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    Trading out of #1 spot advice

    Team with 8th spot is willing to trade for my 1. But, he wants to do it straight up. Not too keen on that. I'd be willing to trade out of #1 spot for his 8 spot for the entirety of the draft with the exception of a couple of rounds.
  2. amtran8454

    Trading out of #1 spot advice

    A little advice here please. 14 team league. PPR If trading into a spot 8 or above, straight up is not an option. What would be good compensation for the #1 pick? I'm thinking 2 rounds revert back to original pick. Maybe 4th and 6th. Is that asking too much? out of my mind? Thanks
  3. amtran8454

    RB2 ?

    So, I've got the next pick in our draft. Ingram. Rawls. Forte. CJ Anderson. L. Murray. McCoy are the 6 I'm looking at. I have Gurley as my RB1. Depending on who the guy in front of me picks, he has L. Bell, I am leaning towards Ingram. How would you guys rank these RBs and whom would you take for your RB2? PPR league as well. Thanks