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  1. rwockenf

    Stafford for Crabtree...NEED HELP!

    Yeah that's fair. I went ahead and grabbed Trevor and dropped Luck. Thanks all.
  2. rwockenf

    Stafford for Crabtree...NEED HELP!

    Can I ask the logic behind the Luck for Siemien decision? I'm not disagreeing...I'm just curious about why you believe that.
  3. rwockenf

    Stafford for Crabtree...NEED HELP!

    To directly answer your question, I was initially throwing out the "upgrade QB" question just to see what offers I'd get...I don't really trust Luck...and with Dallas's Bye being Week 5 (I think), if Luck isn't ready, I'd have to drop him anyway...
  4. rwockenf

    Stafford for Crabtree...NEED HELP!

    Yeah I should have stated...Available QBs (and again, to add I would have to drop either Prescott or Luck) are: Siemien Goff Glennon McCown Watson etc etc I know Trevor is doing well...but would I necessarily drop Luck for Seimein? idk...
  5. 1pt PPR...QB TDs worth 4 pts. We start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, and 2FLEX. My Team: QB: Prescott, Luck RB: Hunt, Crowell, Perkins, D. Martin WR: Tate, Crabtree, D. Adams, T. Hill TE: Rudolph I posted on our league page that I was interested in upgrading at QB. Someone offered Mariota...I turned that down. This guy offered me Stafford for Crabtree. He also has Brees so I know he won't be hurting at QB. My question: Is Stafford a big enough upgrade over Prescott (obviously Luck is a big ?...and who knows how he'll be after he comes back.) that giving up Crabtree is worth it. Right now I am starting WRs in both FLEX spots...Thoughts? Also, our Roster restrictions are 2 QBs only...so I'd have to drop either Prescott or Luck if I added Stafford.
  6. rwockenf

    Please Rate Team - Picked 9th in a 10 Team PPR

    Thanks for the opinions, guys. Gordon was my Keeper (definitely my best choice)...I used 3 of my first 4 picks on WRs, so I ended up being left with not great choices at RB...but I was valuing the Receptions pretty highly...I feel good about my WRs and think they should all get 85+ catches...with a couple getting close to 100. I'm wondering about putting something together for an upgrade at RB...
  7. Keepers were Gurley, AB, DJ, Evans, McCoy, OBJ, Rodgers, Bell, Gordon (mine), Murray. PPR with 6 Pt TDs for everyone. Starting 1QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 1TE, 1FLEX. QBs - Stafford, Wentz RBs - Gordon, Perkins, Ingram, McFadden, West WRs - M. Thomas, Baldwin, Tate, Crowder, Maclin, Davonte Parker TEs - Walker Thoughts?
  8. rwockenf

    Keep Allen Robinson?

    Yes, he probably would start for my team...especially considering with the FLEX spots we can start up to 4 WRs...It is a PPR League with a $225 budget (We start 2 IDP positions as well). I've seen values all over the place, from $15-$28 for him...and going from the 4th-6th Rd...So I suppose if I ask myself if I would pay $11 for a WR2-WR3 in those rounds, then I probably would...and I guess have my answer.
  9. rwockenf

    Keep Allen Robinson?

    My Auction League starts 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2FLEX (RB/WR/TE)...This league also tends to overspend...I've had ARob for a couple years and, like most people, am not confident in the situation is JAX...I can keep him for $11. I can't say for sure, but I'm sure the top 3-4 WRs will be kept. I DEFINTELY do not want ARob to be my #1, so my question is: Do I keep ARob because the Top Tier WRs will probably be gone so the additional money (I would assume he would go for $20+ in the open market) I will have won't be able to go towards an elite WR...? I don't HAVE to keep anyone and keeping a player does not cost me any picks. Is he worth keeping for a lower price and trying to pair with a Michael Thomas/Jordy Nelson (maybe)/TY Hilton? As an aside, I don't really have any other better options to keep when I compare cost....Thanks for the help.
  10. rwockenf

    Keeper Help Please

    I failed to mention I can only keep 1. That's my bad. I'm 50/50 right now on keeping anyone. ARob at $11 isn't bad, I suppose...
  11. rwockenf

    Allen Robinson bounce back or 2016

    Question: I have the option to keep him in an Auction League (1pt PPR, all TDs worth 6pts, Start 2RBs, 2WRs, 2FLEX (RB/WR/TE). It would cost me $11. I wouldn't be giving up any picks and my other choices are: Eli Manning - 13 Andy Dalton - 9 Doug Martin - 40 Frank Gore - 17 Brandin Cooks - 43 Jarvis Landry - 27 Allen Robinson - 11 Kelvin Benjamin - 40 Delanie Walker - 23 Thoughts?
  12. rwockenf

    Keeper Help Please

    12 Team Keeper Auction League Starts 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE). 1 pt for every 20 Yards passing, -2 for INTs, 4 pt TDs for QB, 6 pts for all others. 1 pt PPR. Keeper doesn't cost any picks. Must pay $5 over what you bought player for last year and total comes out of budget ($225...we have IDPs). Here are my terrible choices and what I paid LAST YEAR: Eli Manning - 8 Andy Dalton - 4 Doug Martin - 35 Frank Gore - 12 Brandin Cooks - 38 Jarvis Landry - 22 Allen Robinson - 6 Kelvin Benjamin - 35 Delanie Walker - 18 I don't HAVE to keep anyone. Thoughts?
  13. rwockenf

    Keeper Help

    10 Team League starts 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE). All TDs worth 6pts, 25 Yds passing = 1 pt, 3 pt bonus at 400yds, INTs = -2, PPR = 1 pt. Snake Draft and I pick 9th. I know DJ, Bell, AB, OBJ, and Mike Evans are being kept...not sure of the other teams yet...We don't lose any draft picks or anything... Here are the players I have to choose from. I can only keep one. Thoughts? Matt Ryan Melvin Gordon Doug Martin Latavius Murray Jacquizz Rodgers Brandin Cooks Taylor Gabriel Allen Robinson Julian Edelman Delanie Walker Martellus Bennett Thanks in advance!
  14. rwockenf

    Auction Draft Keeper Help

    Yeah I was thinking about that...For the increase, I was looking at what you did (the $1.50) and looked at it as a % of budget...so, I was going to implement a 3% of budget increase in kept players...which for us is about $6.75...so that would make Cam $10.75, DJ $7.75, AB $77.75...and so on... OR...do I just create the rules and implement them next season...? I can already hear the complaining...Haha.
  15. rwockenf

    Auction Draft Keeper Help

    I really appreciate all the ideas. I definitely do not want to disband it just because a guy got a great deal. Hell, I kept Allen Robinson for $6. If Bortles wasn't Bortling all season long, that would have been a huge steal. Regardless, I am liking the % increase idea as well as a possible yearly increase (yr1: $5, yr2: $7, etc). I'm debating now about the % increase as well as a restriction on the number of years a player can be kept. Do I use a % of the total budget to decide what the increase should be? Is it an increase based on number of years ($5 for yr 1, $7 for yr 2, etc.)? What have you guys seen work (to reward the guy who grabbed a no name for cheap who turned into a stud, but also allow for players to fall back into the market).