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    Gambling Thread

    What do you Gamblers think of the lines this week? There are a handful I really like. Pittsburgh getting points against NE, The Lions and the Cardinals being a pick 'em, and Denver vs. Raiders are the 3 I'm watching. I never place a bet until right before kickoff though. You can sometimes tell who the large money is wagering on if the line changes within a couple hours of kickoff. If too much of the public is on a particular game, I will avoid it, even if I like it. I place my bets with mybookie.ag and I've learned a few things from wagering over the years. When the public is all over a specific game, don't jump on board. lol The public is typically wrong. I don't know the exact stat, but it's something absolutely astronomical, like when 90% of the public is betting on a certain team, the underdog covers the spread the vast majority of the time. As of today, I love that Pitt game. Them getting +4 right now sort of blows me away.
  2. oldtimer

    Adam Gase

    In my opinion, he's the most overrated Head Coach, possible person, in the NFL. Why in the heck would he even attempt to trade Jamal Adams??? He's already made it clear he wants Bell gone, traded away Williams and wanted Anderson gone too. Is he wanting to be the Dolphins? This guy has some serious issues. He's never done a single thing on his own to prove he's even worthy to have this sort of control. I can't wait until he flops miserable in New York, as he did in Miami, and then nobody will hire him again. Jamal Adams is not only their best player, but one of the best Safeties in the NFL. Gase is a tool.
  3. oldtimer

    Jackson vs Patriots DST

    I only have LaMar, so I hope like heck he has a great game. I would likely start Stafford if I owned him, but since I don't, I'm praying Jackson breaks off a few long runs.
  4. oldtimer

    Ronald Jones II

    I can't figure Jones out. If you YouTube his college runs, he was a flat out stud, even against great competition. Leads me to believe the issue is more the offensive line than anything. It's a bad situation in Tampa. They are going to need help along the line, a new QB and Arians obviously doesn't like Jones, so they may even need a RB. From a talent perspective, Jones has much more than Drake who just went to AZ. In a competent offense, I think he could be a RB2. Behind that line though, I doubt the top RB's would fare very well.
  5. oldtimer

    Melvin Gordon buy low?

    I can't see any team, any team, trading for Gordon. The Chargers want a 1st rounder. Gordon hasn't been that good of a runner throughout his career and he's missed time every season. He will be a free agent and I cannot imagine a team giving him more than the $10 million per season the Chargers offered. I think he royally screwed himself. He's not durable, doesn't hit 1,000 yards rushing and his only claim to fame is he can catch the ball out of the backfield. Well, so can many others RB's who come at a fraction of the cost, yet may be more durable. He's a plodding running back who has played in a division where he should have run amok. The Raiders and Chiefs were horrible on defense his entire career. He hasn't had the most difficult teams to run against the past three seasons and he's in an offense that can move the ball. Buyer beware this offseason.
  6. oldtimer

    Melvin Gordon buy low?

    The Million Dollar Man; Ted DiBiase!
  7. oldtimer

    Andy Dalton to the Bench, Ryan Finley to start

    I was listening to NFL on Satellite Radio at lunch. One of the Scouts said Finley had a Second Round grade in the draft, but fell to the 4th for whatever reason. Personally, he thought he potentially deserved a late 1st round grade. I think they are doing this to see if they have something in him and could potentially take Young in the draft over a QB. Finley wasn't bad in college and I was surprised he fell to round 4, but that's the draft for you. I don't see him as being better than the top guys coming out at QB, but who knows. He has the rest of the season to prove he can play behind the worst line in the league.
  8. oldtimer

    Lev'eon Bell on the trade block?

    Exactly. Nobody is taking on that salary. lol
  9. oldtimer

    Trade Wentz for Cousins?

