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  1. shapiro11

    draft option

    This is an update to my original question: This the first year in a long time that I'm confused about draft day. i am allowed to keep one player but they would be considered my first round pick I am in a 10 team ,.5ppr I am drafting from the 6 hole. I can keep either Gordon,Conner or Adams. This league is not a snake draft which changes many decisions I would make. My thinking right now would be RB,WR,WR. Gordon pick is becoming more of a question mark. I hate to not take Adams over Conner but that would really put me behind the eight ball fora solid RB.....any thoughts out there would be appreciated,Thanks
  2. shapiro11

    draft option

    Thanks,I have until August 26 to announce my intentions on my keeper
  3. shapiro11

    draft option

    I am allowed to keep one player which would be my 1st round pick. I'm picking from the 6th position in a 10 team .5 pp league and I can keep either Gordon or Conner in the 6th position would you chance picking Gordon not knowing what he plans on doing?Thanks in advance for any responses
  4. shapiro11

    Draft question

    Thanks....so let's say I do keep Jones would you go balls out and go WR the next 2 picks and come back in the 4th with a RB? The mock drafts that I've done says take a decent RB with that 2nd(19th) pick. This zero RB theory has me crazy
  5. shapiro11

    Draft question

    I'm in a 10 team,.05 PPR league,17 man roster I have the 9th pick in a straight or standard draft 1-10,1-10 I can keep one of these 2 players,J.Jones or L McCoy what is everyone's feelings on this....My next pick would be 19th. Does anyone believe in this zero RB theory?? Thanks in advance