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  1. the s is ilent

    GOT - Who Dies First

    I don't think hiding in the crypt is a wise idea.
  2. the s is ilent

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    Depp is 55.
  3. the s is ilent

    Hunting on the Outdoor Channel

    Most hunting clubs encourage removing the genetically inferior specimens. With a healthy, well managed herd the opportunity to harvest a trophy are greatly increased. While you call it killing, the end result is conservation.
  4. the s is ilent

    Anyone do the cologuard screening?

    My wife had the same problem. The Doc had her eat radioactive pellets to track their movement through her intestinal tract via X-rays. Turns out she had what they call a "dead" colon that was unable to perform the constriction necessary to push waste toward and out of her abdominal tract. We tried drug therapy as a solution to no avail and eventually she had to have 90% of her colon removed. She now has a 6 inch section of functional colon with few side effects. The doctor provided us with a post-op picture of him in full operation scrubs proudly holding the removed section of diseased colon like it was a large snake he had captured in my wife's bowels. I was amazed at the size and volume of tissue removed from my wife's body. To fill the void left by the dead colon they installed/implanted a gortex sponge to support her remaining intestinal tract. Over time scar tissue developed and attached the sponge to the back of her abdominal wall along her spine. Imagine cleaning a fish, after the guts are removed you can see exposed backbone. This is where the scar tissue developed that created discomfort to the point of pain management via drug therapy. Although operable, it is basically a reverse of the entire process that my wife is not willing to do. Start to finish we're in for about $750K. Insurance covered 80%. I guess we were lucky? to only lose $150k That whole dead colon thing was a real pain in the a$$ and I wouldn't worry much if I was you...
  5. the s is ilent

    Hunting on the Outdoor Channel

    I would rather have a healthy herd of deer managed through the department of natural resources than a starving invasive herd that wants to eat my shrubs.
  6. the s is ilent

    Appetizer Recipes

    rockherfella oysters
  7. the s is ilent

    Best action movie star

    A battle royale to determine the winner would be epic Steven Seagal laughs his blatant omission from the pole and threatens to beat the snot out of the winner.
  8. the s is ilent

    One Scary Perv

    Not condoning the abuse of minors but, Mom had me at 16 in June. Knocked up at 15 3/4 yrs old. Still happily married after half a century. My Dad is not a pedo. He simply married his high school sweetheart and joined the service. He did not stalk or groom her to abuse a minor. My Father was given an officers commision straight out of high school and was accepted for pilot training. He later went on to fly F4 Phantoms over Vietnam. Grandparents from both sides were from poor rural communities and probably viewed this union as a blessing. But that was then...
  9. the s is ilent

    Here goes gas prices

    Flooding in Nebraska will crush the corn crop. No ethanol production = higher gas prices. Funny how natural disasters inflate fuel prices. Kick 'em when they're down.
  10. the s is ilent

    New here

    For some reason Zippy the pinhead comes to mind.
  11. the s is ilent

    I can't believe nobody even noticed

    Every wiffleball needs to be hit with a plastic bat.
  12. the s is ilent

    Happy Football Day- Super Bowl Edition

    I like my Coors when I golf. Not to heavy or drunky. Now I've got to listen to my group rag on my corn syrup beer. Bud Lite found another way to give me a headache
  13. the s is ilent

    Isn't this sex discrimination?

    I've seen the YouTube videos on waxing and sugaring techniques. The back door area is also an issue with hairy women that gets cleaned up too. Men should show up at the salon, drop the speedo, bend over and tell them to get to work. Given the vulnerable situation and/ or position it may be best to wait until the job is done before demanding "fix me a sammich"
  14. the s is ilent

    Matthew McConahay

  15. the s is ilent

    Woman in 14-Year Coma Gives Birth in Arizona

    She's 17. Nate has a lazy eye. It all makes sense now. Prolly hard for a c0ck eyed man nurse to pick up chicks.