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    Unusual Draft Buddy Behavior

    I just ran it on my laptop and it worked as expected. That is Excel 2016/Windows 10, but there is common factor between the two desktop computers I tried earlier. Both are running the monitors off displayport while the laptop outputs to an hdmi connection. This isn't the first issue that displayport has caused. Since the laptop is what I will be using for my draft on Tuesday I am good to go and you don't need to follow up. Thanks.
  2. tmorriso

    Unusual Draft Buddy Behavior

    Yes, the same result on different computers with completely different hardware, including display adapters and monitors. I will check if I still have a computer with Office 2010 around. My son's PC is new and pretty high end. I'll try it on his.
  3. tmorriso

    Unusual Draft Buddy Behavior

    I've used Draft Buddy for years, but not while tracking a live draft. I want to use it this year and it will work, but I am seeing some odd behavior in the spreadsheet. When I click the Draft Player button, it processes the selection, but the page rearranges itself. See the image linked below (I can't embed the image apparently). The top image is before I press the Draft Player button; the bottom image is after I press it. The buttons change position and the FFtoday and Draft Buddy graphics are now blocking the player list. The buttons still work and if I select a different tab and then go back, everything is in place again. This happens on all the pages with the Draft Player button. It will work as it is, but in the middle of a draft I would prefer not to deal with it. I am running Excel 2013 on Windows 10. I tried Excel 2013 on Windows 7 with the same result. https://s18.postimg.org/6okr7qxex/DB_Problem.jpg