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  1. coachk424

    Keeper Help

    1/2 PPR and have to decide by tomorrow.
  2. coachk424

    Keeper Help

    Was sitting pretty but not so much now - need to keep 2: M Gordon 6th R cost (last year to keep); K Hunt 13th R cost (can keep 2 more years); K Golladay 12th R cost (can keep 3 years); T Boyd 9th R cost (can keep 3 years) With Gordon holding out ( his last year to be kept) with Hunt's suspension this becomes tougher than it should be. Interested to hear what you think. Thanks!
  3. coachk424


    Can keep David Johnson for a 8th. My other options are Todd Gurley with a 3rd or Melvin Gordon with a 7th. I can keep Gurley for two more season or Gordon for 3. Can keep DJ for another 2. League is .5 PPR. Appreciate insight.
  4. coachk424

    Flex/WR Help

    Who you like .5 PPR? Sims, Lockett, J. Thomas, Tyrell Williams? Which 2 in Full PPR? TY, Cobb, D. Parker, Crabtree, Wallace In .5 PPR? Which two RBs McCoy, Ware, Gore, Vereen Appreciate y'alls help.
  5. coachk424

    Help w/ Dynasty Pre-Draft Cuts (WHIR)

    You need to drop just one? I drop Luck
  6. coachk424

    Draft Help

    I have the 10th/11th pick in our draft. I am keeping Gurley (4th R) and David Johnson (9th R). ODB, Hopkins are other top 10 guys taken and a bunch other top WRs are already gone. Looking at who could fall to me, who you guys like with my first two picks? .5 PPR league. Ingram, Charles, Freeman, Alshon, Jordy, Cooks, Martin, CJ, TY Thanks
  7. coachk424

    Keeper Help!

    Langford and Reed for value. Bell & Gordon for risk/reward/upside.
  8. coachk424

    IR Roster Spot

    My league is 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1WR/RB, 1WR/RB/TE, 1 TE, 1K and 6 bench spots. What are y'all's thoughts on adding an IR bench position? We are a 2 keeper league and after last year's Jordy/Kelvin/Keenan/etc. injuries there is debate on adding the IR. Anyone else have this?
  9. coachk424

    Need 2 Keepers

    Thanks. That's where I was leaning. I know WRs are more likely to return the investment, but I feel like I can find WR more easily. I think, according to some mocks, I may still be able to grab either Robinson or Cooper.
  10. coachk424

    Need 2 Keepers

    Of these options, which two players would you keep going into this year’s draft? League is .5 PPR, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex. I have the 10th/11th draft slot. Randall Cobb 3rd Round Todd Gurley 4th Round Doug Martin 6th Round Amari Cooper 7th Round Allen Robinson 8th Round David Johnson 9th Round Devonta Freeman 13th Round Thanks