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  1. werethemillers

    HELP!! Need 1.88 to WIN

    .5 PPR, Marcus Johnson or Ted Ginn?!?
  2. This is a 12 team league, .5 PPR, Superflex. Start QB, RB,RB,WR,WR,WR,TE,Flex(T/R/W),Flex(T/R/W), Superflex (Q/T/R/W) Drew BreesQB - NO Christian McCaffreyRB - CAR Melvin GordonRB - LAC T.Y. HiltonWR - IND Golden TateWR - PHI Quincy EnunwaWR - NYJ Austin HooperTE - ATL Duke JohnsonRB - CLE Mike DavisRB - CHI Cordarrelle PattersonWR,RB - CHI Kirk CousinsQB - MIN BENCH Brett HundleyQB - ARI Taysom HillQB - NO Andy DaltonQB - CIN Giovani BernardRB - CIN Kapri BibbsRB - GB Zach ZennerRB - DET Kenneth DixonRB - BAL Wendell SmallwoodRB - PHI Austin EkelerRB - LAC Mike BooneRB - MIN Josh BellamyWR - NYJ Willie SneadWR - BAL Kevin WhiteWR - ARI Phillip DorsettWR - NE Tim PatrickWR - DEN Keith KirkwoodWR - NO Cameron BrateTE - TB CJ UzomahTE - CIN INJURED RESERVE Will FullerWR - HOU Fuller should be back, so swap him and Quincy from starters. Also can swap out the flex positions-tons of options there. But in general my main roster looks like this Brees Cousins CMC Gordon Hilton Fuller Tate Hooper/Brate/Uzomah FLEX of choice FLEX of choice FLEX of choice
  3. werethemillers

    Another trade question, trying to make some moves

    So would Allen for Cook be a good deal then? If I could get that?
  4. werethemillers

    Another trade question, trying to make some moves

    What about Keenan for Lynch and Robinson?
  5. Ok so this is a .5ppr league, current roster is Cam/Dalton Allen Thielen Miller Lyndsay Boyd Gronk Bench is Lockett Stills Cooper Jamaal Williams Would you trade away Allen, lockett and williams for Lynch, James white and Allen Robinson?
  6. werethemillers

    Big trade help needed

    Yeah that was my thoughts, but with Allen under performing and little banged up, if he goes down Im essentially stuck with Jones/lockett as my WR1
  7. werethemillers

    Big trade help needed

    I'm 1-2, 12 team .5 PPR league. Current Roster Cam/Dalton(streaming this week) Zeke Lindsay Allen Lockett Stills Rudolph Cooper Jones Jr Jamaal williams Ivory I'd be trading away Zeke, Rudolph, Jones jr I'd be getting Gronk, Thielen, Miller, Boyd Thoughts?
  8. werethemillers

    Trade help needed

    Dang I just got a trade offer... PPR My K.allen for his T.hill, DJ Moore, 1st round pick 2019, and 2nd round pick 2020. This is a 5 keeper league. My other WR are Adams, Juju, E.Sanders, Lockett, Anderson
  9. werethemillers

    Help with week 1 flex spots

    Hey fellas, help me pick my flex. Full PPR, Im projected to lose so need more boom players. Can flex 2 of these Juju(my pick?) Rex(my pick?) E.sanders Robby Anderson My starters are Mixon, Dion Lewis, Allen, Adams. Could also start Lamar miller over Dion Lewis but again, I need the possible boom of Lewis over millers floor. Thanks
  10. werethemillers

    WR Choice

    Id rather have Tate, possibly DT, and then Hogan. Depends on how you wanna construct your roster
  11. werethemillers

    Can I win with these WR's?!

    You have good floor type WR with Goodwin and Funchess but if one of your WR gets hurt or bye weeks come, i think you are kinda in a bad spot
  12. Ok so Im in an 8 team homer league, we get 5 keepers each season. I made it to superbowl last year and gurley destroyed me...I want to make another run this season obviously. This is a full PPR, start 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 flex(RB/WR), 1 TE So far my for sure keepers are Allen, Adams, Mixon, Ingram and I'm trying to decide between Brady and JuJu for my last spot. I have 2nd pick in our draft this year and have ensured I get Barkley through a trade made pre-season. Since its an 8 team league, QB will be more available, but this home league most people roster 2/3 QB to have backups and bye week covers. We have 11 bench spots. So with all that said, with Barkley my starters are looking like Barkley Mixon Allen Adams With 2 flex spots, I want to have a BOOM player each week which JuJu definitely is. Is having a top QB more or less important in smaller leagues?
  13. werethemillers

    Better flex for week 1? PPR

    who would you flex in a PPR?? Baldwin @ Denver with knee issue or Jamaal Williams Vs Chi? Im projected to win the match, so should i go with safety in the RB or more possible boom with Baldwin? I'm typically a fan of flexing RB vs WR in general my Starting WR are Julio and Amari. Or do I start Baldwin over cooper every week and flex cooper in and out?
  14. werethemillers

    Help me with first pick!

    2 keeper league, full PPR. 10 teams Im keeping Zeke and Julio, and I have the first overall pick. Do I take Kamara, Barkley, Hunt, Gronk?
  15. The first 4-5 rounds are fairly typical, and shuffling around of the top RB/WR on every team. These discussions are common.... I wanna talk about other things now. Who are guys that you are willing to reach for this year or guys you just HAVE to have on your team?