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  1. the s is ilent

    I caught a master angler pike today.

    Check out Richard Gene the fishing machine for tips on crappie. Probably the best freshwater fishermen I've seen on the YouTube. He likes fishing with one pound test line "cuz it's fun"
  2. the s is ilent

    What are your fast food 'go-to's' in a pinch?

    Bojangles Cajun filet chicken sandwich with their seasoned steak fries are a close second to chic fil a.
  3. the s is ilent

    Leftists are disgusting people

    You forgot to mention they were tiki torches, the garden party variety. Not to be confused with the "Let's go hang somebody" torches.
  4. the s is ilent


    Lilith was oddly hot.
  5. the s is ilent

    fast food grievances

    My wife went to our local Chinese place and ordered her fried rice without veggies. The order was delivered not as requested and my wife returned it to the cashier to be sent back. The Chinese chef came out threw the remainder of the order in the trash and told the cashier in broken English "you give money back" then pointed at my wife and said "you go away" and disappeared into the kitchen.
  6. the s is ilent


    Wow: Liberal keyword to patronize another's viewpoint. An insult laced with condescension.
  7. the s is ilent

    Middle aged or older Geeks

    Source for bulk boner pills? A friend gave me some generic that had Chinese writing on the packaging. Saw no real improvement in my mojo.
  8. the s is ilent

    Which animal would you least want to be killed by?

    Chimpanzees. Those fockers will gouge your eyes out, tear off your ears, bite off your nose and tear off your lips. Then they tear or bite off your fingers and pummel you like a bongo. Then the killing starts.
  9. the s is ilent

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Back in my day...

    I was a frisbee god. Pro model 65g, I could throw it over a mountain.
  10. the s is ilent

    Mount Everest

    Compared to today's equipment and support standards Sir Edmund Hillary summited in flip flops with a walking stick.
  11. the s is ilent


    Kampground with a capital K
  12. the s is ilent

    These are the kind of lesbians I like

    Bush hogs.
  13. the s is ilent

    Mount Everest

    I saw somewhere that the bodies and human waste have become an environmental concern. Climbers now have to pack their poo off the mountain.
  14. the s is ilent

    Liberal impregnates 11 year old.

    Legal messicans can work on farms too. This argument kills me, is it a prerequisite to be here illegally to work picking produce?
  15. the s is ilent

    New bikini trend

    Glad to see the days of pasty, flat chested supermodels is behind us.