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  1. Loaded Box

    The Ideal Redraft Fantasy Football Team

    Ahh, I see we have a person who can predict the future and knows exactly how every single player in the NFL is going to perform in 2019. Thanks for your input
  2. I recently went through the most up-to-date player's average draft positions and put together what I would select as my ideal redraft fantasy football team by selecting one player from each round. The full version with reasoning can be found here, but here's how it turned out. Curious to see what other people's teams would look like 1.04 - Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina 2.05 - Dalvin Cook, RB, Minnesota 3.04 - Keenan Allen, WR, Los Angeles Chargers 4.11 - Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams 5.09 - Calvin Ridley, WR, Atlanta 6.09 - Hunter Henry, TE, Los Angeles Chargers 7.05 - Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans 8.06 - Royce Freeman, RB, Denver 9.04 - Geronimo Allison, WR, Green Bay 10.05 - James Washington, WR, Pittsburgh 11.08 - Baltimore Ravens Defense 12.02 - Nyheim Hines, RB, Indianapolis 13.10 - Deebo Samuel, WR, San Francisco
  3. Loaded Box

    NFL Mock Draft - Version 2.0

    Quick reactions: - Giants can go several ways at No. 2, don't think a guard is one of them - Agree there is a chance Barkley lasts until 7, and he's a great fit for TB - Miami passing on Baker Mayfield would cause an uproar by Dolphins fans - Titans landing Landry would be ideal - Patriots selecting Lamar Jackson would be the most Patriots thing ever We just finished our first version of a 1st-rd mock; here if you'd like to take a peak
  4. Loaded Box

    Early Player Rankings

    Like the rankings, but Tyreek Hill at No. 5 with an unproven QB is risky! Here's what I currently have: 1. Antonio Brown, Pit 2. DeAndre Hopkins, Hou 3. Odell Beckham Jr., NYG 4. Julio Jones, Atl 5. Michael Thomas, NO 6. A.J. Green, Cin 7. Mike Evans, TB 8. Keenan Allen, LAC 9. Davante Adams, GB 10. Brandin Cooks, NE 11. Adam Thielen, Min 12. Alshon Jeffery, Phi 13. Doug Baldwin, Sea 14. Amari Cooper, Oak 15. Tyreek Hill, KC Complete 2018 Fantasy Football WR Rankings
  5. Loaded Box

    Early Player Rankings

    That zero-RB strategy didn't last too long! Going WR-WR seems like it's only going to work if you catch a break or two on the waiver wire with RBs
  6. Loaded Box

    Early Player Rankings

    He's 4th
  7. Loaded Box

    Early Player Rankings

    Solid list, also a big fan of Derrick Henry, and love seeing the rookie in the top 15! Here's my current order: 1. Todd Gurley, LAR 2. Zeke Elliott, Dal 3. Le'Veon Bell, Pit 4. Alvin Kamara, NO 5. Kareem Hunt, KC 6. David Johnson, Ari 7. Leonard Fournette, Jax 8. Melvin Gordon, LAC 9. Jordan Howard, Chi 10. LeSean McCoy, Buf 11. Dalvin Cook, Min 12. Mark Ingram, NO 13. Christian McCaffrey, Car 14. Devonta Freeman, Atl 15. Derrick Henry, Ten Complete RB Rankings
  8. We recently previewed the offseason in the AFC South and discussed the Jaguars/their first-round pick in case anyone wants to take a listen! But I'm leaning offensive line for the Jags in the first round, especially with the extension for Bortles Receiver becomes a need if Robinson and Lee aren't re-signed, but I think they'll bring Robinson back & I'm not sure there will be a WR available at their current spot in the first round to garner that high of a selection
  9. Loaded Box

    Early Player Rankings

    This would be based on passing TDs = 4 pts, rushing TDs = 6 pts, 10 rushing yards = 1 pt I feel Cam has a bit more value when rushing yards/TDs are worth more than your standard passing TDs
  10. Loaded Box

    Off-season Targets/Guys you are avoiding

    I'd lean towards Jones as the lead back. Could turn to a true committee once again with Ty Montgomery once again. But if I had to say now, I'd think Jones and Williams will get most of the work on the ground and Montgomery will get a little more action in the pass game/change of pace guy
  11. Loaded Box

    Early Player Rankings

    Same guys, different order for me: 1. Rodgers 2. Wilson 3. Brees 4. Brady 5. Watson 6. Garoppolo 7. Newton 8. Roethlisberger 9. Goff 10. Cousins 11. Wentz 12. Rivers
  12. Loaded Box

    Bucs release Doug Martin

    Time to move on. Still upset at myself for thinking he'd be a sneaky pick in FF last year to plug in after suspension...
  13. Loaded Box

    What do you do when football's over?

    Man, I've spent the last two days starting my way too early 2018 fantasy football rankings. I usually start with fantasy rankings after the NFL Draft, but decided to switch it up this year and just make changes along the way
  14. Loaded Box

    Prop Bets

    One of our bloggers recently did a Super Bowl Prop Bet Blog which got me thinking about my favorite prop bets each year during the big game. My favorites are: 1. Coin toss - you legit know if you won/loss before the game event starts! 2. Player to score first TD - tough to predict, but the payout is usually good no matter who you pick 3. First song played at halftime - I've actually hit this one a few times in recent years, so I've stuck with it! What's everyone else's favorites on Super Bowl Sunday?
  15. Loaded Box

    Dez Bryant?

    Can be a WR2 if you go RB-heavy early. There's a chance his production can match his ADP since it will be at a career low. But like most others, I'm not confident in him - would let him be someone else's issue in 2018