    I would keep Wentz all day long and not think twice about it. Cousins will have a much more difficult schedule down the stretch than Wentz. Plus, Wentz will likely be playing from behind, giving him more opportunities. Desean Jackson is coming back, which is going to open up a lot of room for passes to his RB's and TE's underneath. Cousins had a massive 3 game stretch against three of the worst 5 defenses in football against the pass. Don't chase the points.
  10. oldtimer

    Undefeated teams...let's see 'em

    They must not take off points for interceptions/fumbles if you've been using Winston. I get that it's a 14 team league, but the roster itself isn't very good. I'm guessing it's the scoring system that benefits you. In the leagues I'm in, we lose 2 points for interceptions and 2 points for fumbles. We also don't get the point bonuses for 300 yards passing or the longer TD's, so that makes a pretty big difference too, especially with Winston. It's always good being 8-0 though. Anyone ever notice that the team with the best record in the league rarely wins the title? None of my leagues last year had the team with the best record winning the league. The prior year, only one team with the best record, out of 17 leagues, won the Championship. I don't know if that's just bad luck or if the owners get nervous and overthink things in the playoffs.
  11. oldtimer

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    My first pick was back in either 1992 or 1993. I can't recall which. There was no internet, so we could either mail in our lineups or call an 800 number that charged like $1.99 per transaction, but sometimes you had no choice. There were no PPR leagues back then and Running Backs and QB's went off the board super early as most all your points came from TD's. WR's didn't start to take over fantasy football until the 2000's and various types of PPR rules were put into play. My first overall pick was Steve Young. I was sort of lucky as John Elway went the pick before me. His rushing yards were pretty awesome, and back then, coming close to 30 TD's passing was not common. I remember Emmitt Smith went #1 overall and I had a late first round pick. I did end up with Jerome Bettis later in the draft and it was his rookie season. I ended up finishing 2nd, losing in the finals by something like 2 points. I recall there were no WR's taken in the first round, but I went with Rice in the 2nd. Andre Rison went the pick before me in the 2nd round. I recall thinking that guy was an idiot, but Rison had an awesome season.
  12. oldtimer

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 8

    Ju Ju fell 400 yards shy of what I needed to win. Sooooooo close.
  13. oldtimer

    Your worst pick this year

    I don't know that I missed on any early picks really. I missed on AJ Green, but got him in the 9th round, so not a big loss. Oh, wait, I did take Kerryon when he fell to the end of the 4th round in a draft. That was a whiff. It didn't hurt my team, but still a major swing and miss. I couldn't stand him last year, didn't like him this year (at all), but drafted him based on what I thought his workload would be and for the value of that pick. He's on my DND list for the remainder of time itself.
  14. oldtimer

    Joe Flacco to the bench, Brandon Allen will start

    I wondered the same thing..... How ironic his neck is hurt and he may miss the rest of the season (Rotoworld) after dissing Denver's management.
  15. oldtimer

    Melvin Gordon buy low?

    He averaged 3.88 YPC against Chicago, a team others have run all over. Two receptions for three yards. He does get the Packers next, and they've had guys run over them as well, so maybe he can finally hit the 4 YPC average. Against the Titans he had a whopping 2 YPC average. Against the Steelers, it was 2.25. Okung should make a difference, but I've watched the defenses simply overwhelm the offensive line. In the games Gordon has been back, he has a better YPC average than Ekeler, so it's not 100% on Gordon. That offensive line seems to be injury riddled year after year. I hope he does get better, but I wouldn't trade for him unless the owner was willing to practically give him away. I think you did very well in your trade.
  16. oldtimer

    UPDATE: Kenyan Drake Situation - Traded to Arizona

    Ahhhh, you are correct. I was scrolling through my phone while at work. It actually said he has a potential to be the workhorse back Thursday. I was reading too fast as it mentions him only having 3 days to prepare. I'll put on my glasses first next time. I thought it said he wasn't playing Thursday for this reason.
  17. oldtimer

    The optimal lineup

    I made some blunders this weekend as well. I had a choice between Danny Amendola and Erickson on the WW as I needed a bye week fill-in guy. I went with the smart move and picked up Ginn instead of the two obvious choices, thinking Brees may want to show off and throw a couple deep passes. Great decision on my end. In the end, my opponent did start the ultimate lineup and I need the biggest game from a WR in the history of the NFL tonight to win. Not. Going. to. happen.
  18. oldtimer

    UPDATE: Kenyan Drake Situation - Traded to Arizona

    Rotoworld has a blurb up now saying he will not play Thursday.
  19. oldtimer

    Kitchens needs to go.................

