Hou Randall Cobb v Minn Keelan Cole @ Niners
  8. Valley

    Choose 3 RBs (ppr)

    Help Please! Kenyan Drake v Pats Devonta Freeman V NO Dion Lewis @ Mia Alex Collins @ Steelers Carlos Hyde @ Hou
  9. I currently have Marqise Lee at WR4 and Willie Snead at WR5 (ppr). Marvin Jones is available. Anyone prefer Jones over the other two? I've kept Snead around and prefer to have him when he finally plays.
  10. Valley

    Cooper Kupp Tonight

    Anyone rolling with C Kupp against the Niners? Don't like the matchup but my other options are iffy at best due to injuries.
  11. Valley

    Tyrell or Sanu

    Who would you rather have (ppr)? Tyrell Williams or Sanu? I like the idea of Sanu being the 2nd option but Tyrell has the home run threat.
  12. Valley

    Champions Check In Here!

    Finished the year with only 5 drafted players on my roster of 18. Luckily Bortles was one of those I grabbed. Congrats everybody!
  13. Valley

    Championship lineup help

    These are all decent choices. Not one of them was on my roster a month ago. (ppr) RBs - need (2) of the following: J. White @ Jets D. Robinson @ NO K. Williams v. Cowboys B. Powell v. Pats Also need to decide on my WR3: K. Aiken v. Pitt Lockett v. Rams One from the above will also need to be slotted at flex.
  14. Valley

    Won Conference Championship on last play

    Gotta love it Beerdewd! That's one you'll be talking about for a long time.
  15. Valley

    Flex Flux

    Yes - ppr