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  1. Man based on matchup my RB's are in prime spots for playoff game Obv like a bunch of peeps out there it is not that easy. PPR League Have to start 2 WR's and 1 RB with a Flex RB's Cook, Mattison (we all know the conundrum there), Penny and Josh Jacobs WR's Nuk, Lockett, Courtland Sutton, Jameson Crowder I originally was going to start Nuk and Sutton and Jacobs and Cook. Do I still do that.
  2. qrkid

    QB Watson or Darnold

    I would go Darnold. I am thinking about Tannehill over Watson but matchup is not as friendly as Darnold has so struggling with pulling trigger.
  3. qrkid

    I'm Calling It: CIN defeats PIT Today

    Both of these teams suck DEAD donkey balls but today CIN notches a win.
  4. qrkid

    QB conondrum

    -6 for int's and -1 for each incompletion. JW only completing 59% and throwing 3 seasons worth of int's I would go Darnold or allen with his running ability.
  5. qrkid

    Bye Wk Pain

    yes it is PPR
  6. qrkid

    Bye Wk Pain

    Play in a super flex league but lose 2 QB's and Top receiver to bye wk. Picked up Tannehill to start at least 1 QB. Pretty certain I am going to start Lockett and Golden Tate as receivers. Who to start in Flex??? Zac Pascal - only receiver left on Colts and playing Miami Tevin Coleman Any thoughts or insight?
  7. qrkid

    Week 10 QB streaming options

    So me going with Tate because Hopkins is on bye might not be the worst idea?
  8. qrkid

    PPR Who to flex

    My receivers are Nuk and Lockett so I think they are set to go. Now that Josh Jacobs is sorta hurt and against Houston I am skeptical about him in my flex. I have Tevin Coleman, Courtland Sutton and John Brown on bench. Of those 4 what are peoples thoughts on who to put in flex?
  9. qrkid

    Flex Help

    I just saw that Waller practiced in full Friday and has no injury designation for Sunday.
  10. qrkid

    Flex help

    PPR league do I start Josh Jacobs, Courtland Sutton or John Brown in my flex?
  11. My running backs are : Delvin Cook Josh Jacobs Ronald Jones Josh Jacobs has a bye this week and Jones has a not so great matchup (not that a good matchup makes him a start down there in Tampa). Someone has offered me Sony Michel for Josh Jacobs. It should be a decent matchup for Sony against the giants this week which helps me in a bye week, but long term would I benefit from this trade?
  12. qrkid

    WR Terry McLaurin Inactive

    Hmmm I have Richardson on my bench. Wonder if I play him as my flex over Josh Jacobs .
  13. qrkid

    wide receiver drama....pick 2 to start

    Melvin Gordon? You think he will see enough work to be viable compared to Thompson against the Giants?
  14. qrkid

    Give up D Hop????

    So I am a total newbie at this. 1st time playing in a fantasy league. 10 man PPR Superflex league I think I know the answer to this but being a beginner I need some input. Trade offer: give Deandre Hopkins receive: Allen Robinson, Larry Fitzgerald, Matt Breida my team: qb’s: Deshaun Watson, Andy Dalton, Kyle Allen RB’s: Dalvin Cook, Josh Jacobs, Miles Sanders, Darrell Williams WR’s: D Hop, Tyler Lockett, Tyrell Williams, Jon Brown, Golden Tate TE: Darren Waller thanks for input
  15. qrkid

    K. Allen VS A. Dalton

    Trying to decide who to go with as 2nd QB in Superflex league. Kyle Allen or Andy Dalton? DeShaun Watson is my #1.