    I agree. OBJ, Landry and Callaway are a nice trio. Much better than what many teams have. Not to mention Chubb and soon to be Hunt. They have the pieces around Mayfield, outside of the Left Tackle. I like the kid. I hope he does well. Maybe it's just a sophomore slump. ESPN did show a funny clip of him (or maybe it was NFL Network?) yesterday morning. They were blaming him for OBJ's lack of production, and I can see why. He took the snap, stared directly at OBJ the entire time he was going through his route, then he chucked the ball in his general direction. Well, when you stare down your WR, the Safety, or both, will gladly come help the Cornerback shut that guy down. OBJ had three guys surrounding him and Mayfield still threw the ball his direction. This isn't college. You can't stare your guy down and win because your team plays a bunch of lesser talented opponents.
  20. oldtimer

    drop Pollard to pick up Ty Johnson???

    I'm all for going all-in on a player IF the stats somehow back it up. With Ty, they didn't. His YPC in the NFL is seriously bad. In college, he could outrun people and run out wide. With his speed, few could catch him. That type of running style rarely works in the NFL as the backup LB'ers on most squads are faster than any the RB's have seen in college. Spending all of your allotted bidding money, or the top waiver wire selection, on someone who has had 5 lousy games prior to becoming "the starter" isn't wise. In your case, I understand. When we had the Rams here in St. Louis, I would find myself starting a player on their roster simply to have someone to root for on Sunday. I may not have expected anything from that person, but it made the game more fun with someone from "my" team playing.
  21. oldtimer

    UPDATE: Kenyan Drake Situation - Traded to Arizona

    I agree, however, you know fantasy owners are going to hype him up beyond belief. Drake is not Edmonds and definitely not DJ. I'm shocked the Cardinals gave up anything. They aren't going anywhere this season, so why give up a pick at all? For a team rebuilding, that seems odd.
  22. oldtimer

    JJ Watt

    If you were the Texans, would you let him go after the season? He's finished 3 of the last 4 seasons on IR. His body is pretty well shot. No doubt he's a HoF player, but he hasn't been the same guy for a few years now and his salary is pretty high. He counts $15.5 million against the cap, but his bonus money has been paid and they would save the full amount by releasing him. If you look at their roster on overthecap.com for the 2020 season, they have several high priced players they could eliminate. Is Will Fuller worth $10.1 million when he can't stay healthy either? Kenny Stills for $7 million? I'm playing armchair GM here, but they have $32.6 million they could save by releasing 3 players who have not been healthy very often over the last 4 seasons. Fuller hasn't been around that long, but how much time can a guy miss before you look elsewhere? No doubt he's a great player when healthy, but every single year the dude misses time. I'd let all three of them go. You can only live in the past for so long.
  23. oldtimer

    drop Pollard to pick up Ty Johnson???

    After all the hype around Ty last week, this should be bumped. It's another example of owners overhyping a player that had ZERO reason to be hyped to begin with. He looked worse than Gordon when he ran the ball, and that's awful.
  24. oldtimer

    UPDATE: Kenyan Drake Situation - Traded to Arizona

    I'll say about Drake what I did about Ty last week (and nobody listened), he's a part time RB. That's it. He's never been "good", so I'm not sure why people are thinking he suddenly will be. Detroit is the best fit for him, in my opinion, but for how long? He definitely has more value in PPR than in Standard scoring if he winds up there. I'd be shocked if he goes anywhere and has more than one good game against a very weak rush defense. Points are points though, so if you own him, hang on and see what happens. I've seen people try to trade for him, which makes no sense to me, giving up a known commodity for a never was? Miami doesn't want to win, so any RB there is screwed. I like Walton, especially after watching him the last few weeks. Anyone who can average 5 ypc behind the Miami offensive line has some talent. He won't get a full time role this year though, so he's stashed on my bench in dynasty leagues.