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    ROS: Duke Johnson or Ito Smith

    Since its standard scoring honestly I would keep your team as is. Better to diversify and have parts of different backfields than own Chubb and Duke. DONT drop Kerryon. Value him as a solid RB2. DET should be out of playoff race soon (3-5) and go into evaluation mode which means more touches for Kerryon. I feel like he could be a stretch run hero. Ito still getting plenty of goal line work to make him viable as a spot start in most matchups.
  2. Hype_Train252

    Trade question

    Under that format dont think Fournette is worth it at all. Cant seem to stay on the field plus Juju has a bright future. If you were to consider trading one I would do Keenan.
  3. Hype_Train252

    Trade help

    I would say yes. Kyle Lauletta bound to come in at some point (even after arrest). Not this week because Shurmer already clarified Eli starting this week. But giants are 1-7 wouldnt it make sense to see what Lauletta got? It might not bode well for Saquon. Also Saquon has one of the toughest rb schedules starting week 12 (Philly, Chi, Was, Ten) might not help too much in fantasy playoffs.
  4. Hype_Train252

    Elijah Mcguire

    53% snap share on his first week back. Crowell has been plodding last couple weeks with 19 carries for 54 yards. Seems like its just a matter of time till McGuire assumes 60%+ of workload. I bought in last week. Considering even flexing him this week vs Buffalo.
  5. Hype_Train252

    RB to stash in standard league until Bell comes back

    Sony seems like the stash to me. He was running hard vs Jacksonville. Barber in an offense that doesnt really support a running game
  6. Hype_Train252

    Trading AB?!

    Would you trade AB for Kelce, Sanders and Mark Ingram? Current Roster: QB: Brees, Jimmy G RB: McCaffrey, Powell, Dion Lewis, Wilkins, Burkhead WR: AB, Ty, Marvin Jones TE: Jared Cook
  7. Hype_Train252

    Freeman/Burkhead for Collins/Cam?

    My QB is Jared Goff lol. Its a standard league. So would you do the deal weepaws?
  8. Hype_Train252

    Freeman/Burkhead for Collins/Cam?

    I dont usually post trade questions but I am concerned about Freeman. Freeman had a MCL and PCL injury towards the end of last year and opted not to have surgery after a second opinion from a doctor. Ive read that MCL grade 2 sprains if not handled with surgery can become loose. Now hes dealing with knee injury on the same knee. An example would be spraining your ankle the risk of reinjury will be higher. Ive recently received an offer of Freeman and Burkhead for Cam and Alex Collins. Burkhead is suffering from his own injury woes and I dont think hell last the season. My only QB at the moment is Jared Goff so Cam is an upgrade. Alex Collins worries me too because of his fumbling issues. What do u guys think? Standard scoring btw were noobs lol
  9. Hype_Train252

    Start it up: what do you need Monday Night?

    I have Cooks and Gostowski. My opponent has NE DST and he is up by 7.
  10. Hype_Train252

    Major down grade to Dallas D/ST ?

    Im on the fence about the Boys and Jets D. Tough.
  11. Hype_Train252

    Robby Anderson practiced in full on Friday

    Im definitely starting him. He was held out as precautionary measure like you said. Id play him over Evans. Crabtree should be a lock for 10+ pts with no Peters and Amari out too. Josh Gordon could be a great play contingent on weather reports. Davon House packers CB is doubtful, Demetri Goodson is out and Kevin King is already on IR. Packers secondary will probably be vunerable. If winds are above 20 mph then I would suggest playing Evans in his place. Below is a link for a great stat. Only Dolphins are giving up more % of 20+ yard catches than Denver. Denver is no longer no fly zone. P.S Graham Barfield is a great follow for fantasy statistics. https://twitter.com/grahambarfield/status/938602305515073536
  12. Hype_Train252

    The FU Thread

    FU Dak wow -1 points really???!?! The whole week I kept thinking I should play Gabbert or Rivers. I kept you in my starting lineup and this is how you repay me!!! Not even sure if you're a top 10 QB much less top 20.
  13. Hype_Train252

    Trade Help Ajayi or Howard?

    Thanks a lot
  14. Hype_Train252

    Trade Help

    Don't do it. Fish for a better offer. Prosise has an ankle injury and considered Week to Week. Meaning more touches in the foreseeable future for Carson. Carson is a better pass catcher than Rawls and Lacy. Dez is matchup dependent majority of the time.
  15. Hype_Train252

    Trade Help Ajayi or Howard?

    I received a trade offer Jordan Howard and Tyreek Hill for Jay Ajayi and Davante Adams. I really want Tyreek. Ajayi scares me with his knee issues at the same time, but Jordan Howard seems like he will be game flow dependent. Adams is just a guy to me at this point. I'm leaning towards taking it. But would like some sound input before I make my decision. Standard league btw