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    Chubb, ware, Mixon, Samuels

    Chubb and samuel http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=483190&st=0&p=6369663
  2. Mopar4u

    Two weeks of Hell

    I agree, Ekeler and Samuel. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=483190&st=0&p=6369663
  3. Mopar4u

    Pick 1 Rb

    0.5ppr First round playoffs, im playing #2 team Need 1 more RB Justin Jackson vs cinc Gus edwards @ kc Spencer ware vs bal Marlon mack @ houston Josh adams @ houston
  4. Mopar4u

    RB and Flex

    0.5 ppr Pick 1 RB and 1 Flex Gus Edwards at Atl Marlon Mack @ Jacksonville TY Hilton @ Jacksonville Josh Adams vs Washington
  5. Mopar4u

    wr question

    someone dropped kenny golladay is courtland sutton or jarvis landry worth dropping for golladay? sutton is the new hype and seems to have a ton of upside especially after the trade. jarvis gets a lot of volume. golladay has been slow as of late but the tate trade could benefit him. decisions decisions
  6. Mopar4u

    ugh, need a rb this week

    waivers are thin. 3 man bench. who would you start? .5ppr Dion Lewis vs dallas Peyton Barber at Carolina
  7. Mopar4u

    Defense week 9

    Any other opinions?
  8. Mopar4u

    Defense week 9

    so is it worth loosing jax d for dallas? or take the zero?
  9. Mopar4u

    Defense week 9

    Only 3 man bench and i have nobody to drop. I have jags d but they are on bye. Should i hold onto them and take a zero or drop jags d and pick up one of these (on the left)? Dallas vs Tenn Miami vs jets Denver vs houston Carolina vs tampa Washington vs atlanta La chargers. At seattle
  10. Mopar4u

    Mostert or Gabriel

    0.5 ppr, i needa flex option. Sounds like Breida will be on a snap count, kind of good news for mostert vs arizona Allen robinson is out id assume this helps gabriels value vs jets. Sounds like a bad weather day, very windy.
  11. .5ppr, 3 man bench Gonna drop dalvin cook, sounds like hes out for a few more weeks. Looking at the waiver who would you pickup? C ivory Mostert J richard Doug martin L mccoy N hines Other?
  12. Mopar4u

    Should i hit the waiver or not

    yup i was kind of leaning that way but wasnt sure about raiders backfield situation and if k johnson will continue to get volume.
  13. 10 teams .5 ppr 3 man bench Team in my signature Was thinking of dropping d watson for either m mack, kerryon johnson, doug martin or jalen richard hopefully for rest of season. Thoughts?
  14. Mopar4u

    Jags defense woes

    Ive been starting jags d from week 1. Im starting to think its time to drop them and start streaming week to week. Last 3 weeks have been poor. Thoughts?
  15. This guy! 3 man bench 0.5ppr i have yeldon, hyde and d cook that either arent serviceable or impacted by the trade.. chubb is taken. Latav Murray is available which is notable since cook has been ruled out. Are either of these 3 droppable for L Murray?