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  1. Bojangles56

    Fantasy Football used for teaching math in school

    Teachers unions don't protect crappy teachers...that's is bs rhetoric those that despise unions would have you believe. It provides them with due process and an opportunity to improve or be fired. i know this as I've served as a union rep in my district for years and have seen bad teachers continue to be bad and fired as a result. Yes...there is no need for attacks as we live in a democracy where each is allowed to have there own opinion. The problem today is that everyone takes things personally instead of engaging in meaningful discussion and not even being willing to look at the other side of an issue.
  2. Bojangles56

    Fantasy Football used for teaching math in school

    Weepaws...Are you a teacher? You make many blanket statements about educators as if you are an expert on them. In your opinion, what does good teaching look like? Was it how you were taught as a kid? If so, times have changed and educators do much more than your blanket statements reveal. In the teaching profession there are bad teachers, which is like any profession...some good, some bad...but most are very good at their job. Educators have to be very innovative and when teaching struggling, at-risk students or kids in general these days. You need to find creative ways to teach standard skills. This may embrace the use of the stock market or fantasy football and may look nothing like the way you were taught. In your opinion fantasy football is considered gambling, but if money isn't exchanged, what is truly being gambled...the data that can be used to teach math or analytics? The teacher isn't using FF to teach winning or losing...simply math standards in a way that holds students' interests. This isn't a teacher taking the easy way out...they are trying to differentiate their curriculum in a way that meets the needs of their students and that doesn't equate to taking the easy way out as they need to first find ways this would align to the curriculum, develop lessons and support materials to teach it, constantly evaluate student performance and the success of using this unit to teach the chosen aligned content, and make day to day adjustments in order to supplement their teaching for students who need additional support and practice. So before making blanket statements about teachers, you may want to speak to a few quality educators and then find out what the teachers union really does...which isn't making their teaching load easier!
  3. Bojangles56

    Wildcard Weekend - Lions at Seahawks: In-Game Discussion

    Lions need to go in a different direction. Other than Stafford, the team lacked playmakers on offense and they just had no imagination. To top that off, Caldwell and staff made zero positive adjustments in the last 4 games unless you were rooting for the other team! Last nights game was tough to watch in the second half...the first was sadly marred by dumb penalties they self inflicted and too many drops by players being paid way too much. Seattle did have a few calls or no calls go their way, but it wasn't the difference in the game. Good luck to the Seahawks and their fans next week in ATL.
  4. Bojangles56

    Who is the 2017 donks qb?

    Kirk Cousins...Washington may try signing him, but unless they franchise him again, I see some new scenery in his future!
  5. Bojangles56

    It would appear that J Hill sprained his vagine again

    He's just ineffective and has been pretty much all year except vs Cleveland
  6. Bojangles56

    Carr down

    Broken fibula! Surgery tomorrow...
  7. Bojangles56

    Mike Evans please score 40pts

    He's been a disappointment these past few weeks
  8. Bojangles56

    FU Thread. Championship Edition

    FU to Cam Newton...you suck today but do enough to knock me out last week!
  9. Bojangles56

    Where does Charles go next year?

    DND...to another team!
  10. Bojangles56


    ...hope he gets 3 AND then RETIRES. Let the Hunter Henry age begin.
  11. Bojangles56

    F.U. Week 15

    Sd coaches and offense a shameful...you move the ball on series one through the air with ease and then get all conservative...wtf! No wonder you are the of your division
  12. Bojangles56

    F.U. Week 15

    A huge FU to the Tennessee coaching staff...pull out Demarco at the one and then go for two...wtf?
  13. Bojangles56

    QB Help - Tyrod or Cam?

  14. Bojangles56

    Miller, Dez, Amari, Sanders: which 3 for PPR

    Dez, Miller, Sanders
  15. Bojangles56

    QB Help

    Wow...that's a tough one but I just don't think I could sit Brady here