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  1. Going on a sex strike is all well and good until you get horny and need your ass spanked. Good luck with that one Alyssa. Wood spank. It's sad to see such a hot little minx corrupted by hollyweird.
  2. the s is ilent

    Big is not beautiful - It is ugly

    Obeast. As a rule of thumb I prefer women's asses no wider than my own.
  3. the s is ilent

    Crotch thrusting

    Outside of Jamie Lee in her prime this may be the gheyest thing ever shared with the bored.
  4. A pronhub search for "Shapiro destroyed on BBC" yielded zero results.
  5. the s is ilent

    I bet the new royal baby isn’t a ginger

    They should name the baby Magic Markel
  6. the s is ilent

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    Trump will call her out when it becomes necessary.
  7. the s is ilent

    Butter Chardonnay

    Give me a good fruity Cabernet. Justin Wilson was asked which wines compliment certain dishes and he said "the one you like the best"
  8. the s is ilent

    Adam Lambert Ruins Everything

    They should find a straight guy that can sing like Mercury and call the band King.
  9. Epic. The dark and the mist dampened the greatest battle in the history of entertainment.
  10. the s is ilent

    Butt water

    I thought this thread was about instagram bimbos bottling butt water.
  11. the s is ilent

    GOT - Who Dies First

    I don't think hiding in the crypt is a wise idea.
  12. the s is ilent

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    Depp is 55.
  13. the s is ilent

    Hunting on the Outdoor Channel

    Most hunting clubs encourage removing the genetically inferior specimens. With a healthy, well managed herd the opportunity to harvest a trophy are greatly increased. While you call it killing, the end result is conservation.
  14. the s is ilent

    Anyone do the cologuard screening?

    My wife had the same problem. The Doc had her eat radioactive pellets to track their movement through her intestinal tract via X-rays. Turns out she had what they call a "dead" colon that was unable to perform the constriction necessary to push waste toward and out of her abdominal tract. We tried drug therapy as a solution to no avail and eventually she had to have 90% of her colon removed. She now has a 6 inch section of functional colon with few side effects. The doctor provided us with a post-op picture of him in full operation scrubs proudly holding the removed section of diseased colon like it was a large snake he had captured in my wife's bowels. I was amazed at the size and volume of tissue removed from my wife's body. To fill the void left by the dead colon they installed/implanted a gortex sponge to support her remaining intestinal tract. Over time scar tissue developed and attached the sponge to the back of her abdominal wall along her spine. Imagine cleaning a fish, after the guts are removed you can see exposed backbone. This is where the scar tissue developed that created discomfort to the point of pain management via drug therapy. Although operable, it is basically a reverse of the entire process that my wife is not willing to do. Start to finish we're in for about $750K. Insurance covered 80%. I guess we were lucky? to only lose $150k That whole dead colon thing was a real pain in the a$$ and I wouldn't worry much if I was you...
  15. the s is ilent

    Hunting on the Outdoor Channel

    I would rather have a healthy herd of deer managed through the department of natural resources than a starving invasive herd that wants to eat my shrubs.