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  1. crash987

    I'm serious....Drop Lamar for Carr ROS?

    Thanks all, I'm standing pat.
  2. Don't laugh, hear me out. 1QB(must roster 2) league. Heavy on QB scoring...6pt TD, 1 pt comp, bonus pts for 20yd comp, 40yd comp, 300+yds, 400+yds, etc, rushing bonus at 100+ yds, 200+yds, etc I have Wentz on my bench but his situation will improve. He and Carr have great matchups ROS. Lamar is painful this season, I'm ready to cut bait and go with Wentz this week. Carr will be scooped up this week before kickoff.
  3. crash987

    Championship hell...WHIR

    Tre'quan out there too. Been good at home.
  4. crash987

    Championship hell...WHIR

    Too many good RBs, not enough WRs. Pick 2RB, 3WR, TE & flex full PPR. Big Ben at QB RB Henry, Cook, Chubb, D.Williams, Fournette(not a chance) WR K.Allen, JuJu, C. Sutton, D. Hamilton, Josh Reynolds, James Washington or WW--Eli Rogers, Adam Humphries, Tim Patrick, not much out there. OBJ out, Allen & JuJu risky at best. TE T Burton, Everett, LaCosse, B Jarwin, J Sprinkle Thanks,WHIR
  5. crash987

    ROS backup QB

    Must carry 2 QBs, start 1. Have Big Ben. When I drafted him, the plan was to stream during his bye and bad matchups if necessary, wk 7 bye, wk 9@ Bal, wk 11@ Jax, 12@DEN, etc. I grabbed Mayfield to wait and see. Winston on the wire. Mayfield has a great stretch after this week. Wk6 LAC, 7@TB, 8@PIT, 9KC, 10ATL, 11bye, 12@Cin My question is, should I roll with Mayfield or pick up the safer backup in Winston? Thanx all.
  6. crash987

    Qb help

    Brady, 20-30mph winds expected in Philly.
  7. crash987

    Rain and 14+MPH winds in Baltimore ..

    Don't like Flacco in this spot. But I like Cutler even less, especially in cold weather. Wind about the same in KC tomorrow. Flacco
  8. crash987

    Big Ben or Nick Foles

    I agree with last post.
  9. crash987

    Jimmy Graham owners, what say you?

    Seems like Wilson always comes out of the snap looking to opposite side of the field from Graham. And Graham is wide open down the seam while he forces the ball to someone else. He was dependable for a stretch but now he is playing "where's Waldo" again. Too TD dependent for full PPR. I lucked out starting him in 2 playoff games. But he's benched for the championship. I was able to get Olsen a few weeks ago so he's the man this week.
  10. crash987

    Rough WR Choice with AB out

    Wallace. Rain not as much of a factor in passing game as wind.
  11. crash987

    Flex help - finals

    I like Davis. But will Wilson try and do it all to redeem himself after that pathetic showing last week?
  12. crash987

    RB Help / Dion or Collins?

    Dion, Buffalo rush defense stinks. Even if Gillislee vultures, Lewis should still have enough touches and possibly breaks a long one.
  13. crash987

    Finals defense

    Eagles at home
  14. crash987

    A Nick Foles HEADS-UP

    It's everybody's own choice what to do about Foles. I just wanted make people aware of a situation that could possibly sink your championship dreams. That's what I like about these forums, reading opinions of actual players. Most of the "experts" all jump on the same wagon and bang the drum. Wrong more often than not. If the Vikes lose, which I doubt, I will be starting Bortles.
  15. crash987

    Joe Mixon

    I'm kind of hoping he doesn't get cleared, although a full practice today doesn't bode well for that. I would much rather start Gio in this matchup. But if Mixon cleared, I might steer clear of both of them because Gio has played well and will probably steal some of Mixon's touches. I don't see Cincy giving their RB of the future a ton of work in a meaningless game.